Saturday 14 December 2019

Jo's Christmas Blog Hop

Hellooooo .. yes it is me ... I have been writing a blog post for months in my head but not managed to get it done .....that is until Jo from serendipitous Stitching invited me to do her Christmas Blog hop .. I am day 14 of December 2019
The theme of this years hop is films ... what do you watch over Christmas ..
well at the mouse house there are usually 3 films that  I watch ... Polar Express, Muppets Christmas Carol and Elf with the Snowman cartoon as a must 
DH on the other hand is a Zulu kind of guy 
Jo also asked us to put up some Christmas Stitching soooo I will just go and bob the kettle on and get out a mince pie or two for you while I find some :)
Merry Christmas from 2018 JCS Magazine

I Believe from 2012 JCS Magazine ( I think ?) 

I will be back in a few days to update you all on the hetic life of the mouse over the year ... take care and squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 23 June 2019

Summer ???? holiday 2019

Helloo everyone … hope you are all well .. the kettle has gone on and somewhere I do have some cookies for you to grab.. make yourselves comfy :)
I go back to work tomorrow and have had two whole weeks off and it has practically piddled it down every single day I have been off …
I escaped to Blackpool the first weekend and on the Saturday it blew a hooley as well as rained, , we went up to Cleverley's as I wanted to take some photos of Mary's Shell as well as the Ogre and got some but they are not as clear as they could have been due to the inclement weather *sigh ...Sunday however was fabulous … there was a car rally on at Stanley Park and I got to photograph various bits of wildlife that I have not managed before :)
We as you know have been doing a wee bit of renovation at the mouse house and finally with only a few bits of snagging to do, have finished it unless I decide to get the bathroom a freshen up hahahahah 
The wallpaper for the bedroom was rolled the wrong way would you believe so had to re roll … that kept me out of mischief for all of five mins … The door has been hung to the cupboard now, just need to adjust a wee bit the skirting board and bob on the architrave and voila it will be fully finished … one of those snagging bits .
Did manage a tiny bit of stitching , I finished WinterWoollens by LHN with my own colour way, I finished off an ornament for an exchange , made a present for Butterfly for her birthday which needs to be posted to her, got another word added to my "I am a Stitcher", did a wee bit more on my "Song of the Season's by LHN and a bit more on my Block Party Sal ...I also spent today doing some fully finishing off COOOOO … I know I was impressed with myself too
I have made another cuppa while I find the photos to show you …
LHN Winter Woolens with my own colourway

washboard to go with my tub :)

Poppy in my garden

Space decorated :)

Chair upcycled and re upholstered by me :)

Song of the Season's by LHN 

wall papered :)

Block Party Sal 

Fully finished the word Gift no update pic though

I forgot to mention I have painted and re upholstered a chair to match the bedroom as well for my dressing table .. quite impressed with myself too if I may say so hehehhe

Photos I nearly forgot of the wildlife at Stanley Park in Sunny, well at least that day at Blackpool 
ok its time for this wee mouse to head to the land of nod so I will wish you all a good night and a wonderful stitchy week .. until next time, take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx

Monday 27 May 2019

Waving small paw hellooo

Heeeelllllooooooooo … remember me … that wee mouse that stitches heheheh
Sorry not been around for awhile .. I have wrote many blog updates … in my head  hahahahah … seriously I have been rather busy stitching, going to Beamish for a long weekend with DH … going on my annual trip to Nimble Thimble in Wales with Chris and …… we have a new grandpuppy too … DD1 has moved out and her and her partner have got a cocker spaniel puppy called Oliver who is simply adorabubble and the boys love him when he comes to visit .
We have also been kicking up a storm with decorating the mouse house … it started with the spare room, then the hallway followed by the master bedroom where we have created a storage space by accident …. when fitting the new carpet on the stairs we asked the carpet fitter to undo one of the stairs to the attic as we noticed it was wobbly .. was a good job really as it had bust through … we went to fix it and noticed a rather large area underneath which was the width of the hallway and a wee bit more … needless to say we now have a doorway in my bedroom as of today hahahahahah and a workable space to put things you never have enough room to put away …
On the stitching front I have finished 20 items since the New Year one of them a memory quilt for my friends wee westie that passed away a few years back .. they absolutely love it … Phew ….
I need to thank Butterfly for emailing me to check I was ok and to remind me that I hadn't been squeaking for a wee while … ooooo I have just remembered the kettle has boiled …. grab a cup of tea and a goodie … have one or two around for you all …
I am on the JCS ornament group on FB so I have been stitching lots of Christmas ornaments as also doing a stitch along of ornaments with a few friends on FB too .. soooo this year I will probably have enough to go on a tree once fully finished annndddd I get a tree to put them on hehehehe
ok I will try and find some photos for you as not uploaded any from the camera just my phone …
from Lainey 

from Butterfly 

Winter ABC's by LHN fully finished no photo on phone of it 

Sal with Lainey … my version of it ( insert made a wee boo boo

more stitched on this 

mounted into a box top ,, never ending knot 11

Gift for Martina :)

ABC's of Needlework by LHN 
Sal with Chris  

Say's it all mounted on a wee clip board 

Love this one :)

Memory Quilt :)

Just need to add jingle bells to this one

two for the price of one 

Start of I am a Stitcher by Cherrywood Designs 

another finish

Stash from the Beamish Museum

Tea at a lovely café in York on way back from Beamish

My Stitchers day gift from Sally :)

third time of stitching this and its mine heheheh

Grandpuppy Oliver 

Nimble Thimble pooches :)

Stash from visit 

more stash from visit 

Finished at the retreat at Nimble Thimble

Song of the Seasons by LHN on Glacier Sparklies fabric 
with some changes on colour placement but using correct colours 

Not something you see at breakfast every day

I have done loads more to this but no update photo … love this 
winter woollens by LHN my colourway

Start of the extra space 

another Christmas ornie finish 

doorway added … floor is down now 
finishing will commence asap :)

finished this one as well 

Finished my Christmas present from Tina 

When DH and I went to Beamish there was a steam fair on which was fabulous seeing all the old cars and bikes and vans there too … I took loads of photos which I will have to show next time as not uploaded them as of yet .. sorry 
When Chris and I went to Wales to the Nimble Thimble to meet up with some fellow stitchers for the weekend we got invited out to tea on the Friday with Tina and Pat who were staying in a gorgeous cottage not far from where we were but it was a wee bit hard to find … on the way back in the dark we got lost and ended up in the middle of nowhere with no lights and the only thing on the road was my wee car and nothing else agghhhhhh … needless to say thank goodness for the sat nav …
Honestly I will try and be a wee bit more organised next time and have the photos uploaded ..and have photos of finished items as well
I have got quite a few exchanges coming up so will need to get my needles smoking again … not stitched properly for a few weeks with everything going off and being ill with another pesky cold that will not go away either.... but enough of that … I will be stitching up a storm when I am off in just over a week for two weeks … bliss :) Ok I had better finish up now and wish you all a wonderful stitchy week and I will catch up with you all again real soon :) take care one and all  .. love mouse xxxxxx