Sunday 19 June 2016

Stitching , Gifts , RAK's and some more photos

Helloooooo everyone , I hope this finds you all well and not tooo wet from the amount of rain we have been having this past week ... think the summer is over now hahahaha so please grab your brews and cookies , pull up a chair and chill for a few minutes .....
Well as the title says I have been stitching, one being my RR ... more on that later and I stitched a wee gift for Junes birthday and got it to her on time phew .. I also included some pink gifts as I said to her she was a pink kinda lady I stitched her Needles and Pins pinchusion by Homespun Elegance on pink 28 count evenweave using a threadworks thread in guess what.... pink and green and finished it off with pink ribbon and pink pins .... and I love it soooo much I might have to do the same for me too 
Soooo that pesky RR ... on Tuesday Chris came to the mouse house for a change to get her Master Bentley fix and to see the craft room improvements ( still working on it ... its like the never ending story and I got my RR out ( littlehouseneigbourhood by LHN) and started to carry on with the brown part of the border .... I got to one of the houses and thought hmmmmmm and looked again and said hmmmmm again, I seemed to be one thread out ... yup one wee pesky thread out ..... well I looked and looked and Chris checked too and we both agreed to the spot where it had unfortunately gone whoops ...which was a quarter of the border back !!!!!! .. there was nothing for it but to do reverse stitching ... sooo in between the cuppas and carrot cake I unpicked and started to restitch the border again ... but ....while checking that, I realised I had stitched part of the wording one stitch down in a couple of places ... it was almost like an advert for " mouse should have gone to spec savers " and after I found that I couldn't leave it ... so it had to come out ....and it has now been restitched back in and I am working on the leaves of the border and so far all is well PHEWWWWW ..... When I have finally finished it I will be pulling the threads and fabric for the chart I got from Butterfly last week and will get it stitched toot suite ...
I recieved a lovely surprise in the post the other day .... Kim from is celebrating a big birthday this year too ... and little did I know it, but I was chosen as one of the 60 RAK recepients that she is sending out . She stitched me a gorgeous pinkeep from LHN  one of the sheep virtues series and rouched it beautifully along with some threads and fabric and a journal which was written by her and has some of her gorgeous paintings in it ... 
I realised when I had finished my last post I had missed out photos of the Jane Austin goodies I got and also of James Braxton 
I took a walk down  by the canal the other day and my wee cygnets were there again ... they have grown an awful lot as little ones do but there is a definite difference between the older ones and my wee baby ... he actually doesn't look like the others either with a shorter neck  ...see the photos , the parents don't seem to mind me photo ing them either... which is a good job really 
taken on a walk in the park

this wee bird landed in my back garden any ideaa ?

notice a difference??

A BEEutiful shot

now you can really see a difference  bless his cotton feet

Master Bentley on his walk ...

that pesky RR

drunkenesse stitching


My gorgeous Rak from Kim

I have been organising my fabric

the girls next door having a balleee game

it rained a wee bit can't see my border

My gift for June ... the other goodies are on her blog :)

Mr Darcy ahahahah

James Braxton of  Bargain Hunt Fame

my goodies from the Jane Austin Museum

I found the Makery in Bath .... a few tokens from it

this Lithograph has the words from Pride and Predudice made into a picture

almost back to black

and finished :)

this was in one of the houses at Ryedale Folk Museum
I took a selfie and quite liked it hahahahah
 I forgot to show you the range photos as well so bobbed them up this time ... it is now back to black and looks soooo much better ... I have sorted my fabric out as well and now have it proudly on display and sooo much easier to see and think hmmmm that will work with this that or t'other chart ..... I can even see floor space and my rug coooooo ... will show photo one day 
Ok I had better go and fill the kettle up again as I am sure you will want another one ...
I am getting a lot of mail failure messages from when I have visited your blogs and left a message ... it is saying my email is not verified ... its really weired as I have had the same one for years and had no problem up until a couple of months ago and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it either .. I have looked it up and so has Jo (serendipitus stitching )  and I have changed from chrome to firefox and it still won't do it and I can't find something in plain english that will helppp soooo if any one can direct me in the right direction much appreciated .... it won't let anyone reply from my messages to you either :(
OK I think I have waffled enough for today ..... heheheh and I had better get ready for a mouse nap as its back to work again tomorrow  ya boo hiss hehheh
I shall squeak to you all soon, soooo take care one and all and have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx


Saturday 11 June 2016

Summer holiday 2016

Hellooooooo every one :) hope this finds you all well and stitching away merrily on this Saturday afternoon ... Master Bentley and I are on our own this afternoon sooo please pull up a chair , grab a brew and a cookie or two and join us .....
As the title says Summer Holiday .... as you know DD1 and I escaped last week for a few days to Western SuperMare and Longleat Safari and Bath thrown in to boot .... It was a fabulous week with gorgeous weather for the most part .... the hotel was good , nothing spectaular but suited us as it was mainly for somewhere to rest our weary paws at the end of the days ....
The Monday we travelled down and arrived somewhere before tea time .. just... and after our tea DD and I went for an explore and got our bearings .... we were in the old part of the town by the marina and not far from the old pier that was burnt down by the look of it ... the sun was shining and a wee bit breezy .. it nearly blew my socks off ahahahah..... 
On Tuesday we went to the Longleat Safari Park ... there wasn't enough time to do everything and we missed the river and seeing inside the house too ....the safari was interesting but we did wish we could have seen the elephant and also more of the lions in a bigger environement .. aparently there are two packs .. one lot were roaming free and the other were in a small enclosure .. may be its just me but it would have been nice for them to be in a better, more interesting place for them ....
the penguins were tooo cute for words and I did get a gorgeous shot of a red panda too sooo I really did get to see Lions and Tigers and Bears ... you really do need more time there than we had to see everything sooo we were a wee bit disappointed we didn't get to see inside the house ... the gardens though are fantastic... I want one just like it .... hahahah
Wednesday was a day off from travelling and we spend the day going on the beach ... going to the amoooosements and winning lots of keyrings and having some hot doughnuts and icecream like a real tourist does ...DD even managed to win a toy dog on the grabber machines too .
Thursday we went to Bath and another glorious day was had ... we went to the Roman Baths and the water wasn't quite as bad tasting as I remenber from being small .... and we also managed a quick trip to the Jane Austin Museum where I managed to buy a few items and took some photos ....
 did I mention I took lots of photos over the week .. not yet  ?? ohhh ... well when I uploaded them I had taken 1903 photos hahahahah ... just a small amount then  
While coming out of the museum I bumped into someone famous and asked if I could take his photo ... he said yes and did I know who he was ... I said laughing yes I do know you but your name escapes me for the moment .... he took a grand photo ... and later after much discussion and a wee bit of googling it was James Braxton of the antiques fame ( Bargain Hunt) ... I knew  he was famous and from the telly .... DD and I walked round Bath town for abit too and I manged to go into the Works and found The Makery too .... and bought a wee bit of stash enhancement as well as you do  
Friday was the day home ... which started off well ... we got up and had already packed our cases ... then it went down hill from there a wee bit ....
firstly traffic decided it was going to slow us down .. we were supposed to get off the feeder coach at the services at 1.15pm .... we eventually arrived at 3.00pm ... and our coach back home 
hadnt't even got there either .... apparently there was a techical hiccup ... some one forgot to book our coach back on the ferry from the Isle of Wight !!!! so our poor driver was stuck there until they could get him and the coach booked on ... the passengers were ok as they were booked on ... soooo to cut a very long wait at the service station short ... we got on a coach back home at 6.00pm and arrived back at the mouse house truly shattered after 8.00pm .... it was an awffffuulllyyyy lonnnnggg day .... 
Saturday I spent chilling ......
Sunday feeling a wee bit better and the sun was out I tootled along to find my wee cygnets and managed to get some more photos of them... and there are actually two water turtles not the one that I thought as well and there were some very new ducklings ... mum had 12 !!!!
I have managed to squeeze some stitching in as well and made a new start on The Silver Creeks "No Winter" and made a wee gift for Butterfly for her birthday as well , which is on its merry way to her now .... so I will be able to show you that next time .... I have done a bit more on my RR border too ... trying desperately to think whether I have taken a photo of the update ....
Soooo are you still with me hehehehe ... will make another brew ... this last Thursday DH and I along with Master Bentley went out for the day to Hutton Le Hole North Yorkshire and to the Ryedale Folk museum ... the last time we went to the museum was when we were in the Sealed Knot and doing a living history there .... well  I can tell you it was much better than before .. they have extended the actual grounds and it is full of interesting things and a wee model village ... and in the price of the tickets we can go as many time as we want in the next year .... and it was only £15.00 for the two of us ... bargain ...
Master Bentley had a whale of a time paddling in the villages stream ... he couldn't understand why he could see the rocks and couldn't get to them with his paws .... me I ended up sunburnt as well ouchie .... didn't realise how warm it was ...  we even got to see swarming bees ... that was really fascinating to see them above us ...
It has now started to rain here and is cooling down thank goodness .. don't mind the heat really but glad its a wee bit cooler ...  I suppose I ought to trawl through the photos for some nice ones I won't bore you with all 2000 of them once I had done the swans and the museum as well hahahahahah.... brb ....
hawk taken on trip to the woods

honey bees

swallow or swift or as I call them swafts .lol

bees swarming above us

tiger ...

oooooo travelling pattern from Butterfly

sampler in the folk museum

DH and Master Bentley waiting for me

one of the thatched houses at the museum

one of the displays at the museum

just had to take this one ....

model village

a hexie bed spread

red panda bear at longleat

Hutton Le Hole village green

paddling in the stream

twelve wee ducklings

the babiest cygnet

only a few feet away from me

sunset at Western Supermare

my holiday stitching .... I have done loads more .no photo !!!!

DD1 feet at top and mine at the bottom

Bath Roman Baths

look at that cute smile

Phewwww that has taken me ages to get the photos uploaded  and I forgot to mention earlier I recieved a Travelling Pattern from Butterfly today sooo I will sort that out toot suite and get stitching on it ....and then put it up for adoption again .... just noticed no picture of the garden or the house at Longlet ... ohhh well, that will have to be for next time, othewise you will be here all night reading this .... sooo on that cheery note I shall say toodle pip and wish you all a wonderful stitchy week and promise to take some updated photos of my stitching for next time too .... take care one and all .... love mouse xxxxxx