Thursday, 13 January 2011

A bakers dozen day

COOOOO what a day today's been having spent most of the afternoon in the hospital with DH and his eye I was really glad I got some stitching done before we left :) in fact I wished I had taken it with me , we were there that long !!!

Well today started with having to feed my bird friends ..... I was being watched by Albert the racing pigeon who was looking at the feeding table going" where's me grub eh ???? "
so I had to duly go out armed with the bird seed and fill the Chinese containers that I have been using in the bad weather ..... the water one,  once it was frozen came out like an ice cube it was easier to re fill every day ... did look strange though having huge ice cubes on the borders hehehe.

I came back in, to find said Albert had tipped up the container and spilled the seed all over the table and was furiously eating as if he was starving which if any body ever gets meet him would see that he is no racing pigeon at all hahaha ... I am amazed he can even fly 

Well I just watched him for a few mins and could see all the other little tweets lining up to get in there when they could then I settled down to start day thirteen of the challenge  and guess what ............. its another LHN chart 

It is "The Rain Fell" .....I am stitching it on a 28 count jobelan from Polstitches called icy waters quite apt really considering the charts about rain ;0

It really is a beautiful fabric to stitch on and the colours are really scrummy bluey greens :) I'm stitching the piece with the recommended crescent colours but with the anchor alternatives to the dmc threads :)

so here is today's photo :)

The Rain Fell LHN day 13

I didn't want to stop stitching on this one .... I was always, as a child out in the rain with my wellies on, pushing my pram and my teddy's n dollies up and down our street holding my brolly up too .....I can remember my  wellies were red though and small, so when I puddled jumped the water came over them

I just hope my hands hold out till the end of the challenge though as they are rather swollen n sore to boot too atm .......   I wouldn't mind but I've only been stitching a couple of hours per day.... but only two more days to go then I can have a wee rest hopefully . 

Ok I'd better finish this and say t.t.f.n and see you tomorrow .... happy stitching where ever you are :)
love mouse xxxxx


Pete's Pixie said...

OOOh I like this one! And thats the exact same fabric I stitched my mermaid on and we all know how much I loved working on that!!! Can't believe we're nearly at Day 15 already!! Can't wait to see what you have got lined up for the next 2 days. Hugs, Ally xx

tjdesignsncrafts said...

Hi Mouse,

Hope hubby is ok. You're going great guns mouse, better than me, just about to put a few stitches into the Royal White Tiger, fabbie finally turned up today.

Have been good tho' have done some work on my UFO, so no noodle for me lol.

take care


Gillie said...

You know, it's just my luck I'm friends with a complete over-achiever - haven't managed to post at all to my blog - but just you wait, I'll get there, lol! Looks lovely :)

DJ said...

Hi Mouse! Sorry to hear about hubby's eye...I hope everything is ok and that he'll be "right as rain" soon! (Sorry couldn't resist the pun...LOL) Lovely start to your piece. But...did you remember that today is UFO day? You'll have to lash that wet noodle at yourself if you're not careful *evil grin*! I hope your hands have some relief soon! *Hugs*

blueladie said...

Hope DH is doing ok. Love all your pieces you really have some nice ones for this challenge. :) Cathryn

Maureen said...

Oh - that's going to look lovely on that blue fabric. You are liking your LHN at the moment, arent you?