Saturday 19 May 2018

Grab a brew ... its gonna be a long post

Helloooo...... cooo it has been rather a long time since I posted you think I have forgotten you all ...well grab a brew and a cookie and I will fill you in on what's been happening at the mouse house .....
the kitchen redo got done ... took a few weekends to get it all finished and I just need to order the cooker hood to come when I am off in a few weeks to make sure I am in to receive .. nothing worse than missing a parcel ... not to be out done we also redid the front room too, giving that a wee makeover while we had all the stuff out 
In between all that I finally finished all my NVQ work and there is just one section that my manger needs to do a statement for as it couldn't be observed due to confidentiality and then I will be certified woooooo hooooo heheheh .........I have since found out that I have PASSEDDDDDDDD :) I am now certified hahahhah
Chris and I went to Wales for a few days to the Nimble Thimble meet up with some fellow stitchers and had a fabulous time , we also went to the WalesWool Festival on the Sunday before we tootled off home ... think I prefer the stitching shows did have live sheepees and goats there so I was impressed ( took some piccies ) The weather was kind to us and the scenery was amazing and so was the A483 .. not a pothole insight for the 63+ miles it took us to get to the show from where we were staying. We had lovely long nights chilling doing some crocheting and I also did a new start while I was there as well .... done quite a bit more on it too but not sure if taken an up to date photo yet ? Of course there was a wee bit of stash enhancing done .. not as much due to lack of funds hahahaha
I have sent the blogerversary gifts off to Lynda and Daffycat sooo I will be able to show you what I have made for them soon :)
Don't fall over but .... I have finally finished off my birthday quilt ... yes you read that right hahahah..... I have had a get stuff finally finished head on ... I have also made a needle book and today framed up 6 pieces that have been bugging me to get done ...
I have worked a wee bit more on my Linen and Thread Sal 2017 , did an exchange piece for Chris so I can show you that as she has got it and loves it .... hmmmm what else ... ohh yes made a wee crocheted blanket for a little one due in June .. mum has got it and loves it .. done quite a bit more on my blanket for our bedroom  .. I am on a roll 
In between all this we had a three day weekend where the weather for once was gorgeous and I got everything washed in sight and dried to boot neighbour thought I had changed into widow twanky hahahahah ....
Cooper has now turned one and I managed to get a couple of gorgeous photos of him finally looking at the camera ... bribery with a ball is a wonderful thing hahhahah
Not sure if I showed you the wonderful exchange pieces I got from DJ .. she did me a belated birthday gift as well and added some more stitching etc just because ... I was really spoilt 
1938 cast iron fireplace fits perfectly back into place

all out let the renovation begin

My stitchers exchange gift to Chris 

Kitchen finished bar the extractor hood

Goodies from an antique shop :)

Merry Mouse getting there 

start of the front room spring clean

and finished :)

chilling in wales 

curtain of knitted/ crocheted poppies at the wool show

gold added in for contrast 

Linen and thread slowly getting there

quilt finallllly finished woooo

redoing my sewing chair

feels so much nicer to sit on now when at the machine

Needlebook finally finished

hawthorn flowers 

we had a wee visitor at work

fabric enhancement 

new start specially for this weekend 

at the bottom of the Nimble Thimble Garden

Whittington Castle opposite where we stayed

Goodies from the Nimble Thimble 

when I had finished the weekend

Master Bentley snoozing

Waiting for the ball to be thrown

lily of the Valley in my front garden

Master Cooper at 1yr old 
My stitchers day exchange piece from DJ :)
Another of the pieces from DJ :)
Scissor fob and another wee stitched item in the background from DJ :)

Finally framed some pieces 

Soooo there you have it .. finally an update of a busy few months at the mouse house 
today I watched the Royal Wedding and it was lovely , we sat outside at the neighbours drinking Pimms :) it was a glorious day  and still is ... 
right I had better finish for now as we have some friends coming over and I need to get ready .... take care one and all and happy stitching and squeak to you all again soon :) love mouse xxxxx