Sunday, 23 January 2011

Guess what ... I've been stitching heheheh

Hellloo again folks :)

cooo I've had a busy few days this last week  with one thing and another and yesterday was no exception ...... Gillie bless her cotton socks did the washing up after  we had a late tea on Wednesday and unfortunately left her rings on my worktop that weren't spotted till she had actually got back home ...... so yesterday she and her DH  known to all as WT came over to pick them up and take us out to lunch :) we took them to a lovely pub called the Strafford Arms that has a real working range and the fire was lit and so was really cosy on a coolish day .....
the food was excellent,the company as well ... we hadn't met WT before but we all got on like a house on fire and it was like we had know each other for years and he was a favourite Uncle :)

Any way we are going to have another visit there next time they are over and go to the Wentworth Castle that is literately next door  to the pub and has a dragon on the top of the keep stairs :)

SOOOOOO back to the sitching bit well today I had a quiet day so I was able to indulge in a few hours of uninterrupted bliss :)

I finished off the first part of the Romantique  SAL just need to stitch the next bit and then I will be ready for next months charts :)   yippeeee  , I've had to do a bit sticking and drawing  to make the next bit up as my printer missed off vital parts of the chart *sigh* but it is now ready for my needle ...... so with out further ado here is the update photo :)

first chart piece finished 
Now here is the really exciting bit  I've started stitching on my Stitchers Book that I have designed .... I am reallyyyyyyy pleased how it is turning out  so with a drum roll please drdrdrdrdrdr ........
Stitchers Book Designed By Mouse of Talesofastitchingmouse
This just one half of the outer cover .. It has been stitched on a Solitaire evenweave from Sparklies again ... using silk perle thread and Gloriana "teal" silk thread too, the beads are an iridescent white and really sparkle in the light.

The inside pages are going to have the SAl designed by Val from the friendly stitchers  stitched onto them before making up so it is going to a useful as well as decorative piece :)

So there you have it..... a sneak peek ... hope you like :)... orders will be taken ;) hahahahah 
If you have got this far the cuppa's on me  .... DH is on nights next week so I should be able to get some more stitched on the 15 challenges  I've pulled out the Bee Sampler and managed to get a couple of stitches in before we had a late tea ... so I think I may go back to that in a bit :)

Righty ho I shall squeak off for now and shall see you all again soon 
take care and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx


Karen said...

Oh how nice for you! 2 visits in one week...did Gillie leave the rings with this in mind do you think????lol
The book!!! what can I say its gorgeous, I need to choose fabric for this carefully I can see, I will have a good rootle about tomorrow, well done Mouse, its inspiring! xxxx

Gillie said...

Definitely not, I didn't trust Mouse with them, lol, so had to hurry back to retrieve them before they got turned into Sparklies fabric, lol! Stitching book is gorgeous, glad I got to see it properly!

Pete's Pixie said...

Waaaaaahhhhh I want one!!!!!! Love the teal - very "in"! Where's mine??? Hugs, Ally xxx

Tricia said...

I love reading your posts, Mouse. Where else can I read about going to a castle with a dragon??? It sounds like a storybook! Your stitching is beautiful! And what a treasure your book is going to be. Wonderful job!

Cheryl said...

Your stitching is beautiful! Your stitchers book looks lovely already

DJ said...

Oh Mouse, you have the prettiest fabric!!! I love the needlebook, and can't wait to see progress (not like you have any OTHER stitching to do , right?). The Romantique Sampler is gorgeous on that fabric. Great choice! So nice that you got to meet the elusive WT!! Sounds like a good time was had by all. *Hugs*

Jo said...

LOVE the needlebook, the fabric is fantastic for those colours. Your Romantique Sampler is lovely, very romantic on that fabric. x