Sunday 30 January 2011

Birthday weekend and stitchy stuff :)

hello once again :) hope everyone has had a good weekend and got lots of stitchy time in ????

It was my birthday on Friday (28th jan ) and I was the grand old age of ..... not telling heheheheh 
It was an eventful day to say the least ......
It dawned very early as DD2 needed to get into the Drs as her glands were up and you have to phone at 8.oo am to get any chance of an appointment ... so I was sat opening my cards and pressies with a cuppa.... very early for me  and ended being in A& E with DD1 as she has developed tendonitis very bad :( and is now sporting a rather fetching beige wrist strap for a week !!!

But I did get some rather nice prezzies from my fellow mods on Friendly Stitchers
with some more on the way too :)
from ally , gillie and Val 
I got North winds and Winter Band sampler from Ally , Pumpkin Cottage and Ladybugs and Bumblebees from Val also with a Gloriana thread to do the winter box by the Victoria sampler and Gillie got me the crescent colours and the  sampler threads to do the charts from Val .... some good co ordination there girls 
from DD1
 from DD 1 I got two pieces of permin linen , lambswool and old  lace and 19 dragon floss threads !!! 
I also got a help the hero's sweatshirt and some Turkish delight from DH and DD2 and some pennies to spend on some more stash goodies once I've decided what to get

I got lots of lovely cards some stitched and some hand crafted ones too ....and I love them all:) but I must make a special mention of this one as it is really quite nice and was stitched by Yvonne from friendly stitcher's for me..... I am going to get it framed and put on my craft room wall along with all the others that she has stitched for me ..... :)
birthday card stitched by Yvonne :)
And finally onto the stitching bit of the weekend .... I managed to sneak bits in each day as the house was full of visitors who heard I'd got two cakes heheheh and as the kettle is always on decided to pop round ......
So I managed to get both parts done on the Romantique Sampler so am up to date now for next month hurray :)
Romantique sampler parts one and two done
then I also managed to work on " and the rain fell " LHN so here is as far as I got  before I put my needle down :)
and the rain fell LHN 
I started putting a few more stitches into the Natures Beauty By LHN today a bit earlier on but haven't done enough to record for you as I got distracted by the kettle and reading other peeps blogs and catching up with all the news on my groups hehehe ........

so I shall bid you farewell my friends for tonight and catch back up with you soon ..... hope you all have had a lovely weekend and got lots done :)
happy stitching love mouse xxxxx

Wednesday 26 January 2011

just one of those days

Have you ever had those days when you seem to be doing every thing and anything and actually achieving nothing ???? well Tuesday was one of those days and to be honest I can't really remember what I actually was doing except for the evening and that was probably the best bit 

I am sure most of you who have been with my blog from the start know that I am how shall I say this *thinks *  ermmmm physically challenged .. I have two types of arthritis as well as spondylitis and also secondary fibromylagia plus a few other pesky bits too but I'm fine ... well that's what I keep telling myself .... I think that's why I have such a zany personality and full of fun as its the only bit that works properly heheheh .....  the up side of this is I have to rest a lot and pace myself sooooo lots of stitching time when hands allow :)

Any way back to Tuesday evening  I am a member of our local branch of the Uk fibro support groups which covers a large area around where the mouse house is  and they made me Chairperson !!!!!! I feel so honoured that they wanted me :) soooo I have a posh title to boot now  It was a lovely meeting as well, we had some new members and also lots of laughing at some of the stories and discussed lots to do with one of our members going down to London to Guys hospital to see the top man for Fibro there :)

Well after soo much excitement I came home to a well deserved cuppa and did a wee bit of stitching on one of my UFO's so I am in front this week yeahhhhhh :)

Today passed in a bit of a blur too .... did manage to get the hoover run round my lounge  once DH had got up ..... phoned my Dad up to see how he was and then finally managed to sit down with my stitching and passed a merry hour before tea soooo with out further ado and I am impressed if you've got this far here are today's offerings :0
Needlework Shop LHN 

The UFO is a little freebie from the Cross stitcher issue 194 to be exact and I am stitching him on a piece of silkweaver fabric not sure quite yet how I am going to finish him or when  so I shall get back to you on that one :)

ok folks I shall say night night and sleep tight for those this side of the pond and helloo good evening for all others 
take care and happy stitching 
love mouse xxxxx

Monday 24 January 2011

And some more done

Well I couldn't not blog now could I, seeing as Ally has put up her update  on her Needlework shop by LHN ..... I am, as you all know doing this piece too, as part of my fifteen new starts  and Ally was talking about it last night  and I dug out mine today and did a bit more of it too ... sooo with out further ado here is my offering 
Needlework shop LHN 
I've had to scan all my updates in recently as my poor camera has run out of batteries and I haven't been out to get any more as it is very fussy and won't work for anything less than Duracell !!!  so I apologise now

Ok so today dawned bright and sunny and as DH was having a lie in due to working nights this week I settled down,still in jammies to stitch (or as I've told if still in them after 9.30... day wear and did some work on the Bee Sampler LHN first of all until DH came down at 11.30 am  so here is as far as I got ....
Bee Sampler LHN
 I then went upstairs to get dressed etc thought I'd better make the effort heheh and came down to a cuppa waiting for me bliss .... I had that and did a token bit of the "H" word  before I re sat down and did a bit more on the Romantique Sampler .... I'm having to do this one in the day light as much easier on the old eyes and as I was merrily getting the next part in I've realised that I have gone up a stitch or two threads to be politically correct... too much on the bit above the smocking effect... ho hum I am not taking all that out Its a good job it is that way as I'm working on a tight deadline the other way !!!

Any way here is how far I have got with this one today 
Romantique Sampler SAL 
I am really enjoying this one as it is different to all the others I am working on at the moment and I just love the colours :)

Ok so that's the stitching side of today hehehe .... I've been looking in my photos for a picture for Tricia and have found it  so especially for her .....
Dragon at the top of the keep at Wentworth Castle
This little chap actually escaped for a couple of months and was found again in the gardens surrounding the castle and is now back where he belongs .......

So there we are another day over and almost time to go to sleep but not before another cuppa me thinks heheheh 

t.t.f.n  love mouse xxxxx

Sunday 23 January 2011

Guess what ... I've been stitching heheheh

Hellloo again folks :)

cooo I've had a busy few days this last week  with one thing and another and yesterday was no exception ...... Gillie bless her cotton socks did the washing up after  we had a late tea on Wednesday and unfortunately left her rings on my worktop that weren't spotted till she had actually got back home ...... so yesterday she and her DH  known to all as WT came over to pick them up and take us out to lunch :) we took them to a lovely pub called the Strafford Arms that has a real working range and the fire was lit and so was really cosy on a coolish day .....
the food was excellent,the company as well ... we hadn't met WT before but we all got on like a house on fire and it was like we had know each other for years and he was a favourite Uncle :)

Any way we are going to have another visit there next time they are over and go to the Wentworth Castle that is literately next door  to the pub and has a dragon on the top of the keep stairs :)

SOOOOOO back to the sitching bit well today I had a quiet day so I was able to indulge in a few hours of uninterrupted bliss :)

I finished off the first part of the Romantique  SAL just need to stitch the next bit and then I will be ready for next months charts :)   yippeeee  , I've had to do a bit sticking and drawing  to make the next bit up as my printer missed off vital parts of the chart *sigh* but it is now ready for my needle ...... so with out further ado here is the update photo :)

first chart piece finished 
Now here is the really exciting bit  I've started stitching on my Stitchers Book that I have designed .... I am reallyyyyyyy pleased how it is turning out  so with a drum roll please drdrdrdrdrdr ........
Stitchers Book Designed By Mouse of Talesofastitchingmouse
This just one half of the outer cover .. It has been stitched on a Solitaire evenweave from Sparklies again ... using silk perle thread and Gloriana "teal" silk thread too, the beads are an iridescent white and really sparkle in the light.

The inside pages are going to have the SAl designed by Val from the friendly stitchers  stitched onto them before making up so it is going to a useful as well as decorative piece :)

So there you have it..... a sneak peek ... hope you like :)... orders will be taken ;) hahahahah 
If you have got this far the cuppa's on me  .... DH is on nights next week so I should be able to get some more stitched on the 15 challenges  I've pulled out the Bee Sampler and managed to get a couple of stitches in before we had a late tea ... so I think I may go back to that in a bit :)

Righty ho I shall squeak off for now and shall see you all again soon 
take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx

Friday 21 January 2011


HELLOOO Every body .... just a quick update on the sal that DJ enabled me into 

It is the Romantique SAL from

I just managed to squeak in by a whisker hehehe and I have been searching through my stash to find a piece of fabric big enough for the pattern size just less than 19" x19" on 28 count ....... well needless to say I drew a complete blank on a piece that big ... I didn't want to do it over one as there is some back stitched highlight areas and you wouldn't get the lace effect recquired soooooooo I re dug into the fabric box and pulled out some 32 counts of fabric that it will just squeeze onto as long as I am not framing it ... The choice was a 32 count linen in laurel / olive green and mint green or a FAB purple evenweave Murano from Sparklies called ...whoops its a one off piece a Solitaire one 

well if you can't guess which one I eventually picked 
here it is 
start of the Romantique SAL
it is spread over 10 months 2 patterns each month and we have to send pics to the designer :) so show the progress pics :0 Nowt like having a deadline 

OOoo yes ......I have also sorted out the pesky  chart and have started stitching it so hopefully by the end of the week end I can show you a teaser bit

ok folks its time for me to put the kettle on again and have a quick catch up with every body ... hope you all have a lovely weekend preferably stitching hehehehe.
see you all soon love mouse xxxxx

Thursday 20 January 2011

UFO night and a wee bit more stitched

Hi every body :)... here at the mouse house we have been enjoying the sunshine we have been having the last few days and have had some visitors for tea , stickies , chatting and a wee bit of stash fondling tooo :)

Gillie  and Teejay came over on Wednesday and we had a lovely day chatting about this and that,  looking at all stitchy stuff on the go all round and I taught Gillie how to use my over locker as she had brought some pieces of fabric to be serged/over locked  a few bits later (all 50 of them) she was quite an expert

The kettle was on all day and the sticky toffee cake that I got from Aldi's was absolutely yummmyyyyyy :)  It was lovely to meet up with them and have a proper natter  instead of chatting across the internet :)

Today is the official day we talk about our UFO's on Friendly stitchers and as I am the one who over sees everybody with the threat of a swish of the wet noodle I thought I'd better get some done on one of my UFO's heheeheh so here is my update on my "home of a needleworker " 
todays ufo update 

Ok so there you have it not much but enough so I am saved from being swished from the members of my group hehehhe
I really do like this design and I think I may make it up into a cushion once finished as have got some material I think that will go rather nicely with it :)

I have also do a wee bit more on the Queen Bee ... I have sparkled her wings up with a strand of Kreink pearl 32 along with one strand of the bamboo colour so here is how far I have got ... not sure if the sparkle will show up as I had to scan it in to the computer as the camera batteries died after all the hard work in the first fifteen days  of the month .lol

sooo here she is ...........
Queen Bee
Oh I finished the design for my  stitchers book and I am going to have to tweek it ever so slightly as I didn't notice that I had a line of backstitch further across the design page and I've changed it into a PDF and instead of 2 pages worth of design I've got 8!!!!!! :(:(:(:(

SOOOOO If anybody can help with a suggestion on how to get back into the design and change it now its a PDF file  all help gratefully appreciated :)   otherwise I shall have to re do *sigh* 

I shall say good night and happy stitching to you all 
love mouse xxxx

Tuesday 18 January 2011

YIPPPEEEEEE a finish:0

Well helllo folks fancy seeing you here again

OK I shall put the kettle on while you have a sit down and a read??? you want a choccie biccie as well ???  been shopping today so have a few goodies in

Well as the title suggests I have my first finish of 2011 YIPPEEEEE and I've also got a update too :)

well as you know I've done another needlebook (LHN) and today I've finally finished putting it very carefully together  soooo without further ado ......drum rolllll please heheheh .....

close up of I made that for my tools:)

back of needlebook

beginning of book 

and another view of them
Soooo there you have it :) I was inspired by "the stitchers book " (which I am designing one as we squeak :) found on the web via 
Look under tutorials and follow the links from there ..... some of the books were stitched in 2006 and are absolutely adorable ... I hope I can do justice to the concept as the patterns were all in French magazines long ago printed soo keep your eyes peeled as I will be giving you all a peek once I am happy with it :) 

The ribbon rose idea was taken from one of my card magazines and fills the gap nicely 

Ok sooooo hope you like ???? 

I have also been doing some stitching on my Queen Bee and here is a progress report on her as well ....
Queen Bee LHN 
I am going to put a little sparkle into her wings(they are only half done atm ) and hopefully once completed she will be finished and put on one of my boxes and displayed in my stitching room.....

well I am having some friends coming to visit the mouse house tomorrow so I shall be busy with the tea pot and stash showing etc to Gillie and Teejay and hopefully have a a lovely girlie natter session too heheheh 

Righty ho hope every one is well and happily stitching to their 15 challenges 
till next time 
love mouse xxxxxx

Saturday 15 January 2011

The last post of the fifteen day challenge starts :(

Well hello again my friendly bloggers .... we made it to the last day of the new 15 starts in one piece , hands still intact , a few threads changed and much yackking to you all :)

And I'm going to miss it when can we start another one ?????  OK I know I'm crazy just ask a few of my stitchy friends heheheh but I still have my marbles along with DJ' s on my shelf so I can't be that bad can I ????

Ok so the final day of the challenge dawned grey, wet and miserable and then the sun bravely peeked out for a few minutes , my feathered friends were all cheeping n chirping merrily in the garden getting their daily bits and bobs in before it started to drizzle abit .... 

I got organised and settled down to start my last piece of new stitching .... I'm stitching the "Thread Gatherer" by LHN who else and I'm stitching it on 28 count flax linen ... I've had the same problem as earlier on in the week  of one of the recommend threads disappearing in to the fabric colour.... the crescent colours "Bamboo" didn't work at all, so I went back into my trusty box of goodies and pulled out "Apricot Blush " from the gentle art sampler threads ... I had two of these ,both different dye lots but the peachier one works so much better and seems to warm up the other colours too :) 

So here is the last photo of the challenge *sigh* 
"The Thread Gatherer" LHN day 15
So that's it ....the final picture of the starts, now all we need to do is finish them in the year .... well here goes for nothing 
I've been asked how I am thinking of finishing these pieces when I get to them :) well some I am making into cushions/ornaments , some are going to be made into wall hangings and quilted too and some are going to be put onto the box lids I mentioned in an earlier post..which I finally got round to taking a picture of today  
white bits are canvas pieces
I think I have got three of the right sized starts for these, once finished :) she says fingers crossed 

So now its back to "normality " heheh and getting all of them finished along with the others I had started before this challenge ..... I realised today that apart from it being my birthday coming up soon .(28th Jan .lol )....I shall in February been blogging a whole year sooo I shall have thunk and come up with something to celebrate with :)

righty ho I shall scoot off now and go and see how every one else is doing / done :)
take care and happy stitching and see you all soon 
love mouse xxxx

Friday 14 January 2011

Almost there on to Day 14:)

Good evening merry bloggers :) hope everyone has had a good day ????

Cooooo I can't believe that we are almost at the end of this challenge of 15 new starts ... I have enjoyed every single day of this and yes I know that I have done ALL Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needle works BUT they are what I had in (amongst other stuff  lol)  and these were all kitted up apart from the fabric which I did have in my stash pile :)

So what can I say about today except that it has flown past in the blink of an eye .... I put some a length of silk into my UFO biscornu before I had even had my first cuppa of the day !!!!!

so I shall show you the pics of that first :0
before today

today's update
Not much I know :) but it keeps the wolves at bay heheheh ;0

Ok sooooo we then move onto today's new start which if you have been following will now know it is another LHN piece ......  and it is ...... "Daisy Lane Cottage"

I got this late last year as it was one of those instant fall in love with's  and I added it to my basket when shopping for a friends birthday present... as you do :)  its a well known disease amongst stitcher s  Basketitis  and no cure for it either yipppeee 

I am stitching it on 28 count flax linen with the recommended crescent colour and the anchor alternative to the dmcs listed ........ It doesn't stand out quite as much as if it was stitched on the recommend fabric but IT is growing on me ... good job really as I have to finish it heheheheheh :)

So at long last the photo

Day 14 Daisy Lane Cottage LHN

I think I may have to put something in the windows again or may be put a little bit of back stitch to give a wee bit of definition on them :) but other than that I like

OOOO I know what I meant to say .... the postie turned up with my subscription gift from the cross stitcher magazine :) Its a lovely little wooden box :) 

inside of box 
 The box lid comes away so you can put in anything you want I may even put a stitched piece in there ... ooooo decisions decisions ;0

Ok I think that is it for today although I have signed up for another SAL  due to  DJ which is the Romatique Sampler from

It is closed now ....but I  am hoping to start stitching it next week just need to check out the fabric stash and thread stash and away I go :)

right it is late here in the mouse house and its almost  snoozing time so I shall say good night, sleep tight and see you all tomorrow :)
love mouse xxxxxx

Thursday 13 January 2011

A bakers dozen day

COOOOO what a day today's been having spent most of the afternoon in the hospital with DH and his eye I was really glad I got some stitching done before we left :) in fact I wished I had taken it with me , we were there that long !!!

Well today started with having to feed my bird friends ..... I was being watched by Albert the racing pigeon who was looking at the feeding table going" where's me grub eh ???? "
so I had to duly go out armed with the bird seed and fill the Chinese containers that I have been using in the bad weather ..... the water one,  once it was frozen came out like an ice cube it was easier to re fill every day ... did look strange though having huge ice cubes on the borders hehehe.

I came back in, to find said Albert had tipped up the container and spilled the seed all over the table and was furiously eating as if he was starving which if any body ever gets meet him would see that he is no racing pigeon at all hahaha ... I am amazed he can even fly 

Well I just watched him for a few mins and could see all the other little tweets lining up to get in there when they could then I settled down to start day thirteen of the challenge  and guess what ............. its another LHN chart 

It is "The Rain Fell" .....I am stitching it on a 28 count jobelan from Polstitches called icy waters quite apt really considering the charts about rain ;0

It really is a beautiful fabric to stitch on and the colours are really scrummy bluey greens :) I'm stitching the piece with the recommended crescent colours but with the anchor alternatives to the dmc threads :)

so here is today's photo :)

The Rain Fell LHN day 13

I didn't want to stop stitching on this one .... I was always, as a child out in the rain with my wellies on, pushing my pram and my teddy's n dollies up and down our street holding my brolly up too .....I can remember my  wellies were red though and small, so when I puddled jumped the water came over them

I just hope my hands hold out till the end of the challenge though as they are rather swollen n sore to boot too atm .......   I wouldn't mind but I've only been stitching a couple of hours per day.... but only two more days to go then I can have a wee rest hopefully . 

Ok I'd better finish this and say t.t.f.n and see you tomorrow .... happy stitching where ever you are :)
love mouse xxxxx

Wednesday 12 January 2011

A lazy day 12 :)

I've had a lovely lazy day today , nowhere to go or any body to see so I could start the stitching bit bright n early  :) wooooo hoooo

So armed and dangerous with a early cuppa I got started on today's start by pulling out .......  another LHN chart

I got my trusty pencil and DMC to Anchor conversion chart and lightly pencilled in the numbers next to the ones on the chart :0 and laid the threads on my little table and sat back to enjoy my brew .......

The birds were all out in force tweeting n chirping away in the garden behind me .. I could hear the robin, blackbird and the blue tits calling to each other and there were some starlings taking a bath in the guttering above me as the water was dropping down onto the conservatory roof ..... It was almost a spring like day ....

So I am stitching this one on butter milk linen 28 count and it is stitching up smaller than the given approx size so I will be able to use the left over fabric for something else bargain !!!!

OOOO I haven't told you which one its Garden Pleasures and I love it .. it is just like me too :0

any way here is today's photo 

day 12 Garden Pleasures LHN
I also did some more stitching on mark two needle book and have almost finished  that bit phew ... then on to the finishing etc etc which hopefully will get done this weekend sooo not long to wait hahaha

right I shall squeak of for tonight and shall see you all tomorrow 
take care and happy challenge stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Day 11 and on the countdown to the finish :)

Hasn't the time flown by sooo quickly I can't believe we have almost got the end of the challenge, only another 4 days to go .....

Today has been a busy old day from getting up early ish  to take DD no 2 to work then going on up into town to the post office and the library to  get some reading material and then I bobbed onto my friends to get a cuppa and see how she was doing as not seen her since before the Christmas holidays.

She had a present for me .....a button box to rummage through with lots of lovely little buttons to go on my stitching and scrap booking / cards . There is something about a button box that has fascinated me since I was a small child and allowed to play in my mums and grandma's button boxes :)

So I came home with lots of goodies and I shall put them away in to my button boxes later :)

After all that excitement I had to sit down when is got home and do some stitching hehehehe...... today's challenge was Nature's Beauty again by LHN ... I really should be on commission here hahahhah....

I'm stitching it on 32 count antique white linen and anchor threads equivalent to the DMC ones listed (I have oodles of them so thought to use them up ) I had a full set from when I had my little needlework shop years ago and kept the  range for myself  and I am so glad I did now

so here is today photo update :)

Day 11 Natures Beauty LHN 

I started on the right side from the middle then added the little rabbit and the part finished flower then I thought ooooo am I going to meet from the other side and PHEWWWW I did   soo that's it for today :)

hope every one else is busily stitching away and I shall catch up with you all tomorrow :)
love mouse xxxxxx

Monday 10 January 2011

Two thirds of the way through DAY 10

COOOOO I am later blogging tonight as I had to get dd from work so its put me right off schedule 

Any ways to digress started off very cold, wet, damp ,miserable and downright yucky :(  The pain levels were sky high and I didn't want to get out of bed but I did and after having breakkie and some pain killers I felt more human and went to get today's offering out of the box which was ....... Poinsettia House LHN .

I'm stitching it on Flax 28 count linen ... the recommended fabric is Vintage light Exampler from Lakeside linens but seeing as I live in the UK and have no idea where to get them from...  although have just googled  the name and found the approximate colour of what the fabric should be!   so I shall have a check later ... the wonders of modern science eh ????

I have come to the conclusion that I will have to fill in the windows behind the panes with a warm glowy colour as it looks very odd 

day 10 Poinsettia House
So there you are the photo finally  (did any body tell you I can talk for England hahahahah )

I am still enjoying the challenge and we are two thirds of the way through now:).... I have plans on how to finish a few of the pieces already just need to finish stitching heheheheh  

so I shall say T.T.F.N and happy stitching 
see you tomorrow night all  
love mouse xxx

Sunday 9 January 2011

Day 9 of challenge (what a difference a day makes heheheh)

Hellooooo , what a difference a day makes to things :) 

Today dawned sunny and with a hint of blue skies and fluffy clouds even the birds were cheeping n singing to their hearts content to day :)

I got the camera out ready to take another picture of the Winter Whites in day light and I must admit it looked better than it did yesterday soooooo I think I shall live with it but here is the update photo , what do you think ?????
in day light Winter Whites
Doesn't look as bad as last night  

Any way today I picked out Necessities Sampler to start :) and just love the bluey greens/ teal colours of it :) I am stitching it on 32 count antique white linen as I didn't have any in cream that the pattern recommends .... any way I still like how it is turning out  ... the photo was rubbish that I took so I have just scanned it in  so it really looks very bright white the fabric atm .. I can't win 

necessities sampler 
In fact you can't tell where the fabric starts or the blog back ground ends hahahahaha at least while I am writing it ;) 

I have been looking at the progress of peeps so far and there are some very yummy charts being stitched eeeeeekkkk more enabling  I don't think I would stitch all the things I want , have seen and got unless I lived to about 500 years old 

I have been perusing the blog land as you do and have found some wonderful French sites which I have taken inspiration from and inwardly digested the instructions and photos and WATCH this space hehheheheheh  ;0

All will be revealed soon promise :)

Hope every one is spending the evening  stitching to their hearts content .. I'm going back to it in a bit :)

love mouse xxxxxx

Saturday 8 January 2011

Day 8 of challenge

Today started off quite nice and sunny but cold here and I decided before I got down to a bit of stitching I would do some of the *H* word heheheh so I ran the hoover round the living room floor and the kitchen , did the few pots and then said that's enough for today hahahaha.

I settled down to start on the Winter Whites by LHN. I am  stitching it on 28 count Flax linen and started using the sampler threads oatmeal that was recommended to find that it seemed to be disappearing into the fabric colour AGHHHHHHH noooooo I was heard to mutter under my breath so I again raided my stash of threads and came out with a couple of alternatives  and chose Vanilla Gloriana silk as what seemed to be the best of what I had got .....

So I stitched and stitched and mmmmmm'd n ahhh'd and I'm still not entirely happy that it is the right colour choice even now :(   it still seems to disappear into the fabric colour too much .... I've tried to take some decent picture s but hasn't worked out very good either 

But here is where I got up to ..... all comments much appreciated on this one as I think I am going to have to un stitch and start again .....
Day 8 Winter Whites LHN
My eldest dd has been creating on Photo shop and has put together this collage of pictures of my "smalls" that have been stitched by myself or my friends on friendly stitchers for me :)

she has also been crafting a prototype of invite for her Halloween party she is organising for this year  and raiding my craft stuff to boot !!!!
not this wonky really

Ok I have just got a cuppa made for me :) so I shall go and enjoy it and get on with something else like reading one or two blogs heheheh
happy stitching and looking forward to any comments 
love mouse xxxxx