Wednesday 24 February 2010

3rd time lucky ???

Hi all hopefully this will be the final one i hope this will solve all the probs and people can finally be able to follow my squeaks and twitterings :)
If you've been following the other bit you will know that i have finished the Summer Celtic Lady by Lavender and Lace, well as i was feeling rather proud i'd done it  i started a new peice called Simple Blessings by The Trilogy well after fighting with the fabric into my frame and sorting the threads out i duly set forth and WALLOP MR FROG decided to come and visit 3 times in the space of 16 scotch stitches over 4 threads on linen agggghhhhhh !!!
I get the impression it does'nt want me to do it right now as while i was sorting it out, the Autumn Celtic Lady fell of my shelf and onto my chair !!!!
Right i shall get back to my craft room as i've got a birthday card to do for next week , will pop a photo up later :)
t.t.f.n  mouse xxxxx