Saturday 28 March 2015

Life has been a bit of a roller coaster

*mouse taps the screen ... hellooooooo any body there ??? I have cookies and a cuppa or two ....
Gosh I have realised it is ages and ages since I was last on here tapping away telling you all my news.... well there certainly has been some since last time .... some good and some not so good but hey that is life .....
the good bits are we have finally moved into the new mouse house and the old one is up for sale ... we still have a bit to clear out which will be done over this next week .... bit later than anticipated but at least we have got here .... My craft room is still chocker block with stuff although last night I did spend an hour in there putting drawer liners into the chest of drawers and emptying a few boxes sooo I can see a wee bit of the work top now ... it is my task over the up and coming long weekend to get it done .... I am fed up of not being able to sit comfy and stitch in my wee chair .....
Master Bentley has been loving the new house as we have some land at the back and he now loves to bob out for a sniff and to see if his "girl friends " have come out to play .... they have two black labs next door which adore him ... but of course 
I have been stitching and finished the RR I was doing and sent it off and I have managed to get an exchange piece stitched but not finished off yet that hopefully is tomorrows challenge ... I need to find what I need to finish it off ....
Work has been interesting to say the least as we are merging into our new parent company sooo lots of changes going on least of all I have been moved from my large comfy office to a small shoe box so that my old office could be used as a training room ....makes sense but I didn't go quietly hahahahha ..... I have also been bibbing to my old office site to get work there done for them too as they have had no one to do the wages and such like sooo my Tuesdays have been a bit like ground hog day ... doing three different branches in one day ....
DH has changed jobs again and a whole new routine has had to be learnt again .....just when I was finally getting when he would be in 
Then just two weeks ago my dad was admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke but it turned out worse ... he has a 5 cm large tumor on the left side of his brain that has affected his memory and his speech ....soooo I hot footed it as fast as the mouse mobile could get me to his house and stayed for a few days till we knew the total outcome of the tests he had done .... he will be going to Preston Hospital next Tuesday to discuss his options .... his partner Jennifer will be going with him and she will relay all information to me as soon as possible ... Its a bit hard for me to escape due to the work load that is going on and I know he is in good hands with her :)
So there you have the ride in a nut shell .... another cuppa any one? or I do have some excellent elderberry cider .....
Well I suppose I ought to show you some photos .... so you can see I have been stitching at least something 
new front room

look no craft room left

spring has sprung

new hallway

RR my section was the middle bit :)


new bedroom just as moved in soo furniture not up

DD1 room

DD2 room almost there 

purdy my firbaby at dad's 

sky before the eclipse


some fabric I just had to have ... think table runner quilted :)

took crochet to keep me sane 

the budgie thinks it s a guinea pig ... he lives with them :)

my gorgeous exchange piece off Mary 

and the back

the guinea pig was making sure there were no air locks in the water ...
soooo there you go folks ... I am hoping that normal blogging service will be resumed very shortly ... we have only just got internet back soooo I haven't been able to do the rounds yet .... DH is on nights these next few sooo I hopefully will have chance to pop by and say hello :)
hopefully you have managed to make it this far so I shall say good night and wish you all a wonderful stitchy week ... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx