Sunday, 30 January 2011

Birthday weekend and stitchy stuff :)

hello once again :) hope everyone has had a good weekend and got lots of stitchy time in ????

It was my birthday on Friday (28th jan ) and I was the grand old age of ..... not telling heheheheh 
It was an eventful day to say the least ......
It dawned very early as DD2 needed to get into the Drs as her glands were up and you have to phone at 8.oo am to get any chance of an appointment ... so I was sat opening my cards and pressies with a cuppa.... very early for me  and ended being in A& E with DD1 as she has developed tendonitis very bad :( and is now sporting a rather fetching beige wrist strap for a week !!!

But I did get some rather nice prezzies from my fellow mods on Friendly Stitchers
with some more on the way too :)
from ally , gillie and Val 
I got North winds and Winter Band sampler from Ally , Pumpkin Cottage and Ladybugs and Bumblebees from Val also with a Gloriana thread to do the winter box by the Victoria sampler and Gillie got me the crescent colours and the  sampler threads to do the charts from Val .... some good co ordination there girls 
from DD1
 from DD 1 I got two pieces of permin linen , lambswool and old  lace and 19 dragon floss threads !!! 
I also got a help the hero's sweatshirt and some Turkish delight from DH and DD2 and some pennies to spend on some more stash goodies once I've decided what to get

I got lots of lovely cards some stitched and some hand crafted ones too ....and I love them all:) but I must make a special mention of this one as it is really quite nice and was stitched by Yvonne from friendly stitcher's for me..... I am going to get it framed and put on my craft room wall along with all the others that she has stitched for me ..... :)
birthday card stitched by Yvonne :)
And finally onto the stitching bit of the weekend .... I managed to sneak bits in each day as the house was full of visitors who heard I'd got two cakes heheheh and as the kettle is always on decided to pop round ......
So I managed to get both parts done on the Romantique Sampler so am up to date now for next month hurray :)
Romantique sampler parts one and two done
then I also managed to work on " and the rain fell " LHN so here is as far as I got  before I put my needle down :)
and the rain fell LHN 
I started putting a few more stitches into the Natures Beauty By LHN today a bit earlier on but haven't done enough to record for you as I got distracted by the kettle and reading other peeps blogs and catching up with all the news on my groups hehehe ........

so I shall bid you farewell my friends for tonight and catch back up with you soon ..... hope you all have had a lovely weekend and got lots done :)
happy stitching love mouse xxxxx


DJ said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mouse! Looks like you got quite a haul!! I love the stitched card, how lovely and it suits you to a T! (or should I say M?) LOL Your stitching is coming along so nicely!! I hope your family recovers from all their illnesses (DD1, DD2 and DH) and that you keep well yourself! And if I had lived a little closer I would have popped in for cake and a cuppa too! LOL *Hugs*

Crystal said...

Happy belated Birthday Mouse, sorry I missed your special day. Sounds and looks like you got spoiled, you desrve it. Your stitching is coming along beautifully.

Vicky L said...

Happy Birthday! You share your birthday with my Mom. She would have been 66 this year. What a wonderful bunch of stash you got. I just love the LHN you are stitching. Is there a way we can make a trade for the pattern when you are done please?

Kate said...

Lovely Birthday Stash! Great progress on the sampler and your LHN. Love the stitched card - fabulous!
Hope the family are on the mend.

Tricia said...

Oooo! Marvelous stitchy stuff for your birthday! How fun. Hope dd is feeling better. Poor thing. :( Your WIPS are coming along nicely. Are you itching to start all your new charts?? LOL! Have a happy day!

Joy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mouse!! You got some real goodies...yummy floss colors! I hope your DD is better soon & enjoy yout stash!!

Val said...

A nice stash haul there ! ... love that stitched card from Nancy ... Val x

Jane said...

What a fab post and full of delicious goodies.
Belated happy birthday wishes to you, shame your nearest and dearest were poorly that day but sounds like the cakes cheered everyone up! xxx

blueladie said...

Everyone kept talking about your stash haul. I just had to come and see for myself. WOW! Were they ever right! Nice pressies for a nice lady. :) Cathryn

Kttycat said...

Happy Birthday! Man you sure got spoiled this year!