Monday 21 November 2016

A little stitching and lots of finishing :)

Hellooooooo ... hope everyone is well and wraped up warm in this brrrr weather we are having not to mention got their welliebobs handy with the amount of rain we have had today here at the mouse house .... sooo please pull up your chair grab your brew and your cookies and I shall begin :)
I can finally show you the exchange and gifts I have sent out as both have now been received phew ...
I have also been busy stitching and finished the Promise of Spring by Silver Creek Samplers , started another wee christmas ornie as well and worked a bit more on my Lucy Boston EPP quilt as well as getting the first and part of the second row done on my birthday quilt .... made a stocking and just had to mention yesterday I had a flurry of finishes to boot ....
two bags 
two wall hangings
one candle wrap
one cushion
one framed peice 
one almost finished wall hanging 
at 11.30pm I decided I had better stop before I went bozeyed
and I have taken photos of them all to show you  woooo ...
Last time I blogged I mentioned I had been on a mushroom fix ... of the taking photos type and we have also had a super moon and I got some fab shots of it too ....
The mushroom fixed started on one of my pootles with Master Bentley when I found one that was a gorgeous red with white sprinkles on it ... and then I kept spotting others which I don't know the names of, but look of the non eating varieties ... DH says the ones growing from trees that look rubbery are ones that you can but taste like old slippers ... i told him I would take his word for it ahahahahah
Thursday I am off for the annual trip to the BIG Harrogate Show along with Chris and Roz for day one .. they are going back the same day, but I am staying with Family in Harrogate till Saturday ... then DH and I are off on Sunday for a few days in York to celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversay ....Master Bentley is being left in charge ...
Cooo I think I had better get some photos up as I have just seen the time and its zzzzzz nap time soon ...
start of the quilt

present for DJ :)

Fly Argarate

exchange for my partner Sally on Friendly Stitchers

these taste like old slippers apparently

found the perfect box for this :)

both wall hangings together charts by Sliver Creek Samplers

Miss peepers LHN

these are so delicate

November 2016 Super Moon

atmospheric shot of the super moon

snow at the mouse house eeeekkkk


stocking for a friends little girl

stitched on Sparklies Winter Skies

Lucy Boston EPP progress report

finally framed

RR Pumpkin Row by LHN finally finished into a storm lantern wrap

my two bags ... ones a shopper and the other a type of gladstone bag :)

my almost finished one

top of cellar steps

follow me to the craft room
OOOO the rain is coming down real fast again and the temp in the craft room has dropped ..... brrrrr even with a blankie tucked round my wee paws ... I hope I haven't bored you with the mushroom photos ... I just found them fascinating .... and I hope that you like my finishes too :) 
I will take some photos while at Harrogate and will update you on the stash haul or not, depends on whether I buy anything or not hahahahahah ...ok you can pick yourselves off the floor now ....
take care one and all and hope you have a wonderful stitchy week and I shall catch up with you all soon :)  squeak soon :) love mouse xxxxxx