Sunday 9 February 2014

Goodies, Wins and a finish all in one week

Yooo hoooo every one ... grab your cuppa and pull up a comfy chair , the usual tea's, coffees and hot chocolates are on offer and there may even be the odd cookie or two as well :)
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and the fun continued well after and some more is still to arrive now I have finally decided what I needed ...
Firstly before I tell you what has been going on at the mouse house I really must give a big apology to Gillie I forgot to post about the wonderful ornament that she stitched for DH and I for our Wedding Anniversary , she stitched us a perfect chart from the Primitive Hare from her book the primitive atmospheres which is soo true in our house Thankyoooooo Gillie :)
On the Thursday after my birthday I received from Southpaw Stitcher a parcel of purple goodies .... the wee pin cushion I had won on her giveaway as well as some gorgeous purple threads and a wee ort catcher which when I went to stitching that night was given much inspection and speculation as to how was made .... luckily she put us out of our misery and sent me the link on how to .... then a day or two later  from Calamity Jr ... no blog yet but we all know her, sent me some thread which is the same name as where she is from, which just happens to be purple as well as the Travelling Pattern Lizzie*Kates "Friends are like angels " which I shall kit up toot suite and hopefully get stitched very soon and then I can pass it on to the next stitcher .. I will do a separate post once I've stitched it ..... and there is more Lisa from the inspired stitcher sent me a parcel of goodies as well which included a wee marking ruler , a needle tin, a mouse pin cushion , some notelets and hot chocolate and not forgetting Master Bentley got some goodies from Shelby :)
And there's more I won Ma Teakettle's  blogaversary giveaway ...  whooo hoooooo ... I can't wait to see what she has chosen for me .... and to  show you all too .... this wee mouse is still grinning :)
Well the weather here at the mouse house has been rather wet and windy which meant lots of stitching time ... and I got Curly Q by LHN finished last Tuesday .. all I can say is PHEW that is one lovely chart but I won't be stitching it again in a hurry ...  and with the thrill of a finish I got out a UFO of a couple of years .... one of my 2012 Crazies ... A Bushel and a Peck by La D Da and I am enjoying working on this one now .... I have also made up a Sewing machine tidy and a wee gift for a friend over the pond which is now winging its way to her sooo once I know it has arrived I shall be able to show you ... also DJ's parcel has been posted so should be with her very soon to and the long awaited Travelling Pattern that was started by Peggy Lee  is now on its way back home at long last .... I will be like a mouse on hot bricks until I know that they have arrived safe and in one piece :)
I decided the other day to move my craft room round abit and also in a bid to sort of!!! stitch from stash started to kit up some charts that I have got and 25 ish later there doesn't seem to be much dint in the stash Whoops and there is still more to do ... hmmmmm think I need to get a dose of smoking needles heheheheh
Coooo I think after all that I had better go and get the kettle on again ....*mouse scurries off and washes a few pots and gets the cups ready ....
Gaynor from Stitchersanon blog has designed a lovely butterfly chart for a competition and I have started to stitch it ...and I am really pleased with how it is going ... paws crossed I can make the deadline of March 1st  as it will look lovely in my "going to be newly decorated bedroom " we are having a new window put in as quite frankly this one lets in more cold than by having the door open  sooo watch this space ..... 
This afternoon after tackling my wee pile of ironing .... thought it was much bigger until everyone else took theirs out whooo hooo .. I was sat at the computer pootling round as you do when I heard DD1 say go and look at Master Bentley in your room .... sooo armed with the camera I managed to get some shots of him .... in my stitching chair .... which really made me giggle  and while the camera was out and the rain had stopped I took some photos of the wee snow drops we have got .... Spring is on its way folks :) soooo with out further ado and waffling I shall post the photos up .....
from Southpaw Stitcher..parcel of purple goodies 

from Calamity Jr with the TP 

my new machine tidy :)

Curly Q finished wooo hooo

from the inspired stitcher :)

and he says they were yummy

snow drops

A Bushel and a Peck by La D Da 2012 crazie

Ahhhh I can explain 

ermmm thinking 

oh well I shall just stick the tongue out..
 Phew it made her giggle

our wedding anniversary ornie from Gillie .. how perfect :)
Ooooo DH has just brought me a cuppa perfect timing as I come to the end of this weeks tale .... hope every one keeps safe and warm and gets lots of stitching done , take care one and all :).... love mouse xxxxxxx