Thursday 2 January 2020

stitching away 2019-20

hellooooooo every one, coooo time flies when you are having fun … desperately trying to put my wee grey cells to work here thinking what I have actually been doing since I last squeaked 
ok the kettle is on … that's a start …
I've been stitching on a few bits and bobs, progressing on some Sal's … decided what I am doing for a RAK , and Christmas presents I think I have made my mind up what I am going to do this year … subject to change hahahahah
The decorating has almost finished just a few bits to fully finish off and my bathroom has had a lick of paint too … 
ok I started writing this blog post wayyy back in hmmm... September 2019 methinks and never got any further with it at all ….sooo the kettle is on again and I definitely have loads of Christmas goodies to eat … help yourselves :)
Since then I have worked out that I had finished 59 projects ( one a quilt) mostly fully finished them off, made gifts for friends included in that and a few bits for myself too in 2019 .. had my tonsils out and was off work for three weeks so missed Harrogate show but did manage to go to The Nimble Thimble in Wales back end of October so all was not lost in the stash enhancing department heheheh and …… I am going to be a Grannie to a wee boy due around the beginning of May this year SQUEEEEEE ….can you tell I am excited
This year started off walking the trail near the mouse house looking for our neighbour's dog Rosie who had been scared by a firework while out on our back field .. we were out until 4.00am and by this time thought all was lost but early the next morning she was found a few miles away, safe but hungry soooo all's well that ends well and we are sooo relieved that it didn't happen on our watch as they say.
This year my goals are to finish a few projects started and start some new ones I am very tempted with the Linen and Thread SAL for this year which is Quaker inspired but having dug out my Mary Wigham, I think I need to do more on that one before I start the other heheheheh
I am going to try and blog more this year as I have missed keeping it up to date and seeing what you have all been up to … sooo that is one of my "things to do " the rest I am just going to wing it and see what takes my fancy hehehehhe, Although I did have a new start on New Years day "Mice in the Sewing Room" by Brenda Gervais … I thought it is quite apt for me
I will see what photos I have to show you too …..
took this fab shot by accident

made this for Tina 

Song of the Seasons 

Nimble Thimble all decorated up

I haven't been able to upload any more photos as my computer says no I also need to get some off my phone as most of them have been taken on there and it has taken soooo long to try and get them off my camera tonight you will be waiting for ages if I don't get this posted now ….
I will be back with another update soon sooo until then take care one and all and I will squeak to you with more photos asap :) happy stitchy New Year to you all too … love mouse xxxxx