Wednesday 22 December 2021

JO's Christmas Blog Hop

Hi everyone .. its that time of year again Jo from Serendiptious  is having her online advent blog hop and today is my day , the theme is Christmas Tree traditions and whether you are a star, angel or fairy tree topper .... that bit is easy I have a fairy on my tree that is older than moi and had always been on my tree at home when I was a child ... I remember my mum giving her a new dress out of a scrap of lace when I was small ....

I am trying to stitch enough ornaments to have a stitched tree and along with those that have gifted to me I think I may make it for next year ... this year the tree hasn't gone up due to a couple of technical hitches ( me being ill, fire been ripped out and new hearth laid , sweep coming last Friday and now we are looking after my 11 week old granddaughter while her parents are having a new kitchen fitted and dining room plastered etc ... )

Our traditions normally, are to have the tree up and house decorated by the 6th of December as this is our wedding anniversary and then they are all taken down by 12th night. We normally buy one new ornament a year to hang on the tree so it is very eclectic in its look and colourway too ... 

Below are a couple of Christmas stitching I have done .. jingle has been stuffed and finished since this was taken ...

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy going through all the blogs that have participated in this years hop.

Merry Christmas to one and all and squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxx

Monday 1 November 2021

A Quick catch up :)

 Hello everyone ... long time no squeak ... hope you are all well and have been stitching away merrily ... the kettle has just boiled and I have cookies too :)

well this year has simply flown by ... I am now a Grannie to a wee girl who was born 4 weeks ago now by emergency C Section and she stopped breathing twice but all fingers and toes crossed is all well now ... I am there every day doing my bit to help mum recover and keep an eye on both my wee grands :)

Oh I forgot to say that everyone has now moved out so there is just DH , Master Bentley and I at the mouse house now ... aaandddddd I have moved into my new craft room too whoop whoop ... currently in the sorting out stage where everything should go etc etc etc ... My best friend came over for a few weekends and helped me clean and decorate the room before we took a trip to Ikea and got all the shelves and desks for it ... 

I haven't done much stitching at all these last few months and have only just started again and  doing an exchange piece for Christmas, which I am really enjoying getting to stitch again ...

not as tidy as this atm hahahah

all filled with boxes and stash now ... sorry no pics 

progress in the making 

Anniversaries of the Heart by BBD 

little man sat in what was my chair at his age too 

my new wee grandbairn :)

soooo there you have it in a nut shell why not been around hahaha.... hopefully won't be as long before I am squeaking again to you all ... take care one and all and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

Friday 2 April 2021


 Helloo everyone ... bet you thought I had disappeared ... today I am participating in Jo from Easter blog hop

My photos are of a birthday exchange with the theme of Spring ... if you look closely at the alphabet you will notice done those letters in a different green :)

My letter is T...... and the next blog to hop to is.....

enjoy the blog hoping, Happy Easter and squeak to you all again soon ... love mouse xxxx