Monday 3 August 2015

Lion's and tigers and stitching oh my !!!

Hi Peeps :) pull up a chair , grab a brew and there could be some doughnuts as well as some cookies in the cupboard .. help yourselves ....
Well I can't believe how time has flown since I last blogged, I took another dashing trip over to Blackpool as my dad had a fall ... which we later found out was due to a seizure and a small bleed on  his brain .... we (Jennifer,uncle Jim and I  ) spent a long night in ER and beyond while they got my dad stable .... 
Dad was transferred to a ward  where he has remained until they can get him in some convalescence to build him back up and regain confidence in walking again.
Mid week Jennifer and I decided to go to the Zoo  for a few hours R&R in between   visiting time as it was such a gorgeous day and I took lots of photos for my dad as he loves the lions and tigers , we got to see the new additions of giraffes while we were there too , the Zoo has improved since I was a member of the Junior Zoo Club a few moons ago and it was lovely to stroll round and see all the animals .... I was sad to hear that all but one elephant was left but she is going to a retirement place and they are then setting up a breeding program for them....
I even managed to finish my ornament for Chris and my dad got to see it in all its stages from the start to the finish and he loved it ... luckily Chris does too ... I stitched her a LHN chart from one of the Cross stitch Christmas editions (2012) one I think and made it into a hanging biscornu with bling .... Chris stitched me "Merry" by Mill Hill designs and added two wee bells so it jingles when it moves in the breeze .... apparently there was a technical hiccup till she found the wee bells  so it was a good job we couldn't exchange until this weekend 
I have been asked a lot about my memory quilt soooo here are some details for those that would love to stitch me a square to go in it .....
Stitch a design of your choice for me, using DMC or washable threads or let me know if you haven't ....  no larger than 5x5 inches square on a piece of white ,off white evenweave / aida etc that is 7x7 inches square (this is to give me chance to make them all the same size when I make the quilt up ....
to send the finished stitched piece to me in time for  Harrogate (back end of November 2015) to the mouse house .... this will give me chance to choose some fabric from there for backing etc  and make it up in time for my 50th  birthday at the end of January (28th) 2016 .....or at least that is the plan ;)
If you don't know the new mouse house address please contact me back channel via my email (right side of the blog) or there are peeps like Sally, Butterfly , Jo and Jackie that do know it , if you want to ask them I am sure they won't mind if you want to do it as a surprise :)
Soooo there you go in a nutshell .... if you want to ask any more questions feel free .... 
On to the photos while I go and make another brew for every one ....
I used to go to school on a bus like this ....

mute swan


lioness had a new cub with her
but couldn't get a picture as it was hiding

snoozing in the sun

one of the new giraffes


wee baby seal 

red panda bear 

blue moon 01/08/2015

My LHN Biscornu for Chris 

my Christmas ornie in July from Chris 
Brews are made .....hoping to get some more stitching done this week and to look for my next RR piece ... have an idea what I want to do ... just need to find the pattern ,... its in one of those safe places 
I hope every one is well and stitching loads and I will get to bob in and see you all asap .... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx