Saturday 30 June 2012

My summer blog hop postcard :)

Hi every one :0)
I am participating in Jo 's  summer-postcard-blog-hop and my postcard arrived today ....
a beautifully stitched card too 

 and written on the back was this message :)

"My husbands grandmother will be 89 years old in a few months and is
very religious.  As a Christmas present I cross stitched a cross made out of flowers.  I was so excited as it took me 2 years to finish it (had 2 babies within 14 months -- so it was rare for me to find time to stitch).   When she opened the gift she held it up - but it was upside down and she said to me "that's beautiful..but what is it supposed to be.."  we were all cracking up it was definitely a Christmas to remember. :)"

Thank you soo much for sending me this lovely card ... mine is on its way to its final destination .... pop over to Jo's blog to find out where I have sent mine to .... 

will be back tomorrow with up date on how my first week has gone at work :)

take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Hermitting, TUSAL and FAB news to boot too :)

Hi every one :) oooooooo I am soooo excited I don't know where to start on this blog post ... ok... Kettle might be a good thing heheheh...... *mouse scurries off to pop it on :)
right I am back and cups are ready and there are celebration cookies today :)
so I shall tell you my good news first ..... I have got a new job :) three years to the day of leaving my last post I will start my new one on Monday :) doing admin for a health care company about 20 mins drive from the mouse house ..... I shall be working full time Mon to Friday which will impact on the old stitching for a few weeks until I get back into the routine of everything .... but hopefully my needles will be back smoking soon 
So it means as well that I will be able to afford to go to Harrogate this year after all I told them I had to have the Friday off  hehehehe .
Soooo on to the hermitting ..... well I must have known as I managed to stitch the rest of "I sew'd my heart" by Heartstringsamplery  including charting my name and this years date too :) I stitched it on cream 36 count evenweave with the recommended threads and I love it .... and to make it even better DH and I called into an antiques shop I have wanted to go into for years and bought two wicker baskets and one is just perfect to hang this piece from (photo later I am going to do hemstitch around the piece to finish it off  :) that will be my next task after do some other finishing for Kath 
June's birthday gift will be finished and hopefully in the post to her by Thursday so will show you photo next week :)
some of you will be pleased there is no pictures of goodies heheheh ... unfortunately although I have got my new cooker ... I have yet to bake some
The postie was good to me also this week as yesterday the Travelling Pattern from Lynda has arrived the aptly named"The  Busy needle" by LHN soooo I have pulled the threads for it last night as not got any of the ones it recommends .... mmmmm typical, but I quite like the ones I have chosen to stitch it with on 28 count raw linen .... sooo hopefully I will get it done asap :)
and then whoop whoop my charts arrived safely from my win on FB from the lovely Belinda of Blue Ribbon Designs fame :) she had two "just because" give away's  and I was one of the lucky ones *VBG ...... I was sat with the DH in the garden yesterday with a cuppa discussing my interview that day and my offer and I said ooooo I will be able to afford to get some more threads and he replied yes you will be like all the other worker stitcher's out there loads of stash and no time to stitch  hahahahah.... I said really???? .. just watch this space
Bentley says Hi to every one :)
Hey Daffy :) Tusal photo for you and actually on the day tooo .... what ever is the world coming to hehehehe ;)

well I had better get the photos ready for you while you have another brew or two ..... 
before Hermitting 

scrummy baskets the one on the right is for the Isew'd piece 

at the end of hermitting whoop whoop another finish ;)

my threads and fabbie for the TP :)

June tusal with the rest of the years too :)

Bentley says Hi :)

winning charts from Belinda of Blue Ribbons designs

So apart from having to have some more new glasses as my eyes have got worse since last year .....that folks is all my news for this week ...:)
I shall catch up with my blog reading as soon as possible  so hang in there 
not sure why some of the words are highlighted in red .... that is not me !!!!
the links yes but ?????  ho hum .. some one has probably added something to blogger ?
any ways take care one and all :) happy stitching and I shall let you know how I get on as soon as possible :) love mouse xxxxxx

Thursday 14 June 2012

Sun , Sea , Sand and Stitching :)

Hi every one :)  coooo I didn't realise until I checked when my last post was, that it is two weeks since last I squeaked .... blimey you had better get that kettle on with a large mug and something yummy to eat along with it heheheheh ....
soooo the time has flown as we have been having lots of fun around the mouse house ....
Firstly there was the jubilee weekend where I sat and stitched the next few parts on my Dawn of Spring SAL :) Part four went out on Sunday and they are all looking gorgeous :)

then on Jubilee Tuesday that week DH and I escaped to the country with Master Bentley to take him paddling  .... we went to Hutton le Hole , were we spent many a weekend taking over the museum there when we were in the Sealed Knot many years ago ..... the weather was fine but a bit cold and once Bentley got used to the stream he loved it  and it was funny watching him paddle ..... we had a wander around the village and went to look at the craft shops and found the perfect one for every one ...... (just wait until you see the photo ;)

Wednesday I had a happy dance as I finished DJ's picture whoop whoop and it is now on its way to her on a wing and a prayer :) I decided as I was on a roll on finishing things I got out my cut and snip scissor fob from the Needle and thread LHN chart and proceeded to make a good inroad into it ..... some time around 11.30 pm that night I realised I should have been doing the SAL with Sally  eeeekkkkkk .... I tried to put some stitches into it the next day but I felt sooooo guilty it wasn't done on the right day I couldn't continue !!!!!! will show the photo of my effort

swiftly moving on with another cuppa .....
 I decided it was time to get March's cottage finished by CCN .... well I stitched and I stitched at the weekend  and boy .....for a small piece 5 x5 it certainly took ages to do but was worth it in the end as I finished and started April's just as June's dropped through my door so that is a little bit further on phew :)
this Monday I made a card for June as it was her birthday the next day and I am pleased to say that it turned up on time .... I am in the middle of stitching her something so that her birthday lasts that wee bit longer ;) she does know this btw and while I was on a roll did the floss toss for Pappilions Around the world in eighty stitches .....  and that's as far as I got hahahah

and on Tuesday (this is the sun , sea and sand bit DH DD2 Master Bentley and I drove to Sunny Blackpool to go and spend the day with my Dad so that he got to see Mr B and also my new car  I drove there and the traffic although heavy was steady away and we got there exactly on time according to the sat nav :)
Bentley wowed my dad with his good behaviour and his cute ways ;) We took him for a walk on the sands and got him to see the sea for the first time .... while he loved the sand the sea was a different matter he didn't want anything to do with the wet stuff ..... DH while walking and watching the dog took a slight graceful fall into a hole that some one had dug and then Mr B decided to make it that wee bit bigger  .. he came out covered in sand but with a grin on his face
Dad treated us to some ice cream from Notriannies ice cream parlour on the front ... sooo I had to take photos to show you YUMMMMMMM .... we had a walk down the prom and went into the South Pier amusements and spent the princely sum of £1.00 on the two penny machines  and had lots of fun with them .....  out side there was a doughnut booth and I couldn't resist getting some hot sugary doughnuts to share with you all .... I took some photos of them being cooked too :)

We had a lovely day and got back quite late ... I switched on the comp to see what every one had been up too and found out ...... I had won Belinda's of Blue Ribbon Designs fame , competition on FB..... WOOOOO HOOOOOOO :) 
ooooo did this mouse do a happy wiggle as the charts I had won were all ones I hadn't got too ..... 

I was still beaming the next day when the postie brought me my goodies I had ordered from Karen at in her sale ... the Family Sampler LHN and February stockings BBD ....
and then the phone rang and I got invited to an interview on Monday for an admin assistant  soooo fingers crossed third time lucky :) 
ooo also got my results from the xray .... no acute injury to the bone .....:)
well you had better get another cuppa while you browse through the photos .....
stream at Hutton Le Hole

one wet and happy puppy (love this photo)

mines the one on the left ;)

Looking towards the Tower from South Pier

ermmmm don't like this

like this though :)

at Hutton Le Hole 

just for you to drool over 

chocolate factory

Sheepies for all those sheep fans :)

not to sure about the waves

looking out to sea honest

Part four of DOS designed by me :)

the whole of it so far with out the ribbon in DOH !!!

whooo hooo DJ's is finished :)

ermm didn't get to far 6th of June 2012

Needle and thread by LHN

March cottage by CCN finished 

all three together 

Junes card 

April started 

Floss toss for Pappillon SAL

Wed 13th June update :)

cooking doughnuts 

bit further along 

and ready to munch  mind they are HOT !!!

soooo I hope I haven't bored you too much heheh and sorry if you are all hungry now ......can't wait to see what your comments are heheheh ;)
so that's it for this week folks .... hope you have a fab stitchy weekend as don't forget it's .....HERMITTING weekend :)
take care and happy stitching and squeak to you all soon from one very happy mouse xxxxxxxx

Friday 1 June 2012

Forced by needlepoint to blog

Hi everyone :) I have been forced by needlepoint to up date my blog as apparently it is the only way my DD 1 can find out what I have been up to with out having to actually speak to me hahahahahah ..... the wonders of modern technology ;0
She has been nagging me for the last few days to update .... sooo here I am , sat here with a cool drink trying to remember what I have been up too hehehe.....
The kettle is on for any one who wants one and guess what ???? back by popular demand...... the cakes!!!!! hehehehe
ok   I think I have remembered some of it .... soooo I started a week last Wednesday the SAL with Sally .... we are doing the LHN and Shakespeare's pedlar collaboration and we have both started on the LHN one first ...... can you remember I thought I had found the perfect fabric for it ??? well when I did that tidying up and sorted out all the fabric I found a silkweaver fabric in 32 count that was called Sundown and when I did a floss toss, I much preferred that than the one I had originally found :)  so merrily I did start and continued to stitch on it this last Wednesday night too :0 so I shall show the photos later as per .....
Then a week last Thursday I had another interview but didn't get the job either .... I have sent off for feedback and am awaiting their reply :) that night it was stitching night at Bev's hence the cup cakes hehehehehe ..... I worked on my Pumpkin Cottage by CCN which is one of my crazies ....the next day DH and I went out on a date to look for a new cooker and finally managed to order one to come in a couple of weeks ... this was our choice so that we can sort out the back of where it will go, as some tiles fell down the back of the old one a few years back and as you couldn't see this, we left it until we had to do something about it......... .....that night we went out with some friends  for a curry and as I was feeling brave we walked it there ..... to tell the truth it was soooo lovely I wanted to have a cider for a change and as I refuse to even sniff a drink when driving .... walking it was ......
Did I mention that we had a week of lazy hazy days of summer ..... we are back to the rain now ... but it was gorgeous but very very hot and my silver highlights have now gone bronze ;0  
Saturday afternoon Kath and I went to the garden centre and had a wander round followed by the much needed drink and cake hehehehh ......then in the evening DD1 and I went out to some friends to watch the Euro-vision contest and it was fantastic and I absolutely adore the winners  (Sweden)and Spain's entry and I really liked ours too :0 
Sunday passed in a blurr of shopping with DD1 followed by the first of many barbeques of that week :) the things you have to do when no cooker 

MMMMM stitching wise I managed to get the main part of DJ's picture done and all I have to do now is the last bit of the sky yeahhhhhh :)
so then I'd better get the kettle on again heheheh ...
ok so this week I have spent sorting out the craft room and putting things back where they should be and labelling the boxes so at least I have an idea where they are heheheh .... and I've put up some bunting in honour of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations ..... well it passes for me, as it is red white and blue ;) I have still got a wee bit more sorting to do but that will wait now as I need to get some stitching done as feeling withdrawal symptoms
I even managed to get a tiny bit of weeding done as well and Vickie I found a couple of paler pink peonies on the other side just asking to be photographed for you :) and my wee cherry blossom tree has actually got cherries on it this year !!!!! ..... and I've notice my orchid has grown a new leaf and a new stem for flowers today ... I am soooo pleased to see this new growth :)

ooooooo yeah I stitched a wee welcome gift for Pumpkins new arrival and I can now show it to you as it has finally safely arrived at their house ... only took over a month to get there !!!! She loves it as I took inspiration from the nursery and made a wee cushion with his name on and that it was his room with a character from a Margaret Sherry chart from one of the magazines I have :) I have covered his name up btw ......

can you remember wayyyy back  at the end of March ..... what you need another drink to help???? *sigh ohhhh go on then ....when I had a wee accident with my ankle .... well I finally had to go to the Dr's as it has started to give me grief and hasn't got any better ...... the upshot was I had to go for an xray ....... yeahhh I know you said I should have gone back then  but ..... there is a possibility I may have fractured it , but will hopefully get the results next week and take it from there .... I know I have done something !!! it sort of still looks the same :(

I am hoping this week will be much better on the stitching front as I have so much to do and can't seem to get, to do ..... mind you if I actually stayed in a wee bit more it would help hehehehe
ok I had better find the photos and let you drool over the cakes ..... good job I actually took a photo of them as not much stitching to show hahahahahah
beginning of  SAL with Sally

cup cakes at Bev's :)

can you guess how much I have done

carrot cake at the garden centre

Kath's piece of chocolate cake

oooo oooo cold cold 

ahhhhhhhh loving this 

my paws are cooollll now 

paler pink ones for Vickie

this is soooo tiny 

almost there :0

Wednesday's SAL

all bunted up and tidier well at least that corner heheheh :)

for Pumpkins wee one :)
and it was soooo hot DD1 bought Bentley a paddling pool which he loves and he even enjoyed an ice lolly too .... in fact he tried to pinch it off me ....
we are back to typical bank holiday weather of rain and coolness which is actually quite nice after the temps we have been having ....  
in fact that leads me to ask .... all those who sew /quilt etc  I have a problem in the heat with my crutch .... I react to the plastic and it makes it very uncomfortable to walk with it against my arm unless I have a long sleeve on ... any idea how I could make a cover ?? or something to go over the cuff bit ??? if you could help can you email me thanks :)
well I have written another essay hheheheh ... so I shall leave you all in peace for another few days ..... I am slowly catching up on the blog reading and will squeak to you all again soon :)
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx