Sunday, 3 July 2016

Flora and Fauna of alsorts :)

Helloooo every one ... hope this finds you all well and enjoying the gorgeous weather we have had today .... for a change we have had sunshine , the kettle has boiled and we have cookies sooo please pull up a comfy chair and enjoy your visit to the mouse house :)
Well from the title I have been been stitching lots of flora and fauna and also been out and about with my camera too ....
It took me an extra two weeks to finish that pesky border  full of wee leaves and flowers and I have now only got to figure out the numerals for the dates ... I am putting 2013 on one side and 2016 on the other .. and then it will be finally done and I can get it washed and sorted to pop it in the frame I bought for it all those years ago .... wish me luck 
As some of you probably remember I mentioned that I had won the chart in a game of Bingo on the Yahoo Littlehouseneedleworks group  many moons ago and feel that it is only right that I pass it on to some one else sooooo if you would like to be considered for this let me know in your comments and I will add you to the mixing pot and draw it a week on Sunday, the 17th of July to allow peeps to see the post :)
I have changed my email addy as well ( the old one is still valid ) but I have bobbed the new one in the side bar if you would like to update your address book with it :) I think it has worked I don't seem to be getting mail demon notices atm ... thank goodness ... hopefully I haven't jinxed it ahhahahaha.
Soooo what else have I been doing ... well I have started to stitch the Travelling Pattern from Butterfly and I have pulled most of the recommended threads and substitued others from looking at the cover photo , I am stitching it on a peice of Polstitches fabric ... colourful clouds and had a wee moment when I thought eeekkk its not going to be wide enough ... but sooo far sooo good .... phew ... I have been doing some more to my room and it is looking better ... I have found my seat hahahahah .... but my lamp bulb has gone .... soo I need to get a new one and its going to £10.00 plus pp as its a specialist one ... need to wait till pay day now ...
Work has been really busy as we have an up and coming inspection so we are trying to make sure everything is as spick and span as it can be .... it won't be perfect but its going to be a lot better than it was due to some bright spark higher up thinking an office can be paperless ermmm nope, nada, no can do in our line of work and this has been proved as I have had to make up about 300 service user files ...... some days I didn't have the energy to stitch when I got home even on the reduced hours ... hence why it has taken so long with that pesky border ...
but now they have been done and I am feeling in a stitchy mood whoo hoooo
My weight loss plan is still working and I am 1/2lb off my 2.5stone award .... I will get it this week , thank you for all your lovely comments about "seeing "me ... don't usually like having my photo taken ....prefer to be at the other side of the lens 
I took a walk today on my own down to the canal which is a hop , skip and a jump away frm the mouse house  as I wanted to see if my wee swans were around and take some photos of them and they were ... it was lovely to see them ... the wee one is still wee , he (she) is much smaller than the others and I am beginning to think that its a white duck / goose rather than a cygnet that is being brought up as a swan ... you can tell more from these latest photos I took today... I even managed to get a robin feeding its young ... the photo is as edgar would say craptastic as I didn't have time to focus just aim and hoped for the best ... it was lovely to see it :) I took lots of piccies of the flora and fauna around too ... we are going to have a bumper crop of blackberries this year with the amout of flowers that are around ...
ok I have refilled the kettle and thought about the photos and really must learn what some of the wild flowers are ...oooo thank you for letting me know about the pied wagtail ... I thought it must be some sort of wagtail from its movements but thought it had been in the wash and its colour had run hahahahahah ....

worker bee on "marshmallow" plant

poppy in my front garden

phil disappearing again

thrush .. taken from a long way away through my window

poppies on the bypass

baby cygnet behind

mummy and baby magpie

baby bluetit

wee violas

blackberry flowers

craptastic photo of a robin feeding its young

baby's sibling look at the difference in the face

he is smaller than a duck

sibing standing up

same robin as earlier telling its little one off

found on the bank of the canal

wild roses

love is in the air

just love the vibrant pink/purple of these flowers

start of the travelling pattern from Butterfly

RR finshed .... Littlehouseneighborhood by LHN

love these :)

mummy magpie nicking the peanuts for her young
Phew didn't realise there were sooo many hahahahahah ..... its now 9.45pm and the light is starting to fade outside .... the sun is setting and the sky is tinged with pink hopefully it will be nice again tomorrow ... I shall leave you all now and wish you all a wonderful stitchy week .. take care my friends one and all ... .. love mouse xxxxxx


Cricket-bug Corner said...
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Cricket-bug Corner said...

Lovely pictures - border looks great!

butterfly said...

What lovely photos of nature love them all.
SUN ! we have lost our sun in the south west for weeks now it pops out for a little then gone so it is more like Autumn , so it's good to hear you have some .
Lovely start on your stitching , hugs.

Tricia T said...

Beautiful pictures, Mouse!

Julie said...

Your pink evening sky did turn into a sunshiney day today, and glorious it is too after all the dullness recently. Your new camera is certainly getting some great pictures.
Great start on the travelling pattern, its such a nice chart to stitch.
Enjoy your week x

Vickie said...

The RR is gorgeous! So is the poppy in your front garden. :D

Carol said...

Your nature photos are just stunning, Mouse--so detailed and clear. Love the shots of the buzzing bees. Great RR finish--a beautiful neighborhood!

Happy July to you!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on completing the RR! It's a lovely design but don't include me in the draw - too big for me right now!
The wildlife photos are gorgeous as usual. There has been a lot of pigeon "love" in our garden too this Spring!

Beth said...

Your Little House neighborhood is charming Michelle. As always, enjoyed your photos - the swans and the magpies especially.

Maggee said...

These are great pictures, all! Even the 'craptastic' one is fine! Congrats on finishing the Neighborhood--it will be great framed! I will not enter the drawing, tho... Have lots to keep me busy! Enjoy the summer--take lots of pictures! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Wonderful photos. Great stitching too. Please do not include me in the draw, far too many charts already!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely stitching, and beautiful photographs! :D

Brigitte said...

Such a great finish. I can imagine that the border was very interesting to stitch, lol.
Great pictures!

Crazee4books said...

Hello there Mouse!!

I've got cinnamon buns here fresh from the Farmer's Market in town. Can I
get you one? They are AH-Mazing!!!

I love seeing pictures of Magpies because during one of my trips to England there
were a couple of them in my cousin's front yard and I went gaga over them! "Such
handsome birds!!" I exclaimed. My cousin just looked at me like I was slightly
touched and shook her head. Apparently your Magpies are as common and
unremarked and perhaps as annoying as our blackbirds and starlings are here.
I still think they're handsome birds IMHO.

Same thing happened when I saw a field full of red poppies during one of our
excursions. My cousin seemed to consider them to be on the same level as weeds.
Oh well.

Congrats on your finish of LHN "neighbourhood". It's so beautiful. Can't wait
to see it framed. Someday I'll dig my copy out and stitch it too. I imagine
those leaves on the border were a bit tedious to do though.

I suspect that you're correct about the "impostor" baby swan being a duck or
goose taking advantage of the mothering instincts of mama swan. Nice to
see really. Either way, he/she is a cutie!

Don't you just love corporate bosses who are clueless about the running
of the departments under their control but who have all kinds of ideas and
pre-conceived notions about how they should be run. They have no
interest in the realities of the process ... they just want to look good for
implementing their business plan. And remember ... if it doesn't work it's
not the boss's fault ... it's the department's workers for not doing it right!

God, I'm so glad to be retired!!!!!

Bye for now Mouse.

KimM said...

Love, love all your pictures! Your stitching is so always.