Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Romantic day out :)

Hi everyone ... hope you all had a wonderful valentines day / weekend ..... I got taken out on a romantic trip by the DH with a promise of cake and a cuppa to Elvington Air  Museum to watch them start up the Nimrod and the Victor planes there ....... did I mention that one of DH hobbies is... he is an LF Aviation Fire fighter !!! heheheh ... (who said romance was dead ..lol  after 22 years of marriage what can you expect ) 

the plus side was the men in uniform:) and the cake,  which was passion cake and very scrummie ..lol
Men in uniform:) DH last  on right :)
Nimrod on left , Victor on right
It was actually a good day but cold and damp and boy did I know about it ..lol .
took lots of pictures  and the noise from the engines was something to hear too !!! wish I'd taken some ear defenders, oh well next time :)
There is quite a lot to see and the naffi food is really nice too and as mentioned before the cakes ;)
I took some pictures of my bulbs etc coming through just to show you spring is definitely round the corner .... something has eaten my Hyacinths though:(
daffodil and lily of the valley peeping through
primrose flowered all through the winter
cherry blossom tree
my fish enjoying the warmer weather :)

 hopefully those photos are altogether ??? 

On the stitchy front unfortunately I can't show you as been stitching something for my spring themed pin cushion exchange on friendly stitchers  for my partner Teejay , its almost finished put together so won't be long before she gets it hopefully :) 

At the end of the month I shall have been blogging for a year and am thinking of doing a small give away , have got an idea :) just need to stitch it ..lol 

Righty ho will finish chatting now till next time :)
happy stitching love mouse xxxxxxx


Val said...

Oh !!!!! a firefighter is deffo going on my wish list lol glad you had a nice day x

DJ said...

What is it about a man in uniform? Sounds like you had a wonderful day!! It's good to see romance is NOT dead over on your side of the pond! Can't wait to see your flowers in bloom (I'll bet you can't either!) And I wanna see what you are stitching for Teejay!! LOL *Hugs*

Lucy said...

Saw your blog mentioned on Gillie's blog so I thought I would come to visit. Lovely stitching! Will be sure to come back soon.

Meari said...

Sounds like you had a nice Valentine's Day!