Thursday, 10 February 2011

Soon got round to Thursday :)

Hi everybody ... :)
hasn't the week flown by fast ????  I seem to have blinked and its come round to UFO day again ... 

well I can proudly say I have worked on two of my ufo's this week :) one you have already seen and then today, while waiting for the gas man to come and change our old meters to new posh ones, I got on with  my letter writing at 7.00 am this morning yes that's right 7.00 am!!!! and then onto the Amazing Grace Polstitchers Biscornu around 9.25 am ....while the going was good and managed to frog some, stitch some, frog some ... told ya it was tooo early
here is where I finally got up to :)
amazing grace designed by polstitchers 
I have also caught up with Val's sal from the friendly stitchers , I am stitching this onto the pages of my stitch book  design and I am really pleased how this is turning out :) I've stitched the stitches in Carons Waterlilies Parfait  and just need to add some beads later :)
Stitch Book designed by mouse with Vals SAL stitched on the page
I've also managed to do a bit of stitching to Daisy Lane, one of my  15 challenges .... I've had to back stitch round  the doors and windows and do the roof trim in a plain blue as you couldn't see the difference between any thing between the bluebeard thread and the white it calls for ... not sure if its the threads or the fact that my fabric is different ???
Daisy lane by LHN
I am hoping when I back it it will show up better .. the linen is a loose weave so light shows through it more ..... so sorry about the scan :(

On to  good note my birthday present from Karen arrived yesterday YIPPPPPEEEE  we were beginning to think it had got lost in translation but ta da its here 
birthday pressie from Karen :)

So now I have the full set I think :) I shall have to get another pin and make them the same as my others and hang them in my needle book  too ... practical and useful as well as really pretty

The mouse house has gone quiet except for Moon DD1 hamster is crashing n whizzing round down here atm ....she is a lovely white hamster with a tiny amount of gold around her whisker area but I think she is  wee bit hyper tonight 
Right, I think that it is supper time now and a cuppa is called for with mmmmmm* mouse thinks for a mo * Dark chocolate Jaffa cake YUMMMMM if any body would like to join me please squeak loudly
take care every one and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx


BeckySC said...

Hey mouse :) Happy to hear you were able to stitch on some UFO's :) GO GIRL!!
Have a wonderful evening :)

Ranae said...

I seem to frog if I stitch too early too.
Love all the WIP's
Pretty color for Amazing Grace biscornu
Neat gift from Karen
Take care!!

Tammy said...

those are too cute tools do you mind me asking who makes them or sells them??

Crystal said...

Beautiful stitching on your WIP's

Val said...

Well done on the stitching Mouse - and lovely gifts from Karen x

DJ said...

Ah...Mouse...I LOVE what you've done to your blog!! Lovely stitching, working on two UFOs? Trying to show us up? LOL Sorry to hear about the frog visit, they visited me too yesterday, as I started working late last night on the Romantic sampler. *sigh* Darned frogs anyway. Poor Moon, I hope he finally got some sleep last night too! *Hugs*

Joy said...

Go Mouse!! You are working it! LOL Tell that frog to take a flying leap somewhere else! I agree with DJ...your blog is sooo pretty.