Monday 4 June 2018

Summer Holiday ... well... almost summer

Hello everyone … I am back again, a wee bit quicker than last time.. lol  … grab a cookie and a brew … kettle has just boiled , as you can tell from my title I am on my jolly hols … weather not been too bad so far and got another week to go freckles may join together to give me a tan yet hahahahaah
last weekend DH , DD2 , SIL2b and myself and the two pooches went over to Wales to Llanbedr to host the Snowdonia Fire and Rescue show …. which went really well considering the blooming weather …. day either side glorious … day of show ...grey and had a huge downpour right in the middle , but that didn't stop us having fun at any rate :)
The views were stunning where we were and I got to see the sea and have an ice-cream too … Master Bentley and Master Cooper enjoyed theirs as well . I even managed to get some stitching done as well ….so much so ,I have a finish of said project :) which is "My to do list" by Lizzie * Kate :) I did my own colour conversion for this one apart from one thread which I bought at the nimble thimble last time we were there … don't ask me the colours as I pulled some from a pile of unnamed Gast threads that looked about the right colours from the photo of said piece hahahaha…. 
While in Wales, I joined the RSPB as it has been on my mind for a wee while and I took the plunge and I took advantage of it when we got home a couple of days later and I went to the local RSPB site near the mouse house :) I got some lovely shots whilst there … I didn't manage to get all the way round this time as I didn't realise how tired I was to be honest and as I was by myself I thought I had better go home and rest …
I also learnt that both my gifts have arrived safely so I can show you what I made for the girls :) I did BBD wild lilies and made it into a bag for Lynda and did the Thread Gatherer by LHN for Daffycat and made it into an ort bag for her …. which I thought was apt seeing as she does the ort challenge every month :)
While off I am doing my Christmas In July exchange piece for my partner Mary over on the Friendly Stitchers … I thought I would get ahead and get it done and have almost finished it but can't show you yet of course …. I have also worked on my Linen and Thread piece as well and I shall have to see if I have an up to date photo of it … 
I have been busy in my craft room rearranging stuff as once again we have a leak but this time from the drainage pipes in the garage … we are not sure where it is leaking from, so we are going to have to dig it up and take it from there and also replace the whole section from the outside too …  we think a bit has to do with the water table as well as my room is lower than the garage … I shall keep you updated ….
View from hotel room window

Mr bobbin in hotel gardens

wind yachts at the venue

Master Bentley having five after a long afternoon 

stunning views at the show venue

Sunset from hotel window while stitching 

prepping for the show

we were in a big hanger luckily with the weather 
car from Heartbeat came to the show :)

welsh speaking police lady looking official :)
Green Goddess , Taka (sp) and Heddlu cars (police)

setting the stage for the show 

Children's air ambulance came for a short while 

very short firemen in here 

and it did rain !!!!

fab welsh dragon 

stunning views 

and there was sea 

thoroughly enjoying his ice cream

this years brood near the mouse house :)

Blue tit and Bullfinch

Reed Bunting 


Great Tit

Great Crested Grebe


no guessing who this is 

Linen and Thread Sal 2017 in progress 

worked some more on this one too 

mine all mine heheheh
Gifts for Lynda ( wee bag) 
and Daffycat thread holder 

done a few more rows on this 

My finish  whoop 
well I hope I haven't bored you with the photos …. there is one or two … think that is everything ?? if not I shall catch up with you all at the next visit …. while I am off I am going to bob over to see you all and catch up with all your news as well … as it seems ages since I have seen you all … so I shall say TTFN and night night and hope you have a wonderful stitchy week … until next time .. love mouse xxxxx