Thursday, 3 February 2011

Just to make you Jealous

Hi Every body ......Sorry I could resist this but ...... we had sunshine and blue skies and fluffy white clouds going over the mouse house today .... even took a photo to prove it for you ....... it has made up for it since tea time though we have hoolies blowing down and around the house and it has been pouring with rain so I have been snuggled under my blankie keeping warm :) along with one of my many cuppas of the day heheheh ;)

Sunshine ...coooooo
And yesterday we had a surprise visitor to my garden ..... me thinks he/she  has been eyeing up my fat racing pigeon 
sparrow hawk
I was surprised I managed to get a picture of the bird ,it was sat on the garage before this was taken and I thought by the time I got back with the camera it would have flown, so I am really pleased :)

I must mention while I remember that I have said I would post about this give away from    on my blog .... go and have a peek if you want, its a lovely give away and I wants it hehehehe ;)

Well, as well as all the excitement of the sunshine etc I have been busy and have today finished off  two .... yes two of my 15 crazy challenge pieces .. YIPPPEEEEE only another 11 to go hahhaha ......  my needle has fair been smoking today ..... my hands decided to play so while the going was good... I got the needle going and here is my finished pieces 

I also took another picture of the Natures beauty in natural daylight too so that you could see the proper colours .. I have done a little bit more to it than what shows in the photo  but never mind ....
natures beauty lhn
I've put the fence in on the other side and I think some more leaves ???? I have slept since then honest 
soooo the only question is what do do next heheheh .... I am not doing the stash haul that I got for my birthday till I have done some more of the fifteen ... well that is the intention at any rate

If you have managed to get this far I think the kettle should go on and may be a biscuit to go with it ??? 
hope every one is safe and warm and managing to get some stitching done and not lost any of their power in the horrible storms some folks have been having ... looking forward to seeing some finishes soon may be ???
take care and happy stitching 
love mouse xxxx

whoops can't count ... just realised it should say 13 left  oooo it would be nice if it was 11 sorry blame it on being ill :(  xxxxx


BeckySC said...

Your two finishes and progress look great, Mouse :)
We had sunshine for a bit this morning but are expecting a bit of frozen stuff tomorrow morning...ugh!!

Crystal said...

Congrats Mouse on finishing another 2 of the 15, wow only 11 left for you and 11 months to go. Love the colours in your progress pic.

Tricia said...

See... you show us pictures to make us jealous and you get rain dumped on you!!! Bwahahahaha! LOL! I just love your finishes! I need to go look at the picture of Nature's Beauty to see what it will look like when it's done. Have a lovely day!

Lynda said...

Great finishes! I love those two designs...and the sunshine is lovely!

Gillie said...

Hmm, I'd just taken off my socks to work out 15 minus 2 - was wondering how you arrived at that answer, lol! Lovely finishes though, but of course I saw them for real, preen, preen!

Niina said...

Nice progress mouse! They look very good.

Val said...

Well done Mouse on your finishings - lovely work - we also had blue skies and sunshine yesterday - until you bragged about it and then we got gales and rain and bits fell off my greenhouse :( lol

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Mouse, look at your gorgeous finishes! Great progress :)
I love the progress on Natures Beauty...the colors are so pretty, I just love the flowers.
I am soooo jealous...mounds of snow and ice here with temps way below freezing....Summer is calling me :)

DJ said...

Yay Mouse!! Look at those gorgeous finishes! (I especially LOVE Holly & Berries!) So glad your hands decided to be kind and cooperate with you, but hope the rest of you is feeling MUCH better soon! Love the pictures of the blue sky and I wish you would send a little here, I could do with a little sunshine!! (Not snowed in but tired of gray skies) *Hugs*

Kate said...

Gorgeous finishes Mouse congratulations. Natures Beauty looks great too.

Ziggyeor said...

Great finishes! Love the outdoor pictures. It was gray out today.