Saturday 9 December 2023

Christmas Blog Hop 2023

 Hellooo everyone Ho Ho Ho ....

Its the annual christmas blog hop run by Jo of Serendipitious stitching

The theme this year is christmas a child we always had tights for our stockings which would magically arrive on our door handles ... there would always be a satsuma at the bottom of the small goodies that were wrapped inside there ...

This we continued with our children when they were small but we did get them proper knitted stockings ... my grandchildren have fancy stockings with their initials on .. not made by me though as mum wanted velvet and fur... 

This year we took the grandchildren on a steam train to meet Santa and they loved it .

My stitched piece is one of the gifts I have made this year 

Hope everyone has a fantastic time however you celebrate the season and I shall be back to show the wonderful goodies I have recieved from my fabulous stitchy friends ... take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Thursday 16 November 2023

Harrogate and other bits n bobs

 Good morning :) it is very early at the mouse house ... 4.35am to be precise ... the kettle has boiled so come and join me for a cuppa ...

Thursday I went to the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show held in the International Halls ... I had arranged to meet Chris H as well as Vivian and Heidi for lunch to show our spoils ...Chris and I worked out the last time we had both been there was 2018... 

It was a lovely long tiring day, saw some lovely quilts and exhibition pieces as well as the highlight for me was stitching on the longest embroidery and I was the first one to date it that day too ... Although I enjoyed going to me it wasn't as good as previous years with many stalls that I would have purchased from not there :(  

As well as that I have been stitching up a storm and sent some exchanges which I cannot show yet and gifts to DJ which she loves as well as something for her husband too . And made some stockings for 4louis charity to raise funds and while I was at it made some for me too.

My munchkins are growing up fast and we are having them both for sleep overs now and bacon sandwiches as Master Billy loves his granddads bacon butties 

Ohh and I have also managed after many moons of trying ...started to knit a pram blanket for Miss Bobbi for Christmas to go with her new pram we have got her ... go me ... I hope you are impressed 

On top of that I am on my way to my goal of losing 6 stone by Christmas with only 5.5lbs to go .... kate from Sparklies didn't recognise me (doing Slimming World)  and it helps that I have to be fully dairy free and no garlic in things ... so although I have plenty of goodies in to go with your cuppas , I cannot have any * sigh ...dairy free chocolate is just not the same ....

Ok I had better find the photos for you to drool over ... the first lot are goodies from show and the quilts and exhibits 

Vivian and Heidi in the Grand Theatre 

My name for all to see embroidered

Bag made for a gift 

Miss B pram blanket for her new pram in the making 

Stockings for me

Stocking for DJ

Ornie for DJ 

Stockings for 4Louis Charity 

Another view of DJ stocking 

DJ's project bag I made her 

For Lainey for her Birthday 

SOOO I think that is all for now folks .. wishing you all a wonderful stitchy week ...take care one and all .. love mouse xxx 

Monday 30 October 2023

Trick or Treat Blog Hop

 Spoooky helloooos ... its the annual Trick or Treat Blog Hop again run by the lovely Jo of serendipitus stitching ....

The stitching I am showing is stitched and finished by Susan Hyde ... this one I want to do and finish exactly like hers and I  went and bought the spiders web from Hobbycraft on Friday for that very purpose 

My letter for the Blog hop is the letter H

And the next blog to go to is .....

Hope everyone has a spooktacular time 

Happy blog hopping love mouse xxx 

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Its raining and its my holibobs

 Good evening all ... well as you can tell from the title I am on my holibobsfrom work looking after Master Cooper as my hubby has gone on a battlefield tour around France so I am trying to stitch and sew furiously to get gifts done / started and finished ready for the forthcoming  Christmas period ... trying to be organised 

I have been looking after my munchkins but not as much as have been due to their mum changing her job so we are voluteering to have them for sleep overs so Granddad can spend some quality time with them both too ..wish us luck 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Stitching wise i seemed to have had a holiday for almost a month as was having issues with my right shoulder due to a rotar cuff injury until I had a steroid injection which has given me a new lease of arm 

I did manage to make a gift for Lainey for her 60th birthday but didnt get our SAL finished in time as that and a few others went on the back burner but hopefully after this week my rotation of sorts can get back into a routine 😁.... I did start a Sampler for September but didnt get really far with that 

I am not sure that I have mentioned I go to Slimming World ( lost over 5 stone in weight!) But we support a charity at our group called 4Louis so I made 5 stockings to sell to hopefully raise enough funds to fund a  special box for a bereaved family ... we shall see .

My MIL was 90 on the 19th of September and we threw her a fabulous family party , we decorated out the venue and this time got caterers in which were wonderful ... everyone had a fab time ...and it is still being talked about 

Other than that not much else to squeak about so I will find the photos while the kettle is boiling ... there are cookies and parkin if anyone wishes some ....

Grandad and munchkins 

At Great Grannies 

Stockings made 4Louis 

Littlest munchkin turned 2 

The maker and the mender Brenda Gervais 

My start on Sampler September

Gift for Lainey 60th 


Decorated venue 

Photo booth corner

The kettle has now boiled so I shall leave you for now ... take care one and all and happy stitching / crafting etc ... love mousexxxx

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Being busy....eeeekkk

 Goodness where has the time gone ??? I have wrote many posts in my head but never actually got round to posting ... so better late than never, grab a cuppa and a piece of fruitcake and settle down ....

Life at the mouse house after Bentley passing has settled into a new routine ...thankyou for all your lovely comments... Cooper has now got used to being the only one and has become my shadow now , keeping me company in my craft room.

Stitching wise I have plodded on with my wips had a couple of finishes and then my mojo took a wee break for three weeks and has only just got back 

I have done a bit of sewing and made some more project bags using vinyl as well as a couple of proper bags as gifts too as well as some quilts...and I have just got some lovely material to make some curtains for family so looking forward to that.

My MIL celebrates her 90th birthday on the 19th September and we are throwing a afternoon tea for her and 50 + guests , this time she knows about it 

My munchkins are growing fast and we spend as much time as possible with them creating hopefully ,lovely fun memories. Grannie and Grandad are as Billy says " my best friends" and I hope we always are ... we are taking them out on Friday with Great Grandad and Grandma Derby to The Vintage weekend at Cosby so that should be fun :) 

Its 04.07 am here and I cannot sleep so hence why this post as I might as well do something productive 🤣🤣🤣 apart from drink my Earl Gray tea ....

Let me see if I can add some photos for you ...

Miss B counting fishees 

Making memories

Prim St Nick from JCS 2017 magazine 

Master Cooper

The Humming of the bees BBD

Maker and mender by Brenda Gervais

Keeper of the pins , gift for Barbara

Anniversaries of the Heart Farmhouse

Gift for Lynne C 

La d da freebee pattern for needlecase 

Keeper of the pins , gift for DJ 

Plumstreet samplers chart

Study in Blue Sue Hillis FFO

Coronation piece , chart by BBD my colourway

Spring is coming ,stitching through the years 

Grannie blankie in progress

Quilt for my dad 

for the birds loose feathers BBD 2017

Red bird sampler

One of two quilts for the munchkins

2 parts of 5 BBD patterns 

My scissor keep From the sewing club book BBD 

School house lessons , still plodding on with 

Remember me by scattered seed samplers

Gift for "T" 50th 

Start of another grannie blankie

Oh tanenbaun start ... sheep has been finished 

Goodness realised how much not shown i did a quilt for my stepmum too but picture disappeared when putting caption ...eee technology at its best .....

Right I had better finish now and hopefully it wont be as long ... take care one and all and happy stitching, till next time :) love mousexxxx