Sunday 15 June 2014

Good news , Travelling pattern and some stitching :)

Hi everyone :) see I was back a wee bit quicker this time ... pull up a chair and get comfy with your favourite brew ... I have chocolate brownies :) 
Well the good news is tomorrow the 16th of June we will finally own the new house after much problems with the mortgage company not communicating with its staff !!! we finally got the monies at the Solicitors Friday afternoon soooo a wee bit later than we expected we pick the keys up but WAHHHH HOOOOO ... I can start to get ideas for my new craft room in place for when we begin to make it to our tastes :)
I put all the names into a tub who wanted the Travelling Pattern and got my DD1 to pick one out and she chose Dani :) can you email me your snail mail address so that I can get it into the post for you by the weekend ... I can only get to the post office now once a week with me working full time ... 
This last weekend I have been tres busy with the sweetie shop as DH and future SIL have been down on the Isle of Wight doing the fire cover for the stars helicopters so there has only been a wee bit of stitching managed ....Chris came to help us out and she did manage to get a bit more done on her piece than I did 
Any hooo .... I have almost finished the May  Country Cottage Samplings chart and I have got the February one to Kit up ... so pleased with my progress , I have also been working on a tapestry for one of my service users who can't stitch on it any more sooo I have got over half of it done for her just doing an hour here and an hour there ... it is soooo different from the normal stitching but at the same time quite relaxing too :)
Last week it was MiiStitch's birthday and I stitched her a wee pincushion from La d da its better to give than receive and she loved it PHEW .... I was also going to do the same piece for Butterfly  but decided to send her some lovely coordinating trims for her birthday and had to giggle as Sally  had stitched her the same one .... great minds and all that
We have been having some horrendous down pour this last week and there has been lots of local flooding in the space of five mins ....  it has been warm with it as well we could have had a shower outside ... I have managed to get some flower photos and you can see the drizzle drops on them if you look closely :)
I will bob the kettle on again for a quick drink before bed .... while I get the photos on for you :)
Tapestry for one of my service users

have done more today to this since this was taken this morning 

View into my neighbours garden 

love in the mist 

Miistitch's pincushion

backing fabric

Sweet cart from the wedding we did last weekend 

hellooo I have missed you all ....

Hope you have enjoyed your cuppas and the nibbles ... hopefully next time I will be able to show you photos of inside the new house too .... have a great stitchy week and take care one and all from a very tired wee mouse xxxxxx zzzzzzzzzzz