Sunday, 18 September 2016

By jove a long post

Hellooo.... well golly gumdrops a second post from me in two days .. I hope that this finds you all well ... I hope there is enough room for you all in the craft room to sit awhile and have a brew and cookies :)
I have been a busy mouse with one thing another since I last squeaked .. thank you for all the get well wishes they certainly helped :) ...
Master Bentley and I have been out and about taking photos for you ... we have been varying our walks to catch different things for you to look at ... I have even managed to take a photo of a dragonfly too .. it did help it was sunning itself on a rock at the woods otherwise there would have been no chance... we have some stunners at the canal but they are wayyyy to fast for me to capture atm ... my wee cygnets are not soo wee now, their feathers are changing to white and they are almost as big as their parents ...
The weather is changing too ... we are having some glorious autumnal days ... almost like spring in reverse .. we have had misty mornings and sparkling dew on the grass then long hot days as well ... not to mention fantastic lightning storms with hailstones and rain you couldn't see the end of your nose in... and I was driving home during that one from Ikea ... we had to pull up under a flyover for protection for about 20 mins until it had calmed down enought to drive again ... rather scary to say the least ....
Stitching wise ... well I had better make another cuppa
Lynda has received her exchange piece and I have also got mine of hers ... she stitched me " stitching Buds" by My Big Toe ...  I have yet to make it up as I can't make my mind up ... *sigh 
for Lynda I stitched a freebee that I had in my freebee files with a peacock and a crown with it ... if any one recognise's the designer let me know so that I can credit to them ... I stitched hers with gloriana silk  and sent her some peacock fabric and some ribbons to match for her to choose what to do with hers ... not seen it made up yet either
I have finished off a magazine freebee from mannnyy moons ago and just need to add the stars to it ... I was going to do them in a sparkly thread but ... any hoo it is stitched on a off cut of a polstitches grab bag and I have another one to match it to stitch too .. 
I have finished my "Peace on Earth" by LHN and I am in the process of back stitching them all to make up , these were stitched on Weeks Dye Works "Straw "... this is one fabric that I am not too fussed about using again in hand.. as it moves sooo much but it looks good :)
I have also finished "He's a Flake " by LHN and stitched this one on a peice of jobelan sage green ... he is ready to be cut and put together.
I have made two cushions up for Jennifer with her favourite things chickens on them ... they match the quilted runner I did for her last christmas as well as altering a couple of dress's for folks ... seee I told you I have been busy heheheh
ANNDDD I have started another quilt ... Lucy Boston EPP one .. and I love it ....its all Chris's fault as I have been watching her do hers all year and just had to start one for me ... Chris and I went to the "small" Harrogate show at the beginning of September and it was a fabulous day .. there were lots of gorgeous stuff to look at not to mention the beautiful quilts there ... I will show you a few of the ones I took piccies of on my phone camera ... I got lots of lovely small print fabrics to do the quilt with as well as a few cross stitch charts that were I must have
we made a full day of it and went for something to eat at the Weatherby Whaler and then we  got back to Chris's house and did another oooo ahhhh and love thatfabric session before settling down to start on my Lucy Boston ....
DH and I had our joint 50th birthday bash last weekend and we had an 80's  themed one with all 80's music played .. we had a fabulous night with oodles of peeps there to help us celebrate and we even danced together ..a rarity hahahahah ... needless to say the next day I spent resting We also had a 12 week old back labrador staying with us then too ... Master Bentley wasn't too sure on him .. bless his cotton paws ... he was really glad when he went home and his toys were his again 
well if you have made it this far  here's another brew ...
Ma teakettle  that rug from Ikea does't stay cream with pooches around ... just saying .... I have one half original colour that is under the table and the other that Bentley lays on isn't any more hahahah ....
Hmmmm I am sure there was something else to tell you .... let me think while I find the photos for you :)
my exchange peice to Lynda with her goodies

finally finshed after many moons

these are all LHN ornies stitched on Weeks Dye Works fabric

he's a flake

dragonfly :)

front of my stitched peice for Lynda

shattered after lookng after a puppy

said puppy also shattered

our joint cake made by DD2 and it was delicious to boot too

all dressed up

autumnal morning

sparrowhawk in flight

Master Bentley in flight

Lucy Boston Quilt EPP ... my first three blocks in progress

cushion for jennifer

small stash haul

and the rest !!!

not so wee cygnet

fresh blackberries

my exchange from Lynda :)
 and there you have it folks .... I remembered what it was I wanted to tell you, DH and I went to Newark over the bank holiday to the English Civil War museum .... it was a lovely day out  just the two of us .. the museum was nice but wasn't enough for DH who is a war buff ... we had a lovely walk round Newark to the Castle and the river .....before heading back home to a local pub for a lovely meal ...
Hope you have enjoyed the post and I shall be back with more stitching etc soon ... I shall be bobbing round to see you all as well now life is back to as normal as it can be at the mouse house .... take care one and all and happy stitching to you all :) love mouse xxxxx


Bea said...

That's quite the haul from the show - lots of happy stitching hours ahead of you. Sounds like you've been generally busy and enjoying life - go for it!

marly said...

Wow. I had to read twice! Enjoyed the photos. Happy belated birthday to you and your sweetie!

CalamityJr said...

What a fun post! Love your stitching and stash, Bentley and friend, the cygnet... everything! Happy belated birthday wishes and blessings to you and your sweetie.

gracie said...

Love all the pictures.

Julie said...

A post filled with delights, love the swan picture and master Bentley in flight. A super pic of you.

KimM said...

What a great post - you look so cute for your birthday bash....always love your pictures. And Master Bentley looks like he's enjoying himself.

Vickie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you both! You look great Michele!
What a stash haul! :D
Very pretty pictures.

Rhona said...

Happy birthday to you and your hubby! What wonderful pictures....I LOVE the sparrowhawk and the dragonfly. Those quilts are divine, I wish I had the patience (and the skill!) to make something like that!!! ;)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Happy birthday! Enjoyed the pictures - those swans are so beautiful!

Maggee said...

Another great post! Happy Belated Birthday to you and your husband! Looks like you had fun and were happy! Quite a stash of fabrics there... your quilt is going to be lovely! And getting Jardin Prive charts too... yummm! Love her designs! We have similar tastes. :) You have finished a fair amount of stitching also, since our last visit... that is good! Glad Master Bentley does not have to compete for his toys anymore...He is a happy boy! Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Belated Happy Birthday. A lovely selection of stitching and I like the new additions to your stash :)

Southpaw Stitcher said...

The stitching, the quilting, the stash haul, the dragonfly! And Master Bentley is dapper as usual. Great post! Congrats on winning my giveaway!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post! I stitched that little bear on the rooftop too, very sweet.
The quilt show looks like great fun, as does your stash!
Glad you enjoyed your Birthday party, you do scrub up well, you look younger than me instead of several months older LOL

Sarah in Stitches said...

Amazing photos! You've done some lovely stitching, and your quilt start is so pretty. Can't wait to watch it grow! :D

Beth said...

Wow, the sparrowhawk photo is amazing Michelle! You are doing such great work with your camera. What a lovely exchange piece you stitched too.