Friday 1 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Good afternoon peeps ... hope this finds you all well and not nursing tooo much of a headache after last nights festivities .....I have a headache not due to a hangover ... I have come down with tonsillitis sooo its a pretty good job you are reading this and not having to listen to me yap other wise you would fall off your chairs from laughing and spill your cuppa's hehehheh.....
Grab yourself some goodies to go with your cuppa's btw we have plenty left ....
Christmas was a wonderful time spent with the family ... we forgo the traditional Christmas dinner this year and decided to go for an Indian meal which was a lovely change annndd we didn't have to wash mountains of pots and pans ..... we went afterwards to the MIL's and had a wonderful few hours there with the wee ones , I shared some trifle on the stairs with the eldest one SShhhhh 
I got some lovely crafty presents too ... DH DD's clubbed together and got me a DMC wooden box to store my threads in ....wooop the hints worked heheheh ... love it .... apparently it only just arrived in time too ..... Chris and Wendy my stitching buddies got me some pincushions to make up  along with a ort catcher that sits on the table to make up sooo I am going to have fun with those ... and a lovely wee box made out of cute mousie fabric , Bev gave me some gorgeous Sparklie fabric and threads and backing fabric sooo got to choose something nice to stitch/use them for :) Butterfly sent me a lovely wee mouse to hang from my tree and a note book ... the wee mouse ( merry) decided she didn't want to be on the tree and has sat at the side of me on my stitching box watching me stitch   ...and I got some wonderful charts from my Secret Santa off Friendly Stitchers (Lynda ) and I can't wait to start on those :)
I even managed to get some finishing done before I got struck down with the lurg ....don't fall off your chairs again but......I made up Jingle all the way annnndddddd..... my own design piece from 2012 ... well I thought it was about time it was finished heheheheh .... finished off a piece of stitching that I can't show yet as need to make it up and send it on its merry way  but I do know how it is going to be finished, sooo in front there hahahah and up- cycled a gift given to me years ago into a memory book... I think though looking at it I may stain the box a bit darker :)
I still haven't found my address book or the little book I write down my starts and when finished sooo my re cap is errmmmmm I think I managed to do about 25-30 finishes all told this last  year ,which I am pretty proud of considering all that has happened .... my goals this year are ... to stitch and quilt I have two quilts on the go now and need to do more as well as stitch all those got to stitch charts I  have
I actually had a wee mad moment last weekend and decided in my infinite wisdom to start to go through my stitching magazines and give to charity all those that I know I won't stitch anything from and soooo far I have four very large carrier bags full  to go and more to go through and sort out .... whoops didn't realise I had sooooo many I am also doing the same with my charts too  , must stitch , want to stitch ,not ever going to stitch now as tastes have changed, there are ones that I have stitched already and may stitch again and some that I don't think I will stitch again and these I will put up for grabs ... bear with me though till sorted .... might take me a few weeks or two 
soooo with out further ado I shall get the photos ready while I make another cuppa ....
Bentley with one of his presents 

from Bev :)

from Chris and Wendy :)

from Lynda my Secret Santa 

other goodies from the family

from Butterfly

my precious 

finally made up :)

up-cycled a stitching gift given a few years back from a friend 

made  up but not stuffed .....

robin singing on Christmas morning 

I shall leave you all now and wish you all a happy new year and hope that all your hopes and dreams come true for you all :) take care one and all, love mouse xxxxxx