Monday, 31 October 2016

Two journeys , stash and stitching :)

Hellooooooo every one :) please grab your cuppa and cookies and get comfy in your favourite chair here as this will be a long post.... thought I would warn you first hehehehe ... well what can I say except I have been rather busy dashing here and there for the last few weeks ... so I shall start at the beginning and finish at the end ;)
I took a quick trip over to Blackpool via Harrogate ... Jennifer was doing a spot of emergancy child sitting on the day I was going over to visit her, as said child had an insect day as I call them and mum was busy working sooo Jennifer popped over and I went to pick her up after work .. the journey to Harrogate should have only been just over an hour from the Doncaster Branch but what can I say except it took nearly two and a bit hours and there was absolutely no reason for it to take that long ... no accidents, no road closures at all, just plain old ?????? any hooo we went on our merry way and called off at a lovely pub on route over looking the canal and we could see the barges from where we sat ... the food was delicious and of course we had to have a pudding as you do .... hehehehe
On the Saturday Jennifer and I went to visit my dads grave as the stone had been put up and it is very simple and perfect ... it was a lovely day and it was nice to see so many others visiting the cemetery on a Saturday... from there we took a detour to Marsh Mill to go to Grace and Favour but I was rather dissapointed to find they were closed, even though I had said to them the night before on FB that I was going over and they never said we don't open on a Saturday any more ... as luck would happen a young lady also came to their shop and mentioned of another fabric shop at Fleetwood and where it was sooo guess what .... yup thats right we went to Fleetwood and found it straight away and I got some stash and some photos of the said place ... the owner was lovely and there was a craft session going on and all were very helpful in the enabling deptment  hahahahah ...  
soooo I just had to buy a few bits and bobs 
It was a lovely weekend all in all as we also went to Stanley Park and I got some wonderful photos of it ...espcially of a wee squibble  .. didn't get any stitching done even though I took some just in case ... I have been working more on my Lucy Boston EPP quilt and have almost finished two blocks now ... I haven't done any more on my quilt yet ... but this weekend I am going to ( paws crossed ) get more done ... sooo watch this space .....
I have stitched and finshed two more ornaments but I cannot show you these yet as one is on its way to its new home and the other just needs to set off ....I have done a wee bit more on my Casting a Spell by Blackbird Designs and had hoped to get it finished for tonight Halloween but it was not ment to be but I shall work on it a wee bit more tonight once finshed writing this prose ....
Sooo the second journey was to .... The Nimble Thimble in Wales ... On Saturday bright and early Chris and I went down there to meet up with some fellow blogger stitchers for a day of stitching , stashing and scoffing and not in that order either hahahahah
We arrived I think around 10.30 ish  and met up with everyone upstairs and downstairs as some were already in the stash enhancement mode hehehehe ... I had brought a list of threads I wanted and anything else was a bonus including the wee mouse needleminder I got :)
It was a lovely day and there was one famous quote from Tina ... How many of our charts can we finish by the next meet up which was greeted by howls of laughter from every one 
soooo I shall dig out the photos and let you drool to your hearts content heheheheh .... any one for another cuppa >?????

tina working on her sal with Lynn

Pat , Tina, Lisa, Jayne and Chris, the others Urzula, Lynn and Maggie were stash enhanching I think

you can just see Maggie on there now .lol

as we arrived at the Nimble Thimble

gorgeous view from the garden at the shop

inside full of delicious goodies

last minute must haves

gorgeous autumnal colour

sounding area around the shop

just look at those gorgeous colours

we were up in the second floor

Marsh Mill

Jennifer pull

fleetwood centre

tram tracks to Blackpool

said tram to Blackpool

inside the stichy shop at Fleetwood

Stanley Park Art Deco Cafe

and I didn't have any of them

squibble in Stanley Park

stash from the shop at Fleetwood ... thought the sign was very apt

Band Stand at Stanley Park

same Squibble photo bombing
Whoops missed this out originally sooorry

 I've just remembered about the mushroom walks ... but if I tell you about them now you will be here all night hahahaha .....oooooooooooooooooo and I forgot my spate of finishes ... eeek hang on 

 I also made a wee bag from the unfinished exchange with Lynda over on Friendly Stitchers but can't find the photo atm ... * sigh 
ok I realllly had better finish now and catch up with a few more peeps  ... I did go round and visit quite a few of you  before I started this wee waffle ... sooo i just hope you have seen my comments as it still keeps coming back as not being sent even though I can see the messages on your blogs .... take care one and all and Happpppy Stitching :) love mouse xxxxxxx


Maggie said...

It was a lovely day wasn't it, and the country side is just beautiful at this time of year, but hang on, where is the photo of you haul?? Now i'm sure you had a bag of goodies lol.

It was lovely to meet you and Chris, hope that you will be able to make the next one in April.

DJ said...

What a beautiful setting for your stash enhancement experience!! She certainly has a lovely shop! Keep twisting my arm like that and I'll be on the first plane over there!! And Maggie is right, where is your haul? Inquiring minds want to know!! Lovely fabric you found. And the seasonal scenery couldn't have been prettier!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Looks like so much fun! Lovely stitchy goodness!!

marly said...

So they are called squibbles? I like that! What a gorgeous setting for the Nimble Thimble. Beautiful place. I miss walking into a place like that.

Beth said...

Two wonderful crafting journeys! Both looked like so much fun and wonderful scenery to enjoy too!

Bea said...

Love the name Nimble Thimble! And such a lovely setting. Sounds like 2 wonderful trips. How nice to walk into a real store and actually be able to touch and feel before you buy.

butterfly said...

Looks like you have had so much fun on your trips .
Beautiful photos , oh and that stash wonderful.
You have been working hard on all your ornaments they look fab.
Enjoy your week hugs.

Julie said...

Lots of lovely photos of your adventures. I recognise a few faces from your Nimble Thimble meet up.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Sounds as if you had a great day at the meet up with lots of lovely purchases.
A lovely selection of finishes.

Vickie said...

What a lovely time you had! And such gorgeous photos you took. I love them.

Mii Stitch said...

Nimble Thimble is a hidden gem!
Glad you all had a lovely time.
Great stitchy finishes, they all look really nice.

Maggee said...

Stash shopping is such a different experience for you over there! What lovely shops! Of course, it is lots more fun to shop with friends/family... You got quite a lot of stash, and I look forward to seeing the projects you make of them! Your Christmas ornaments are very nicely done! Yay for you being that much ahead! I am just thinking about what to stitch! Ha! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

sana said...

Beautiful pictures The crossstitch shop is very wonderful!!!

Tina said...

Was a lovely day,it is in a lovely place and makes a lovely day out even if you have to get up so early.
It was lovely meeting Chris and yourself
Lovely pictures apart from me,think i need to go back to sw lol

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I'm so half you were pleased with your dad's stone and that it was a peaceful day. What great stash you got! The store looks super cute and the stone building y'all met in is fabulous! Sounds like a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful colors and critters!

Summer said...

Looking fun and lovely. Thanks for the pics ♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a wonderful trip and chance to meet-up too.
Love all the ornies finishes you've done, a great way to use all that lovely backing fabric in your stash.
Are you still using your Yahoo email? Using Gmail should fix the commenting issues.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I just checked on the last comment you left for me. Your Yahoo is still attached to your profile. If you remove it and add the Gmail you'll be OK again.

Brigitte said...

The Nimble Thimble seems to be worth a visit, doesn't it. The surroundings are wonderful and the shop itself must be a real treat. So nice to have a get-together with other stitchers there. I love your new stash haul.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oooohhhh, those stores look dangerous! LOL Gorgeous finishes, and I love your new stash. Enjoy your goodies! :D

Sally said...

Lots and lots of lovely photos Mouse. Looks like you had a great time at The Nimble Thimble. Nice stash haul!

Kaisievic said...

Wow! More lovely finishes and it looks like you and Jennifer had a very fun time!