Friday, 18 February 2011

none stitchy day and other news

Hi every body :)
 just a very quick squeak to say I've been busy making cards today as suddenly realised how busy March is going to be in the birthday department , so I gathered together my carding stuff and got busy  in the craft room, stamping n stitching n creasing of card and voila a few cards are made :) heheheh and some more in the pipe line so here a few pics for you to enjoy ( hopefully )

there are a few more in the making up stages that just need the finishing touches :)
last night I almost finished stitching the surprise for next week ... hopefully tomorrow I shall get it done and finished off :) 

On an happy note I got a nice visit from the post man ... I won a blog giveaway from Francoise of she only posted it Wednesday from France and it arrived today quick was that ???
here is my prize and I'm still doing a happy dance with it :)
blog give away win ):
And talking of blog's here is another one that  I stumbled on while going through some of the blogs I read who is having a give away too go and have a peek... but I want to win heheheh ;)
so I shall leave you to go and drool and shall catch up with you all again soon :)
happy stitching weekend :)
take care 
love mouse xxxxxx


DJ said...

You are a busy Mouse!! I wish I were more disciplined, I still have your birthday card (and Gillie's) sitting here waiting to be sent out. Your cards look fabulous!! Congratulations on your win too!! *hugs*

Kate said...

Lovely cards and a great win!

Tricia said...

OH! I love that pattern. Can you believe I actually had it in my hand at my LNS this week and didn't buy it?? I talked myself into kitting up a pattern I already had instead. You *have* to do this one soon, so I can see it done. Deal?? :-)

socialsue said...

love ur talent when making cards! Congratulation on your great win!


Scattered Threads said...

Hi Mouse. Congratulations on on you winning the chart :-) Your cards are beautiful. My family have just about ran me through the mill with birthdays these past two months:-) so much so, I had to purchase their birthday cards this year.
Your cards are lovely as are your flowers. I think the blue is much better on Home of the Needleworker and I am glad you are happier with the change.
Thanks for visiting my blog as well and I appreicaite this very kind gesture.

Val said...

Lovely cards Mouse ..... and a nice surprise from France !

Meari said...

Your cards are adorable! This is my first visit to your blog :) I really like your layout.

Rhona said...

Lovely cards! Congrats on your win - love it when you get new stash in the mail!

Carin said...

The cards are wonderful and congrats by winning that beautiful chart !!