Monday, 3 October 2016

A flurry of finishing :)

Hellloooo every one from a very BRRRRR mouse atm .... who has sent the cold weather and the frost huh??? The kettle has boiled and there are kit kats and club biscuits today ... unfortunatly all the cake has been munched by my work mates ... we had a Macmillan coffee morning on Friday and my cake won the best presentation ... not bad for it being the second cake I have made in about 20 years the first one I made on the previous monday as a tester  we raised nearly £300.00 all in all ..
Autumn has well and truly arrived with foggy mornings and this morning we had the first frost of the season .....Master Bentley loved the crunchyness of it as he pootled around sniffing the grassy areas of the park this morning ... I was wrapped up except for gloves :( will get some for tomorrow .lol 
I  managed to get a photo of our resident hedgehog  the other night ... I heard her snuffling around and quickly grabbed my camera and popped the flash on in the general direction and got her wooo , the cygnets are almost fully grown with the white feathers showing through .. I think one must have flown the nest as there are only two left with the parents atm ..The trees are starting to lose their leaves and I can see lots of robins around now .. hopefully more photos will be snapped in the coming weeks ...Master Bentley and I went for a wee pootle tonight and got a fab shot of him sniffing some enormous mushrooms that had sprung up in the field ... there were some gorgeous lilac flowers a bit like a single petaled chysanthermums (sp) and the red berries looked fabulous in the dappled late afternoon sunshine ....
ohhh eck.....I am waffling again hahahaha .... I  mentioned finishes ....and boy do I have some as well as some stitching to boot too ...
This last weekend the weather was supposed to be yuck sooo I said to myself ... wooo hooo craft room time hehheeh ... I did the barest of chores ... and snuck down to my wee room and got some finishes finished .... I worked on my LHN ornaments and got seven made up , I also made up the "Friends are like Angels" into a small cushion and then got out my unfinished exchange piece from Lynda and made it into .. a small stitching bag, using her stitched piece as the pocket and the fabric she sent me as the main outside fabric .... its quite cute even if I say so myself
I have started to work again on "promise of spring" by Silvercreek Samplers and filled in all the snow at the bottom so just words and snowflakes left ... I have even picked up my "Casting a Spell " by Blackbird Designs in the vain hope I may get it finished for Halloween this year  and ( deep breath ) I have finished the first of many blocks  heheeh of my Lucy Boston EPP quilt ... told you I had been busy hahahahah
I have got my new Christmas Edition of Just Cross Stitch and have picked out some more christmas ornies to make .... some I hope :) I will be sending out as wee raks ... wish me luck and smoking needles 
My blog win from Southpaw Stitcher arrived this week too :) love postie days like that, she sent a lovely wee note and a few extra charts to make way for some new ones at her end I have used her photo as I took them stitching to Chris's and forgot to take a picture DOH ....but have decided what to stitch on first ... the LHN ornament as I seem to be in a ornie mood atm
I think the kettle needs to go back on again to revive you all hahaahah
Promise of Spring by SilverCreek Samplers

LHN ornies

and some more

fabric it is on is the backing fabbie

my wee stitching bag

lovely lilac flowers

sniffing the mushrooms :0

gorgeous russet reds on the pub's ivy

selection of goodies from the Macmillan coffee morning

first block of Lucy Boston's EPP

My Cake

first one as a tester with a brew of course

one foggy morning

love this shot of Master Bentley

annnddd Stretch

our resident pheasent baby

last roses of summer

Mr Robin near the mouse house

spot Mrs Hedgeee
my win from Southpaw Stitcher (sorry borrowed your photo)

 Sorry some of the photos are a wee bit naff but they were taken on my camera phone so not quite as good a quality ...
Hopefully this week will be just as productive .. and I shall endevour to get round to see you all too ... I have missed visiting you all ....
I  shall say tootle pip and wish you all a wonderful stitchy week and I shall squeak to you all again soon :) love mouse xxxxxx


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love the pictures as usual. Cake looks delicious. Ahhh hedgehog!!! How cute!!

Bea said...

Busy needles of all kinds. Well done on the finished finishes - that's the part I procrastinate on terribly! Loving the pictures of the flora and fauna, looks like a great area to live in.

Julie said...

Lots of lovely ornament finishes, they do look splendid.
What a fab cake you made, biscuit and cake in one treat, that's a neat idea. Well done on the money raised.

Vickie said...

What a cake! The pub looks really neat like that. You got very nice pictures even with your phone. Does Bentley leave the hedgehog alone then? You have accomplished quite a bit of finishing my friend. Very nice!

gracie said...

You have been busy. Love the projects and finishes. Wonderful pictures.

Shannon Meyer said...

Very nice ornies you have, and I have Promise of Spring about 3/4 of the way done - stacked up in my WIP pile:) I love hedgehogs but have never seen one in person before.

Beth said...

Wonderful ornaments Mouse! I enjoyed all of your 'nature' photos too - what you see is so very different than what I see in my part of the world.

suzy mcclung said...

Really enjoyed this post. Your ornaments are amazing and I enjoy the photos around your garden. What a lovely gift you received....I see one chart that I have been trying to resist!

Brigitte said...

Great pictures from all these resident animals, you even managed to spot the little hedgehog. We never saw ours when we had one residing in our garden, we just heard him, lol.
A great array of ornaments that you have stitched and finished.

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful stitching finishes and yummy looking cakes!
I bet it was a great success

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You have been finishing up a storm! When you're in the mood you really go for it LOL

Love the cake, I really like those iced ring biscuits too.

Andrea said...

Lovely stitching and finishing, you have been extremely busy. Love the cake, shame there is none left, just fancy a piece. :) Great photos as usual, love to see the life and loves of 'Mouse and Master Bentley'. Take care.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wonderful stitching, and I love how you finished the LHN ornies! They're so pretty! Keep warm over there - or maybe send some of that early frost over here LOL... :D

Stitching Noni said...

Scrummy looking cake!
Love the pics of your finishes - they all look so pretty :o)
Hugs xx

Maggee said...

So much to see...Your Christmas finishes are terrific! I haven't even THOUGHT about Christmas yet! And I shall be looking up that Silver Creek one, as I really like her designs. You did a good job on the stitching bag, and that quilt square looks enormous! Lots of work there! Nice to hear Master Bentley is enjoying life... and the change of seasons! Making myself hungry seeing all that food... off to grab a bite! Hugs!

DJ said...

You take the most amazing pictures!! AND your stitching is lovely as always! I love your finishes. Well done on the quilting too...what pretty fabrics you have there! I love visiting your blog...sadly it's been a while since I've been able to, but it was well worth the wait! *Hugs*

Summer said...

I like the LHN ornies so much! Cute ♥

Sally said...

You have been busy Mouse. All your finishes look gorgeous and love your progress on the Silver Creek Samplers piece.

Congratulations on your win.

Lovely photos from your wanderings lol! I must get down the mere and see how the cygnets are doing. They will be well grown by now no doubt.