Monday 26 May 2014

Friends :)

Hi every one :) good grief I was just looking earlier and nearly forgot to put the kettle on in my cooooo do you know its almost a month since I last posted .... have you missed me ??? 
And its my 201th post.... I have had 102,699 page views and 5,819 comments  cooo that's a lot of viewings and nattering 's and an awful lot of cuppa's hehehehhe ..... 
Sooo what have I been up to you ask .... well ermmmm not much to be honest apart from some stitching .... I've not been any where exciting or done anything extraordinary just been working or snoozing ....more of the first than the last 
Master Bentley has had a trimble and is enjoying having shorter hair , now he has been having fun, playing in the woods with his friends .
I have been taking pictures of the flowers in my garden and my next door neighbors ones too ... also had a play with the sepia setting on my camera ....
I have finished my Aprils Daisy by Country Cottage Samplings and started May's .... February's is hopefully on its way to the mouse house  as we squeak :) 
I have done some more on Rosey by LHN , spent three hours on the April Cottage by LHN last Thursday night at Bev's and had to reverse stitch what I had put in and re doo .... and I can't believe it took me that long I blame all the excess fabric I have to contend with ...that's my excuse and I am sticking to it
I've started a RAK for some one ... can't say much more as she pops on to here and she might guess soo won't show you either until next week hopefully it will be done and there by then paws crossed ....
The friends bit ..... cast your mind back to January .... yup that's right I have finally finished "Friends are like" by Lizzie * Kate .... I stitched it on 28 count white evenweave with threads I had that were almost near to the colours with a few changes .....  soooo now it is ready to travel on to its next stitcher ... please make sure you mention that you would like to stitch it and you are a good standing member in the blogging world and promise to stitch it a wee bit quicker than moi ( i did put it some where sooo safe it took me ages to find it again and I shall draw the name next week and get it on its way :)
then still on friends ....on Face Book on the group the Prim Stitchers  there was a conversation about Tim Holtz pocket watches that some peeps had stitched a wee piece for ... there are some lovely patterns that fit them btw .... I mentioned that I was going to try and get one over here when Nancy *waves a wee paw helloo   ...said keep an eye out for the postie after she asked for my snail mail addy .... she very kindly went and got me not one but two of them .... :) Soooo this week I have been stitching away merrily on 40 count over one and chose some bits from With Thy Needle Valentine pattern  that I got for my birthday and it fitted and I made it up  and it hangs in my craft room whooo hooooo ... Thank you once again Nancy :) all I need to do is decide on the other pattern to stitch :)
As I was on a roll with the over one stitching I got all the verse done on the Blue Ribbons Design  "Friendship Blooms" PHEW .... now I can get on with the rest of it now ....
Unfortunately my Hussif  that I made for the Primitive Hare competition didn't get any where as the names were randomly drawn  for the prizes .... there were some gorgeous pieces done and 85 entrants altogether and they were all different interpretations too :) I think she has put the winners on her blog, if not I know they are on her Face Book page :)
okkkk so I will go and put the kettle on again while I gather the photos for you to be nosy at 
My wee pocket watch :)

hellooo how are you all ??

Start on May by CCS

see that purple line ... that took me the three hours !!!

from here 

to here all done whooo hoooo :)

watching the world go by :)

Friends are like by Lizze*Kate Travelling Pattern finished :)

more done Rosey by LHN

peonies in colour

and now in sepia

watching the birdies 

next doors garden

and again 

next doors 

and again .... gorgeous blue on this one :)

my lovely RAK from Nancy :) 

and we have had some rain

and finished :)

my wee visitor :)
soooo there you go folks ... a few photos to make up for not seeing you all for awhile  hope you have enjoyed your cuppas and I promise not to be too long till next time :) hope you have a wonderful stitchy week and don't forget about the travelling pattern .... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx