Saturday, 12 February 2011

A quiet Saturday :)

Evening my blogger friends :)
 hope you are all well and have managed to get some me stitching time in ????
Today dawned bright and breezy the sun shone and I managed to peg a few bits out on the washing line today .... yippppeeee .... hopefully sign of things to come .... I pottered round my very small garden sorting out the bird feeders and freshening the water up listening to the birds twitter and cheep at each other .. you can almost hear them saying " hey guys new food n water is being put out at the mouse house " and "hurry up"

I peeked at the new buds coming on the cherry blossom tree and at the daffodil bulbs , hyacinths and lily of the valley bulbs that are just peeking through the soil and noticed I've some bluebells coming as well :) it was so nice I kept the back door open and let the breeze and sounds waft over me as I started to get my stitching chart ready for the next instalment of the Romantique SAL .... my printer is very low on ink so I had to print of the bare essentials and colour in the bits missing and cello-tape them together and it worked heheheh 

As there was only me in today, awake at any rate, (DH is on nights this week) so I could spend some me time in my craft room and enjoy the peaceful day  and try and do some stitching :) hands have been misbehaving this week so I got told to give them a good stern talking to hahahah ..... didn't work :(

I started well with knotting my threads up before I had even got them in the needle and carefully counted to where I should start the next bit of the SAL and duly got going ...... my only concern was if I had got enough fabric to get both bits on with a bit to spare ..... I moved onto the next flower and stitched a small bit and went to recount to be on the safe side and ........EEEKKKKK I was a thread out nooooooooo I cried ..... I thought should I or shouldn't I take it out ... it didn't affect what I had stitched just in the wrong place .... but being a good girl and that I had spotted it before I had gone too far I reversed stitch ... wish someone would take the frog though from me ... I seem to have had him quite a bit recently .....

I then proceeded to get the next bits in right PHEW and I even had room spare at the end of the last bit yeahhhhhh ..... so here is what I have stitched 
parts 3 and 4 of the Romantique SAL

the whole of the bottom row though need to go up more at the left hand side
you get to see more of the fabulous fabric in these photos :) The only thing is I need to stitch on this in daylight as it is much easier .....

After much humming and haaaing I've decided to re do the Blue on the Home of a needleworker ... I'm not happy with it as it is such a dreary faded grey blue ... not as nice as the ones I have seen stitched up sooooo I am going to take a deep breath * Breath innnnnnnnnnn and outtttt* and unpick all that I have done ..... I think that's one of the reasons its been done as my UFO and only a bit at a time as I've not been happy with it .... soooooo I shall rummage round in my thread stash and see if I have anything that will be better :)

I had a bit of a brain wave ,well my head hurt, so I think it was that hahahah and I pulled out my "daisy lane cottage" LHN  yesterday and did some more on  it and remembered that I had some fabric that would be perfect to go with it so I got out my box had a rummage and voila :) see what you think :)
Daisy lane cottage LHN with fabric I remembered I had :)
while I had the camera out I took some pictures of the Harrogate bran tub prize that I got from Yvonne .... we were late getting these out to folks due to the bad weather and the none post and then waiting for things to come in the post  but finally they have all got to where they should be ... thank goodness 
from Yvonne to me 

Isn't that strawberry fob adorable ... Yvonne is so talented in the stitching department :)  I think she even made the box too .. (will double check ) 

and so endeth the blog entry for today :) Its taken me a while to do this one as I've got" Typanese" fingers and have had to double check all spelling etc etc etc ...
hope every one has had a good a day as me with the weather and I am now going to put the kettle, on any one want one ?????
love mouse xxxxx


Tricia said...

Busy girl, Mouse! Even if you did have to visit with the frogs. :) I can't wait to see your Daisy Lane finish. It will be so pretty!

Crystal said...

Love the fabric you picked to go with Daisy Lane, I can not wait to see it all finished up. Your romantic SAL is coming along lovely, the fabric is so yummy looking.

Vicky L said...

The fabric for Daisy Lane is perfect! It will look great when you are finish. I just love the fabric you are using for the Romantic SAL.

Alisa said...

Your LHN piece looks great and that fabric choice is perfect!

Anonymous said...

You have flowers starting to bud? We still have over a foot of snow on the ground. Today was the first day above freezing, in the past 24. We have snow predicted for tomorrow, but by Friday in the mid 50s. I don't trust it though, it is still on February.
Your stitching is beautiful (LOVE the purple)! As for Mr. Frog (it has to be a male, it causes way to many problems to be anything but). Please keep him on YOUR side of the pond. I've spent way to many hours with him in the past. Have a wonderful week!