Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Happy New Year and a catch up :)

Helllooooooo everyone …. Happy New Year 2019 may you be blessed with lots of stitchy and crafty time :)
Well what can I say except I have been meaning to write this post for ages and never got round to it as they say sooo before any more of the year disappears voila … my first post of the year …
Christmas passed in a blur of stitching sewing and only having two days off  but we did have a lovely time and I got some gorgeous presents to boot too .. all my gifts arrived safely to their new owners and the last one took over three weeks to get to the other side of the pond … I thought I must of sent it via the sea rather than air mail ..lol 
Harrogate was fab btw, got some nice goodies and then became rather poorly and ended up having a few days off from work due to it … I got that horrible nasty viral thingy that was going round and it got worse while I was off .. typical and I am only just feeling that I have got rid of it after 3mths !!!!
Any way on to much nicer things .. have you got your brews and your cookies  ??? I think there is even some Christmas cake left in the cupboard too …
This year has started off well with two finishes so far, three more new starts and more in the pipe line … I am trying to kit up things that I have got or bought with what is in the mouse house with as I put it, as near as dammit colours hehhehh.. quite fun really choosing .. I am aiming to stitch at least one or two ornaments a month so that one day I will have a full Christmas tree of hand made ornaments as well as get my SALs finished and my wips worked on, with a few new must starts in there as well … wish me luck ..lol 
Ok do you want to see my goodies I sent out ??? as well as my goodies received ??
here goes 
made for Wendy

Made for Lainey

Made for DJ

To be a memory quilt for my friends 

For Cindy

For Roz

Lap quilt I started for me

ooo one for me too ..lol

For Sally S. on Friendly stitchers

Rest of Wendy's goodies 

finally made up a gift from Chris and Wendy to me 

Mortimer from DJ to me 

For Butterfly

From DJ to me 

from DJ

DJ made me my very own mouse scissor fob :)

From Butterfly

Tree made by my neighbour full of ornies

decked out in my craft room

goodies from Harrogate

my 25th day present from Tina 

fully finished Snow White .. need to make into a stocking

From Butterfly 

From DD2 

From Roz .elf loo roll holder 

Bentley with one of his new toys 

Eeyore off DD1 and Pooh from DH :)

from Chris and Wendy

from Chris and Wendy

1st new finish of the new year

2nd new finish 

Sal with Chris Needlework ABC's  mines on the right 

Winter ABC's sal with Sally W and Chris H 

My new years day start ..done more photo ???

part of  Chris's goodies 

progress report " on the fat lady "

Christmas and birthday goodies to DJ 

Chris's other goodies 

Sally W's goodies 

my front room decked out 

SAL progress with Lainey
hmmmmm I seem to be missing Butterflies other bag I made her … must try and find where it has disappeared too ..lol but will leave that till next time as there are an awful lot of photos here hehehehe …. DH has just brought me another brew down soooo I think that may be a hint to finish this … until next time , take care one and all and happy stitching to you :) love mouse xxxxxx


gracie said...

Nice to see your post! Sorry you had not been feeling well. Great gifts/projects and lovely Christmas pictures.

FlashinScissors said...

Wow! Great gifts given and received, and what a haul from Harrogate too!
Sorry to hear you weren’t well but sooo glad to hear you are better now.
Your stitching plan sounds ideal, Mouse, good luck with it!
What a catch up!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Barbara xx

butterfly said...

You have been a busy mouse ,love all your gifts given out and received .
Sorry you have been unwell, I have this virus too , can't shake it off.
Happy New year .

Julie said...

This virus is real nasty, glad to read you are all mended and feeling better.
What a lot of lovely pics on this first post of the year... filled full of delights and pretties.

DJ said...

Wow, Ms. Mouse! What a catch up!! So glad you had a good time at Harrogate...and yet another year I haven't made it...*sigh* I'm amazed at how much you get done, even while feeling yucky! I'm sorry you were sick for so long, but glad you are feeling better now! You've made some beautiful bags (and I feel really lucky that you made one for me too...thank you so much!!) So glad you liked your goodies I sent! Lovely stitching, as always! *Hugs*

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better. You sent and received some wonderful goodies. So pleased you had a good time at Harrogate.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Hope 2019 is a great stitchy year for you Mouse, and that you feel better soon :) Wonderful gift exchanges, glad you had fun at Harrogate - it sounds like such a great show!

Astrids dragon said...

So many beautiful gifts received and given! There are so many different crafts, they're all wonderful. You certainly know to keep busy and make lots of friends happy!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a wonderful post of beautiful gifts. I love the tree with all the ornies hung from it, great way to display them all.
Sorry to hear that you've been poorly for so long, hope the cold weather has frozen all the germs away.
If not, then I hear that Birthday Cake is very good for colds!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Such lovely stitching and finishing.
Hopefully you will continue to be well in this colder weather.

Carin said...

Love all those beautiful gifts !
Hope you feel better soon.