Saturday 30 May 2015

Gone Fishing !!!!

Morning Peeps :) any one for a quick brew ??? Its that time of the year again  .... holiday time whoop whoop ....
I am packing my stitching bags later and hoping to come back with lots of finishes paws crossed .... well even one would be good hahahahh
Sorry been so quiet and not being around but with all that is going off I haven't had the time or the energy to do much at all .....
My Dad seems to be coping well with the treatment and is almost finished with the sessions only a few more to go ... he sounds well on the phone and the only side effect atm is he is slow he says .... I am bobbing over to see him next week  so I will update you more then :)
I have managed to get another RR finished and do some more on a TP  and that's it in all the time since the last post ....
I hope every one behaves themselves while I am away hehehehe 
I want to wish congratulations to Ann and her DH on the birth of their son ... he is a real cutie and I would love to have lots of cuddles so she will have to do the honors for me ....
I shall now scoot off and leave you with a few photos and hopefully will be squeaking back to you soon..... Take care one and all and have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxxxx

My bit on the RR :)

A Star :)

the moon

the same moon with a closer shot

flowers at the bottom of the garden

caught in the act  hehehe

gorgeous lavender 


bright yellow daisy

moon on a sunny day :)
Gone Fishing back soon  love mouse xxxxxxxx