Sunday, 16 April 2023


Totally heartbroken , on Wednesday night we had to put our beloved boy Bentley to sleep ... he had a stroke very late Tuesday  night and after going to the vets on Wednesday morning and having tests done , we found out he had lung cancer and AF. So we did the kindest thing for him and sent him over the Rainbow Bridge 😭😭😭😭😭.... 30/10/ 2011 to 12/04/ 2023 ...

My beloved furbaby xx 

Thursday, 6 April 2023

Easter Blog Hop

 Welcome to the annual Easter Blog Hop... again done by the brilliant Jo from serendipitious stitching.... (her blog is below to see all who are participating) ...

She asked this year to show either a Spring or Easter themed stitched piece ... soooo I have scrolled through my photos and found this needle book I made for my friend Barb for her birthday the other year , which was the springiest photo I could find at dawn o'clock this morning whilst writing this and sipping an earl gray tea 

My letter she has given me is E 

And the next blog to hop to is ....

Hope everyone has lovely time blog hopping 

Take care one and all and happy stitching too :) 

Love mouse xxx 


Friday, 23 December 2022

Christmas Blog Hop

Helloo it's that time of year again, the annual Christmas Blog Hop by the wonderful Jo of Serendipitious stitching , she has given me Christmas Eve to wow you with Her theme this year is "Afters" what do you have after your Christmas dinner, for us it has to be Christmas Pudding with Custard, as well as a mince pie or two ... it's no wonder I get more rounder at this time of year hahahah. We also get to cut the Christmas Cake for tea too, and it has to be iced and mazipan'd and no cheese with it for me.

Boxing day for "Afters" has to be trifle but with Dream Topping for the top or Emlea Cream and a flake with Raspberry Jelly, Sponge fingers and Angel Delight in it as well which makes it lighter to eat and Dear Husband does not do cold custard sooo angel delight it is .. and there you have it.

My Christmas Design is a freebee from The Primitive Hare called Christmas Bells and I did the finishing for it myself and it hangs proudly on my stitchy goodies tree which I have managed to put up this year finally :) 

So, all that remains is to wish you one and all Merry Christmas and hope that you get lots of stitchy goodies and have a fabulous time over the festive period, however you celebrate it :) 

Take care one and all ... love mouse xxxxxx

Saturday, 12 November 2022

A long over due catch up

 Helooooo everyone's me mouse, in case you had forgotten me .. I am under house arrest atm,  as I have tested positive for Covid last night and this is after my 5th booster last Sunday ... not got a scooby do where I have got it from, so I am not allowed to go to work until I have had two negative tests 24 hours apart from Wednesday ...

I am quite poorly with it too sooo I thought that I would do a long overdue blog post to take my mind of it all and catch you up with the stitching and life of this wee mouse ... so pull up a chair, grab you brew and cookies as this could be a long

I have been busy stitching on quite a few things, Study in Blue by Sue Hillis, What remains is love by Blackbird designs, FFO'd  A Sewing Bee strawberry by Erica Michaels and stitched the companion piece and started on her Stitch all things too. I have made oodles of project bags for Lainey and a birthday gift too for her and more project bags for my friend Lynn and for my 2nd mum Elaine (technically my step mum but we have never called her that). Finished some Christmas/ Birthday gifts that should have gone into the post today, but life has a way of saying nope .... finished off Miss B's blankie and worked on the one for me that I started about 4 years ago ... done an exchange Fall piece as well and then to top it all I have changed jobs and only work Tuesday to Thursday so then on Monday's and Friday's most weeks I munchkin sit, taking them out on walks and to town etc ... I managed to drop on a child's old-fashioned pram for Miss B so just need to make some new covers etc for it and she can then play with it when she is at the mouse house :), she is almost walking on her own fully .. she just needs that bit more confidence, then she will be off ... 

Looking back through my book of day's I have finished 26 items up to press and most of these have not been small projects either ... I think next year I am going to concentrate on some smaller pieces as got loads I want to stitch. I am hoping that What remains gets finished in the next few weeks .... I have almost finished all my Christmas / birthday gifts for around this time of year so feeling glad I have after coming down with the dreaded covid now .....

DD2's wedding is getting ever closer, and I have now got my outfit having lost almost 3.5 stone and counting and will have a fitting early Jan 2023 ... going the full hog of posh frock and hat hahahahah ... bit of a change from tracky bottoms and tee-shirts I tell you ...mind you with two munchkins and two dogs I am never going to be clean, think chocolate, biscuits and mud, we are definitely hands on grandparents.

Miss B admiring the Christmas grotto 

put some stitches in 
the Cottages of the month this week too 

Progress on What remains 

Stitch all things by Erica Michaels 

Munchkin sitting ... feeding the ducks

bought this for small munchkin at a steal ...

Small munchkin is learning to walk 

Box top of Study in Blue by Sue Hillis 

Band to go round box from Study in Blue 

Miss B's blankie finished 

elder munchkin on one of our walks looking for squirrels 

Sewing Bee strawberry FFO'd by Erica Michaels 

another one FFO's finally 

For the Birds Series progress

My exchange piece from my Partner 

Lainey's birthday gift

Stash Haul from small Harrogate show 

my exchange piece to my partner 

Oh Joyous Day finished .. just needs to be framed 

Ok don't think there is much more to add this time apart from thank you for getting this far ... wishing you all lots of stitching time, take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx 

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Halloween Blog hop of 2022

 Spoooky greetings one and all .... its the annual Halloween Blog hop hosted by Jo of Serendipitousstitching.blogspot,com

it is the usual thing of hopping from one blog to another to get all the letters to form the spooky Halloween word that she has chosen .... 

the letter she has given me is .....T

A piece I stitched  in 2015....

the next blog to hop over to is ....

enjoy your hopping like a toad

take care and happpy stitching everyone :) love mouse xxxxx

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Stitching Friends Summer Blog Hop 2022

 Helloooo everyone , as you can see from the title it has come round to the Summer Blog hop ... we have been allocated a partner to introduce to you all and to write a wee blurb about them .

My partner is a new blogger to me and she lives in the UK ( I hope as she mentions a wee kit from Aldi) and she does SALs with her BBF , she has just completed one of a lovely Tree of Life. 

She is also on a software development journey too via Open University , and seems to be doing really well with it too ...

I learnt many moons ago how to do it with 1 and 0 showing my age here.

From reading her posts and her BFF's blog she quilts as well , so we have that in common too :) she also does the gifted gorgeousness that Jo organised too.

She does black work as well as cross stitch and has a washing line of smalls , which I think is really cute way of displaying your stitching . She also isn't afraid to try new skills and as a family watches "Forged in Fire"  so they have had a go at blacksmithing and made some beautiful blades with twists in them and she would like to learn more too :)

I have chosen The Inn at Fox River Mill as a piece that I hope she will like as thinking it would be the ideal place to have a forge there for her 

if you haven't guessed by now my partner is Roni from

take care one and all, until next time .... love mouse xxxxx

Monday, 30 May 2022

Going on a squirrel hunt

 Morning all, on this bright and sunny May morning , last Saturday I took my wee grands on an adventure to go for a squirrel hunt in the woods near where they live ... it was a glorious day , we saw a woodpecker, birdies, doggies of different varieties ... had a picnic , saw a buzzy bee , a tractor and popo's ( horses) but alas no squirrels ... Master Billy was calling "where are you to them" but they wouldn't come out to see us at all :( .... which is typical as last time we went there were hundreds of them hahahahah

On a stitchy front I have done more on Winter Rose Manor and loving it even more now the big house has been built, finished off the stitching of my first Christmas ornie for this month, just need to find some beads before I fully finish it and started Summer Flock by BBD last night and almost finished it , its from the Sewing Club book.... , I have also been making dice trays for my DH for his wargaming pals as they had a big game last Saturday and while I was in the sewing mood have made some project bags for my friend and going to make a few more for gifts too ....

coooo a few days later I have had a fully finishing spree and got my pile down to zero, pictures below for your perusal , as well as getting my sampler wall up too with help from my best friend A .. she did a cracking job  :) 

so I shall leave you now and catch up with you all again soon 

take care one and all , love mouse xxxx

not often you see an elephant on the high street

Jubilee piece 

more have been added but no photo 

done more on this since 

Master B and Miss B
new cushions for DH man cave 

ripe pear and summer flock
from Sewing club by BBD