Saturday, 30 July 2016

Travelling Pattern , Stitching, Quilting and a walk...

Helllooooo ... soooo sorry to have been away from the computer for so long but life here at the mouse house has been anything but dull ...The kettle has boiled and there are some goodies for you all sooo pull up your comfy chairs and I shall begin :)
Well I have finished the travelling pattern and I really do like how I have done it .. I stitched it on a peice of Polstitches fabric .. colourful clouds I think it is ... along with at least one of the recommended threads ... the rest I winged it by looking at the photo and thinking that'll do I took a photo of it all finished next to the pattern and after uploading it and looking at it realised I had missed a leaf !!!! DOH .... sooo back  out with the threads and the needle and it was promptly fixed :) sooooo if any one would like to be the next person this is sent to please let me know in your comment and I will pick some one next Sunday the 7th August and contact the winner .
Please don't faint but ....... my craft room is finally finished an acceptable I can have visitors now and they can sit and see lots of lovely goodies out heheheheh... there are a couple of bits that need a final sort but Chris came the other night and gave it her seal of approval .... she has bagged the rocking chair when she comes to stitch its only taken me 7 months ... DH couldn't believe that it had actually happened hahahahah
Soooo now the craft room is done (ish) I got out the fabric and my squares for my birthday quilt and I have been working on it ... all the stitched bits are encased in their borders and I have started on the other blocks ... I was cutting and pressing and sewing and pressing today when ouchieeeee ... i hit the iron with my left hand index finger on the back and now I am sporting a wee burn on the finger .. the trials and tribulations of a sewer *sigh ... I gave up then and took Master Bentley out for a pootle before I could do any more damage to myself
I have stitched an exchange peice for over on my group the Friendly Stitchers  and it is all ready to be sent off for my partner Lynda to finish finish ... I can't show it you yet though but I hope that she likes it ... I have also started a christmas ornament "peace on earth " by LHN to go with my others on the fabric so that I can get them finished finished in time for Christmas and the way this year is going it will be here before we know it ...considering it happens at the same time every year you would think we would be organised for it wouldn't you
I have dug out a few must get finished and I am hoping to re start on Celtic Autumn ... I have found my quilting hoop to bob it in as I had started to bead it at the same time as stitching so it makes it difficult putting it on a normal frame due to the possibility of breaking the beads ...
 I took a walk the other weekend to Wentworth and to the Wentworth Woodhouse and dropped into Elsecar and caught the steam trains stoked up :) and as usual took my camera for you to enjoy the snaps .... the following weekend I managed to actually get into the house due to a fayre going on and took some photos inside too... its a beautiful place and I can see why it was used for some of the Jane Austin films. and then I promptly became ill with tonsillitis and was off work for a few days :( told you life was anything but dull around here hahahaha
well I will refill the kettle and find some piccies for you to drool over .... will get the box of tissues ready too heheheh

robin at elsecar

my stitched pieces all finished

closer look

travelling pattern on the box i think it is going to end up on

spot the differences

the three amigos ....

baby pheasant on our back

where I last left off

Donkeys from Blackpool at Wentworth Woodhouse

Bentley enjoying the sunshine

would have loved to be able to have gone on the balcony

there are only the larger three cyngets now :(

smoking train ...

old church at Wentworth

the Square at Wentworth

just love this photo :) 

love this rug from Ikea

I can sit down now ... even got more stitching on show

 I hope you enjoyed looking at the inside of the house photos ... I wish I could have gone onto the balcony but we weren't allowed ... the rooms you see are only part of it there was loads more but they were not accessible on the day .... when I got to Elsecar they had the steam train smoking and it was fun to see it and smell it too ... it was a lovely day out but boy did I know I had pootled a wee bit too much that day ... ho hum ....
well my dears I had better finish now and get ready for my beauty sleep ...I hope every one has a wonderful stitchy week and I shall be bobbing over to see you all asap :) take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx



Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely stitching and photos of Wentworth Woodhouse. Your craft room is impressive. said...

Beautiful pictures and stitching as always. I would like a chance to win the pattern. Happy Stitching! ~ C's Cross Stitch Creations~ Christie G.

Vickie said...

Such wonderful pictures you took to share with us. Your craft room is most impressive. I love the rug!

Daniela Bencúrová said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo! I am delighted that!

gracie said...

Wonderful pictures...lovely projects

Karyn said...

Oh Mouse, beautiful pics and stunning stitching, as always!
I love your stitching room...and that rug! Do you know that I have had my eye on that one for months at my IKEA in the states...too funny, now I have to get it just so we can be twins across the pond...unless "he who shall remain nameless" gets elected and I must flee to sanity elsewhere :)
Have a great week kid!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I hope you're feeling better, by now! Wentworth is amazing and that square is so beautiful! I love the epitaph on Mr. Bennett's marker. I think I think it'd be awesome on a sampler. Love your craft room! Lots of things to look at and cozy as all get out!

butterfly said...

Lovely photos , great craft room , love the new rug .
And all your stitching is fantastic .
Love the way you displayed all you sewing bits in your craft room, hugs.

Maggee said...

Great post Mouse! I spotted only one difference after a quick perusal,in the hanging egg? I wouldn't mind be entered in the's a cute piece! Love the pictures of Wentworth estate...pretty amazing place, inside and out! The pieces for you quilt go very well together and with the fabrics--nice job! I love seeing the Celtic ladies...your Autumn is going to be gorgeous! That is a really nice looking craft room--you should be very happy there, for quite a while!! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful photos! Wentworth looks gorgeous, and all your stitching and sewing is lovely. I'd love the chance to stitch that traveling pattern next, if you don't mind sending it all the way over here! :D

sana said...

Thank you for sharing  beautiful photographs.
Is the last picture your embroidery room? Very cute carpet!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your stitching room looks awesome! I want to come and explore. Nice to catch a glimpse of the pieces for your Birthday Quilt too. Can't wait to see it all finished.
I'll pass on the Travelling Pattern but it will look lovely on that box lid.
Celtic Autumn looks lovely too, I really like the Celtic Ladies series.
Seems like you've had some great days out too, enjoy the summer weather while it's here!

KimM said...

Great pictures....beautiful birthday quilt, too.

Beth said...

Enjoyed the day trip to Wentworth. And I love your Ikea rugs! Super that you now have your craft room the way you like it. I did back in 2008 or so, but now need to sort, throw out and generally tidy it up so that I can find things when I am looking for them.

lynda said...

I would love a chance to stitch the traveling pattern...please add my name to the hat.

And your craft room! What a delight It's so cozy...I would love to spend time in there. You are a very lucky mouse!

Stitching Noni said...

I love your craft room! Well done on a great space :o)
Gorgeous pics in your post... makes me so jealous that you can get to those lovely houses which we only see on telly!
I love that travelling pattern and would love to be given a chance to stitch it :o) It is going to look really nice on the box lid - great idea for a finish ;o)
Big hugs to you and Bentley - hope you're starting to feel better xx

Crazee4books said...

Whoa Mouse!!!

That craft room is INSANE!!!! I want to start pulling out drawers, rifle
through fabric and rummage in cupboards!! Ooooh! What's in here???
Of course you're a quilter as well as a stitcher so you've got all that stuff
as well. Lovely! I'd love to see closer pictures of all the framed cross
stitch projects you've got hanging on the walls. Hint (not so very ...) Hint!

Love that travelling pattern design that you stitched. Very cute and
Easter-ish. I had to laugh when you pointed out you'd "missed" a leaf.
I often miss a leaf too or something similar when stitching a pattern
that is full of such things.

Those lovely orange flowers that you stitched looks fabulous with the
fabric you're quilting it with. Wonderful match of colours. Your birthday
quilt is going to look stunning when it's done!

I am loving Celtic Autumn too. Oh, those glorious Fall colours!

Your visit to Wentworth looks like it was amazing!! I loved visiting
the stately homes when I was in England and could not get enough
of them and their incredible gardens.

Hope the evil tonsillitis has gone completely and you're recovered.
That's a nasty business.

Hugs to the stately Bentley!!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Guess I missed this post - love the pictures!! Lovely stitchy room!!

Kaisievic said...

Great post, my dear, I so love seeing each and every picture. Well done on getting your sewing room finished. hugs, Kaye

Sally said...

Lots of lovely stitching and lovely photos too. Love the fabrics you've chosen for your quilt.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Absolutely beautiful stitching and the photographs are spectacular!! Thank You...