Saturday 13 February 2016

I'm still around

Hellooooo every one .... soooo sorry that I have been missing in action and you haven't had your cuppas recently ... I have had lots going on from being unwell to computer dying on us and no communication apart from my phone which I can't do blog posts from ....
now where do I start.... .lol ohhh yes ... grab your cuppas , get comfy and I will begin...
It was my big 50 birthday at the end of January as most of you know and I had a fabulous time with lots of wonderful presents from folks ,DH and the girls bought me a gorgeous Pandora bracelet and also got me the most FABULOUS cake ever ..... and it was as scrumptious as it looked .... my celebrations lasted for a long time as presents came from far and wide  and I also got some more squares for my quilt with more to come too ... good job only got round to sorting out sort of what I want to do hopefully heheheheh
We closed on the old mouse house at the end of January too so now we can move on and do work to the new one .....insert here ....all being well  my craft room looks like I have not even started to tidy it ... in fact it looks worse hahahha .... I need help (in more ways than one
I can now tell you of my secret stitching's too as they have all been received ..... on Friendly Stitchers one of our members little girl became poorly  and we wanted to do something nice for her ... it must of worked as she has come on in leaps and bounds and can't wait to get back to her gymnastics classes ... some of the group stitched some squares and I made the quilt up in girlie colours which she loves  and it was a hit PHEEEWWWW ... this is one of the reasons  I haven't started on mine yet ....
I also managed to get DJ's presents finally finished and in the post to her and she loves them too ... I stitched her a saying from Lizzie *Kate and made it into a hussif and also did her the thread keeper chart from LHN and made it up with wool felt into a wee bag ... actually quite proud of how that turned out .....
We are doing a smalls challenge over on Friendly Stitchers and I failed to do one in January due to being poorly .. it was almost ready to make up and I missed the last bus home ...hahahha
so far this month not even stitched on one ... I have though stitched on two RR's and working on a third with an exchange piece thrown  in the mix too ....
I haven't even taken many photos either :( ... and there are signs of spring sprouting up every where ....must remedy that asap ... although having just put up the ones I have taken  I take that back hahahah ....
Forgot to mention I went over to Blackpool for the day with DD1 and took Jennifer her Christmas presents over finally .. I quilted a table runner for her to match in with some cushions I got her for the dinning room/ kitchen .... we had a fabulous day going to the amoosements and being blown away with the wind nearly ....the sea was that rough there was foam coming off it onto the prom ....
well I had better get some photos up for you and make another brew as you must be really thirsty still after all this time ;0)
Quilt for the wee one done in girly colours


My section

Hussif for DJ

Thread Keeper bag for DJ

Melissa's RR I did the alphabet on the right hand side

It didn't snow on my birthday

Presents from my friend Amanda

Close up of the wee mouse

From Jo (serendipitous ) think she knows I like tea hahahah

from family

Joke gift from DH and the girls ....

from Sally (thank you )

from Chris and Wendy (there is more but no photo yet)

a wee mouse brooch from Chris and Wendy

My fabulous cake from DH and the girls

Pandora from DH and the girls

for Jennifer

from Lainey (all fixed now)

and again from Lainey

Quilt square from Melissa

from the lovely Butterfly :)

charity shop find :)

from Sally from Friendly Stitchers

From Mylene

went shopping and got some more Pandora stuff to add to my bracelet etc whoops

and I only went in for a new cup honest !!!!!
Soooo there you have it ... all caught up I think  there are some more presents but I haven't taken a photo yet so will update you all later ..... I will now be able to bob over and see you all ... I have missed coming to see you and will get round to you all asap .... thank you for still being here for me too :)
wishing you all a wonderful stitchy week and I shall squeak to you all again soon :) love mouse xxxxxxx