Thursday 29 July 2010

Handbags and Hussifs :)

Helllooooo folks, hope everyone is well and been stitching to their hearts content :)

sorry not updated blog for awhile but I have been a very busy mouse with one thing and another in fact if you could see the state of my craft room and kitchen and living room I think peeps will send the cleaning fairies to help me

There are fabrics and notions (ooo I like that word and rulers and pins every where  and the iron is on constantly atm as I have been having a finishing session and a making session over these last few weeks .... my place resembles as sewing factory heheeheheh.

It started because I received an email saying that they may ban rucksacks at the stitching shows I attend ,now in case you didn't know I have to use crutches to walk around these days (I have a wheelchair on the way with a special request for spikes on it like Ben for those folks who cheese me off by ignoring the fact that I am a real and occasionally intelligent ! mouse who just happens to need a chair to get round large places.

 Well this got my thinking head on and I came up with making my travelling stitcher from LHNS into a patchwork bag :) a rather large one to boot too anyway here are the pictures for you to have a nosy at :)
on the left is the back and then the finished bag on the right :) 

I'm fairly new to the patchwork scene but I think that this has turned out pretty well seeing as I made the pattern up as I went along :) 
Ooooooo I have just remembered I made Gillie one of my fellow mods a wee patchwork bag  as when she decided to come across the pond a few months ago she saw one that I had made for Karen and said "any time mouse any time" so i found the any time heheh and did it...... here it is :)

As the sewing machine was out I also finished the A stitch a square a week along (ASAWAL) for short that was designed by Abi and Val of the friendly stitchers which was stitched over the whole of last year I put the last stitches in on new years eve :) I wanted to make it into a wall hanging since I started the design so this is what I did to finish it off...........unfortunately the dowelling rod is a tad to small but you get the idea
then I carried on while I was on a roll and made up the Beau Bands sampler  that Abi had designed for us too so here is the finished Hussif :) 
to the right is the inside view of the Hussif and the next picture is the outside . It rolls up a bit like a jewellery roll and will fit very nicely inside my new bag :)
I have also been doing a bit of  cross stitch too but as I'm working on things for a secret exchange and a book mark exchange I'm afraid you will have to wait and see those in a later post once I know they have been received by my partners :) 

My poor suffering DH is now groaning over his wallet tee hee as I have found a lovely little patchwork shop at the local garden centre which I and my MIL go to a lot ..... it has a lot of very nice scrummy fabrics and I can feel a wee purchase or two coming up next time we go hahahaha.

My baby chickens are now just over a month old and have grown sooo much since I last posted and are almost ready to go out into the big wide allotment where there is a pen set up ready for them .... I shall miss their tweeting and chirping at me every time I go into the garage have got quite attached to a couple or them to me . This photo was taken only a couple of days ago and they are even bigger now :)

Other than all this  I have been enjoying my wee garden and have been watching all the bumble bees that have been on my lavender bush  and have tried to take some pictures of them so I shall leave you for today with one of my snaps of them :) take care on and all and squeak to you all soon :)
Love mouse xxxxxxx

Tuesday 6 July 2010

meet ups and sewn ups

hello everybody :)
hope every one is well and been busy stitching , crafting etc etc etc . 
I've had a busy few weeks with visiting and meeting up with friends so where do i start :)
Well last Tuesday morning DH and I became the proud grandparents to .....eventually 13 baby, they are real sweeties and here is the first born :) 

they continued to be born through out the day into Wednesday when the last one hatched early morning :) and the second picture is them on Wednesday night :)
The meets ups started on Tuesday night when I travelled down to my friends Maureen 's early evening just in time for a late tea which was very scrummy :)...... we nattered as usual into the wee small hours while sat looking through  her "tidy" stash in her attic  room :) it was lovely to see it nearly all organised well done girl :)
We had to get up fairly early the next day as we were travelling to Bakewell to meet up with out friends Abi , Nancy and baby Isla and Yvonne :)
The route was lovely to drive, the sun shone not a cloud in the sky  and we didn't get lost one bit and that was without the map book or a sat nav :)... we managed to get a parking spot and found Abi lurking upstairs browsing in the Wye Needlecrafts shop looking at the threads and charts galore.
Abi  had brought "The Embroideress"with her so we could compare the Danish flower thread as we both had something different and we wanted to have something that would blend in better with the colours that was used for the rest of the piece ...... I decided eventually after much debating on Caron wildflowers Mardis Gras as the best option for mine :) and I am so proud of myself as I actually kept within my budget of £25.00 altogether of goodies :) oooooo how good was I ?????
Nancy and her mum and Isla turned up not long after we did and as it was near to lunch time we decided to go and find somewhere were we could get a bite to eat and drink and a sit down :)  which we did and spent a pleasant few hours chatting away merrily and would have stayed there if it wasn't for the fact we needed to go back to the shops and un stiffen from sitting down so long 
After another pleasant few hours and another visit to a lovely tea rooms we had to call it a day as we all had a fair way to travel back to home. I can't wait to meet up again :)

Right on to the sew ups here they are all three humbugs done and hung up in my bedroom now ... I did all the flowers slightly different colours but everything else is the same....... I've also had to start some new projects to make UFO's as Gillie my co mod from friendly stitcher's was upset as  I wield the wet noodle on UFO days (temporarily) and I didn't have any left heheheheh so I was very organised and spent a lovely afternoon going through things and I've  started a biscornu .. "amazing grace" ," home of a needleworker" by LHNS and a freebie from one of the cross stitch mags  "wish up on a star" and put them in a folder marked UFO's to do
Right if you have managed to get this far I'm really impressed I think you all deserve a cuppa :)
I have managed to do some more on the Celtic Autumn but haven't taken an up to date progress picture so I shall remedy that next time :) oooo i did manage to make some birthday cards too so I shall show them next time too..... as I have just realised the time and I think I have waffled on enough for now
Take care one and all and I shall see you all soon :)
love mouse xxxxx