Thursday, 17 February 2011

Spring has sprung the grass has ris :)

HI everybody :) its official spring is here, in the little corner of the world of the mouse house ...... I went out armed and dangerous with my camera and took some shots for you all to see (and I have a bit of a stitchy update too:)

here is a picture of my one and only snow drop in my front garden 
Picture taken on the 16th feb 2011
then there is my daffodils that are coming out as well in my front garden and the sun shone so it looks lovely :)
daffodils starting to bud

and finally today I found this crocus about to flower in my back garden 
taken 17th feb 2011
soo its official its nearly summer hahahahah

well today is the day on friendly stitchers that we talk about what we have stitched on our UFO's and I have worked on  the home of a needleworker today .... as said before I wasn't happy about the way the  colour of the house was turning out it seemed so drab and urk and uninviting so I took the decision to frog it and re start again with another blue .... I searched through my threads and after narrowing it down to 2 glorianas and a weeks dye works I went for the weeks dye works blue coat blue as it was the same type of thread and matt ... the gloriana's were a silk thread and shiny sooooooo with out further ado here it is now :)
re stitched in the new colour 17/02/2011
So there it is ... I feel much better about it now, as its more me .... so I shall undo the  row under the needleworker and re stitch that as well :) .....

I have finished the spring pin cushion for my partner wooo hoooo :) and it is all ready to be packed up and sent on its merry way but I need to get it weighed as it won't go in a normal envelope, so it will go after the weekend, when I next go to the post office :)

I have also been busy stitching on something for the blog give away I am going to do next week (all being well) soooo keep your eyes peeled for the announcement :) 

and finally....... I have been asked to stitch two birth samplers for my friends brothers new born twins ...... we've picked out a lovely pattern from an old cross stitch magazine by Gail Bussi I think it is hang on will double check ....... its from the February 2006 cross stitcher  and it  is Gail Bussi who designed it :)
we decided it would be nice to do individual  ones as they are not identical and we thought if they go into seperate rooms it would be nice to have there own one ..... so I just need to check have got the threads and get started  I said don't expect it to be done quick though I do have one or two on the go atm hahahaha :)

SOOOO there you are, all up to date with mouse house news so I have been made a cuppa by the DH so I am going to sign off now and squeak to you all again soon:)
happy stitching everyone 
love mouse xxxxxx


Tricia said...

Oh, flowers! :-) That was such a nice treat. Your Home of a Needleworker is looking good, too!!

Vicky L said...

8Oh its so nice to see the flowers growing. There is just too much snow here, but it is melting. I love the color change on the house. Good choice!

Crystal said...

I love the new colour that you picked. Thanks for sharing your flower picks makes me feel spring is closer.

Anonymous said...

Best regards

Sharyn said...

How wonderful to have Spring at the mouse house!
Afraid not here yet in KC, MO, USA!
Your Needleworker sign is coming right along, and I like your choice of blue for the house.

Sharyn :-)

Roberta said...

Yes, spring is on its way!!! my daffodils are poking out and the cherry blossom trees are in full bud getting ready to bloom.

Love your snowdrop, so beautiful.

Nessa G. said...

Yay! Spring. We are rather warm here in New York but I have a feeling we'll have another spurt of winter before all is said and done. I do love THAT blue. It's just a shade darker than the house I grew up in.

Nancy in IL said...

Mouse, it's so inspiring to see your flowers coming up; let's me know that spring is coming, and though it's warm here now, it won't last long, I'm sure! That's in Illinois USA where we don't usually have any signs of spring till March.

I love the blue you chose for your Home of A Needleworker (TOO!) piece. It's beautiful!

Beth said...

I like how your snowdrop chose to site itself!