Monday, 30 May 2022

Going on a squirrel hunt

 Morning all, on this bright and sunny May morning , last Saturday I took my wee grands on an adventure to go for a squirrel hunt in the woods near where they live ... it was a glorious day , we saw a woodpecker, birdies, doggies of different varieties ... had a picnic , saw a buzzy bee , a tractor and popo's ( horses) but alas no squirrels ... Master Billy was calling "where are you to them" but they wouldn't come out to see us at all :( .... which is typical as last time we went there were hundreds of them hahahahah

On a stitchy front I have done more on Winter Rose Manor and loving it even more now the big house has been built, finished off the stitching of my first Christmas ornie for this month, just need to find some beads before I fully finish it and started Summer Flock by BBD last night and almost finished it , its from the Sewing Club book.... , I have also been making dice trays for my DH for his wargaming pals as they had a big game last Saturday and while I was in the sewing mood have made some project bags for my friend and going to make a few more for gifts too ....

coooo a few days later I have had a fully finishing spree and got my pile down to zero, pictures below for your perusal , as well as getting my sampler wall up too with help from my best friend A .. she did a cracking job  :) 

so I shall leave you now and catch up with you all again soon 

take care one and all , love mouse xxxx

not often you see an elephant on the high street

Jubilee piece 

more have been added but no photo 

done more on this since 

Master B and Miss B
new cushions for DH man cave 

ripe pear and summer flock
from Sewing club by BBD

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have been a busy little mouse! I am not surprised that you tired both those babies out.
The sampler wall is gorgeous! Our walls are rock solid, we have to drill nails in so I doubt I will ever get a wall like that. Unless I clad it in something softer first!