Monday 21 May 2012

Hermitting TUSAL 's and goodies galore

Hi every one :) hope you all had a lovely hermitting weekend and remembered to show off your TUSAL's ???? mine is in this post as did say to Daffy it would be :)
Well the first part of the week unfortunately for me was a bit of a wash out as I became rather green round the paws and was unwell for a few days .... but I am now back to my mousely self 
sooo grab your cuppa's you know where the biscuits are and sit back and enjoy the waffle heheheh ;0
Well as you know I won Edgar's blog give away of some Christmas DVD's and they safely arrived this Saturday along with some very yummy Hawaiian jelly beans :) I managed to keep hold of both packets for a wee while, while I photographed them before the DD's wanted to try some *sigh   . I had to go up to the post office to pick it up sooo took a wee detour around the charity shops and came away with a couple of bargains too ....:)
A while ago .. Rhona  did a tutorial on a jar lid and I despaired on finding a jar to do it wellllll .....    would you believe I found the kilner (mason ) jar in two places in one day !!!!! for those in the UK I got mine at Morrisons but they were also in Wilkinsons too .... I couldn't believe my little eyes hehehehe .... guess what I will be having a go at soon 
Jo  of serendipitous stitching fame is also having a give away of some 
cross stitch charts  sponsored by Yiota  for getting up to 250 followers .... soo please join in the fun and follow her too in the process but one of the prizes is mine ok ;) hahahahah 
I was commissioned by Maureen to make the Solar System that she stitched for her DS into a pillow slip and thankfully he loves it so photo can now be shown too :)
Julie the flower is a peony :0
Joyze I've popped photo in of my beaded loran for you to have a nose at too :) 
mmmmm think that was all on the must tell you front, sooo now the stitching part  hehehe
As you know I have been stitching away merrily on a secret project for DJ  and I finally have got it to a point where I was happy to let her have a look at it and choose whether she wanted to frame it or for me to make it into a cushion ... well after measuring it .... it will be framed heheheh .... we share the same love of lighthouses and the sea and I spent ages with Ally last year when she was down looking for this chart and eventually found it after turning the craft room upside down .... soooo the photo will be below for you to nose at as usual :)
Thursday stitching was at the mouse house and unfortunately I was unable to make some yummy buns as my cooker has decided to give up the ghost ....I had to buy some in ..... so I am now on the look out for a new one that will fill the large space and isn't very expensive ...... 
Friday I got up and thought today I am going to get my finishes framed and armed and dangerous with a cuppa and my framing stuff got ..... the threadgathering , the rain fell and the tea room done whoop whoop .... now all I need is a bigger house and more wall space 
Saturday I did hermit abit but did more on Sunday even though DH and I took Master Bentley to Cannon hall park  and while I was there I took a few photos as I am apt to do so I will let you drool over them as well heheheh 
Sally is feeling a bit better from her op and has stitched soo much she has asked if we want to start our sal earlier than we thought of the LHN / Shakespeare's pedlar collaboration  soooo I agreed of course, but I needed to sort some fabric out for it as it calls for two different colours of 32 count fabric  AGHHHHHHHH  was the cry that went up as I got my box of fabric out and it was in a complete mess and at first I thought I was going to have to coffee dye some but ....... I got the ironing board out and started to sort out all the fabric out and into piles of hand dyed , 25 count,  coloured , 28 count whites , neutrals etc etc etc .... (photo to prove it .lol) and then I found some 32 count in the correct colour  as near as snurff it to what the pattern requires  YIPPPEEEE .... I then got some boxes that I had got earlier for the purpose and   put them in so that I can now find stuff much easier ......
the down side to this is I now have to sort out the room too *sigh ho hum, keeps me out of mischief ;)
I also sorted out some fabric for the papillions around the world SAL and how does your garden grow ..... just need to sort out the floss  for it, which I have already started to pull some out I like ... and do a floss toss ..... watch this space
Well DD has just made you all another cuppa .... so I shall go and sort the photos out for you to drool over :) brb ......
peonys this week before the winds arrived 

see how big the blooms get :)

finally framed :)

coooo whatcha doing ???

Maureens DS pillow :)

beaded loran to show Joyze 

finally framed :)

goodies from charity shopping 

lovely goodies off Edgar :)

view from my craft room window 

May's tusal for Daffy :)

cannon hall  on way up to main house 

adore this shot 

weeeeeeee I've got a stick

love these arches :)

was the orangery looking into the walled garden

bridge to the pond :)

what I am stitching for DJ :)

wooo hooo found one !!!

my ironing board full of fabbie sorted out into correct piles 

neatly stored away :)
well I think that is all, for this weeks instalment of the tales of this stitching mouse ....
so I shall say take care and happy stitching to you all :) love mouse xxxxx

Monday 14 May 2012

A crafty week and stitchy goodies :)

Hi every one :) what a week this has been since I last squeaked to you .... in-between torrential  rain and glorious sunshine I have managed to get some crafting done with Kath and some stitching and all my goodies that I had sent out before, have safely arrived so I can show you them now whoop whoop :)
sooo grab your cuppa and your biccies and enjoy the ride ;)
I must say thank you for all your lovely comments .. they really do make this wee mouse happy that you like what I do with my stitching :) and cheers me up on my eeek days :)
soooo where to start .....
first of all I have won some Christmas DVD's from Edgar and am looking forward to re watching the grinch as love that film closely followed by White Christmas :) so I shall be stalking the postie any day now :)
On Thursday morning I sent out part three to the girls doing Dawn of Spring so I can show you that now as they have seen it :) Thursday afternoon I went to Kath's to have a crafty day and help her with some "finishing off" stuff and she made us a lovely meat and potato pie for tea followed by some  yummy buns that she had made :0) and the day carried on until the other girls came for the stitching night sooo a lovely day was had by all :)
can't remember what I did friday but on Saturday I returned to Kath's to do some more stuff and Michelle please don't faint but ...... I taught her how to use her tiny sewing machine and even took a photo to prove it !!!!! 
DH was away for the weekend soo I did a mini hermitting weekend in practise for this weeks hermit see Joyce's blog for details folks .. not that we need an excuse eh ????
Well today I packaged and sent off some sewing to Maureen  I finished off her solar system into a pillow slip for her DS ... hopefully she will get it tomorrow and also a wee welcome gift for pumpkins new baby :) which she didn't know about till now but hopefully it will arrive asap and then I can show you all that as well :)
sooo onto the goodies I can show you as Terri  received her RAK safely ... I stitched her the wee snowdrop freebie and finished it off into a wee pin cushion with a chiffon bow :)
Catherine also received her TUSAL goodies ... I designed her little cushion and I painted and decorated the box that I put it in too and send along with it some lace , threads and beaded trim and some bee charms and a sheep button ... I forgot to take a picture of the goodies  DOH !!!! 
I worked on my Ladybugs and bumble bees by LHN and also my March Cottage by CCN this weekend as well as doing the sewing for Maureen .... and I even managed to put my feet up and read a book from start to finish !!! a Monica Ferris one :)
I set off with good intentions to put my craft room back to some semblance of normality  heheheh and got waylaid by a tin of antique pine varnish, a sledge and some boxes  and some off white paint and a box ..... some of these will be given as prezzies so this is all I will show of them until done and sent
Bentley says thank you for all his comments and cuddles and scritches too .... 
well I'd better make you all another cuppa to go with the buns ..... while you have a nosy at the photos :)
Dawn of Spring parts 1-3 designed by Me :)

love the rain drop on this one 

white clematis come out now

for Catherine  designed by Me :)

For Terri 

before photo again

ladybugs and bumble bees by LHN 

buns made by Kath 

Framing done with Kath 

YUP Kath using sewing machine

how pretty are these now :)

Bentley says Thankyou :)

photo taken today :)

spot the peas coming up 

spot the potato's 

March ''s cottage by CCN

my crafty day today :)

Hopefully this week will be productive too especially with the hermitting *VBG
right I had better say good night and take care one and all and happy stitching to you all :) love mouse xxxxxxx

Monday 7 May 2012

May day ramblings :)

Hi everyone :)  today we celebrate may day in the uk .... sooo I thought I would celebrate with lots of eye candy to show you .... not the male hunks that Joyze usually shows us hahahahah... but finally some stitching I can show you and other goodies whoop whoop ....
so grab a cuppa and a biscuit settle down and let the show begin ;0
Last Thursday Michelle celebrated her birthday and I stitched her a wee cushion .. bird in hand by BBD on some blue silkweaver (i think) fabric in two different dye lots of Midnight by Gast .... I managed to do the bird and the border in one and the branches in the other .... and then finished it mouse style with a matching chiffon bow :) She loved it Phew ..
and then she emailed me to tell me I had won her blog give away and it arrived on Saturday ... how lucky am I :)
We went to Bev's again on Thursday night and we celebrated Michelle's birthday with some wonderful buns that Bev had cooked with aero bubbles chocolates on top and lit a candle in her honour  .... Kate look away when you get to them heheheh ;)
I managed to send off the goodies to Catherine soo they are winging their way across the pond and hopefully she can stalk the postie soon ... also a RAK is on its way as well soooo when they arrive I will show you those then :)
I did some more stitching on my summer splendor while at Bev's and on Saturday I thought I am going to get this finished and I did  whoop whoop and not only stitching finished .... I finished it off into a no sew cube today using some lovely strawberry fabric that Kath gave me as a gift from when they went to the NEC last year :)
I've finished part three of my Dawn of Spring band sampler which I will show you next week as the parts go to the ladies this Thursday and I don't want to spoil it for them :)
 I've also done a wee design called "Panoply of singers" which would make a very nice needle case or pillow or pin keep.... only 60 x 40 size wise :) I will put a photo to show you and if you would like a pdf copy just email me  :0)

The weather hasn't improved much at the mouse house although the sun has shone for a couple of mornings and I've been able to get a couple of things dry on my wee line (most it can take is four tee shirts ) but I did take a few photos of the flowers improving in the garden for you all ....
Anne :) the colour is Miladys teal from Crescent colours 
photo of car (hopefully will work ) mines black though;) absolutely love it now I have got used to everything  ... well almost hehehe ...
well I had better get to the eye candy and post some photos for you too look at 
for Michelle's b/day Bird in Hand by BBD

peonies almost opened :) 

truly scrumptious :)

candle for michelle

spot who's place this is :0

tree done on Thursday night at Bev's 

my blog win :)

fatsia plant

lily of the valley and my sedum 

love this aubritia 

pink bells

whoop finally finished no 3 crazy :)

new sew cube :)

back of the cube :)

and another view

panoply of singers my design :)
Soooo there you are ..... kettle is going back on if any one wants another one ???
ooooo forgot to put this one up of Bentley .... just look at the grin .. I said cheese and snapped this beaut ....can I have another biscuit look  hehheh
right folks I shall leave you for now and go and check out your blogs 
take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxxx