Tuesday 19 May 2020

Stitching the days away and other bits and bobs

Hi everyone … hope you are all coping well with the lockdown all over the world still continuing with slight adjustments here and there …..now … grab your brew and a cookie or two, as I have one or two things to show ..lol 

I am still working from home at the moment and only go into the office when required and when there is not a lot of others in there .. the bonus of this is I get more stitching time in a day as I manage to get some done before I start work and I am home a minute or two after hahahhahaha

Apart from my stitching and crochet finishes, I have become … A GRANNNIEEEEEEEEE... can you tell I am excited heheheheh….  my DD and SIL to be, safely delivered a wee boy on the 5th of May at 15.48pm weighing a healthy 9lb 7oz after a long labour bless her … both are doing fine and I am currently doing Grannie duties by helping out where I can... I haven't lost the art of doing nappies, bottles and absolutely loving the baby snuggles ...and when I am off in a couple of weeks I have offered to do a night shift or two :) and I even got his blanket finished on time too …. and he has used it as well ….
there has been some lovely weather since he has arrived so we all took the little man to meet our horses and they were ever so good with him too.

ok onto the stitching bits ...

I have finished The Inn at Fox River Mill by Littlehouse Needleworks ,  a SAL I was doing with Tina on a Sunday and a Monday night sooo I have added two new stitches into the rotation " Beneath a Sunlight Sky by Blackbird Designs on the Sunday and doing When flowers Blossom by Brenda Gervais on the Monday night … I am working on a combined Home of a Needleworker and A Stitchers Prayer both by LHN using the recommended threads apart from I have changed the house to a bright blue and using a dark blue for the main words.. I am stitching it on 28 count Country Mocha fabric sooo it is quite a big piece .
I have also finished I am a Stitcher by Cherrywood designs .. I stitched this one on Sparklies Oatmeal with most of the recommend threads just changed the background colour to a paler pink rather than the clover that it was orginally done in.. I am sooo glad that it has got done ...
Now if you can cast your minds back * cough one or two ish years and the rest I started Celtic Autumn … well you will be pleased to know that I have now started to add more stitches to her as it is time to get her finished at last ….
As well as the stitching I have also managed to finish the blanket I started two years ago for our bedroom at long last … and it is soooo cozy too ...

Hope you are keeping up ...lol 
we have had a lovely visitor these last few days and tonight I managed to get some lovely photos of the Deer that has come into our back field …. he is adorable and we are unsure as to where exactly he has come from as there has never been any round here at all before now ….
ok the kettle is going back on again while I find the photos for you :)
Baby bear was two days old here

Design by Littlehouse Needleworks

Meeting one of our horses  for the first time 

our visitor to our field 

Combined charts,designs by Littlehouse Needleworks ,
 I have done more on this but no photo as yet 

I am a Stitcher by Cherrywood Designs fully finished 

before stitching again on this 


third lot of masks made 

stitching by Chris given as a gift to me
made into a little project bag

more bunting
Beneath the Sunlit Sky by Blackbird Designs 
Where Blossoms Bloom by Brenda Gervais 

#Bewell stitching by Rosewood Manor fully 
finished into a Hussif 

Soooo there you have it, I hermitted this last weekend and got the masks made, the hussif fully finished , the bunting made to match my other set and also made the wee project bag with stitching on it from my friend Chris H as the front pocket ...when I showed her she also had some of the fabric that I had used and we both got it in a grab bag of fabric miles apart from each other .. how cool is that ..lol … I will have to show you the blankets next time as can't seem to find where I have bobbed the photos ..lol 
Until next time, take care one and all and happy stitching etc 
love mouse xxxxxx