Monday, 23 May 2016

I have another finish WHOOOPPEEEE

Helloooooo every one ... I hope that this finds you all well and stitching madly away on your current projects :)  I must admit that I have been subjected to a viral thingmajig which has been a wee bit troublesome with a cough, snots and sneezes , slight tempertature and even more tirdness to boot .. but hopefully I am on the mend now (paws crossed ) as DD1 and I are off on our jolly hols next week ......leaving Master Bentley in charge of DH and DD2 
 I have as you can see from the title a finish :) I put the last stitches into Melicent Turner by LitttlehouseNeedleworks the other day ... I think I started this as one of the crazies in 2012 whoops but at least it is finished now hahahaha ... I stitched it on an unknown evenweave with the recommended Crescent Colour threads which if you have got this kitted up or want to stitch it please buy two lots of each thread apart from the red ... I almost used up all of the darker brown so just saying to get two to be on the safe side for that colour if you are stitching it on 28 count fabbie like I did ...
I have made some mistakes with this one ... and left them in as couldn't be bothered to reverse stitch to sort it out ... sooo if you can spot them I will be mega impressed ....there are more than one .... I really did enjoy stitching it even with the mistakes ... as I have made it unique to moi :) and I have added the date to it to sooo that in 100  years to come if it is still around it won't be mistaken for an earlier antique sampler .... I think I may frame this one if I have a suitable frame to fit it in my stash :)
I can also let you know that my wee gift arrived safely and is loved by Kim at ..... she is having one of those *cough big birthdays later in the year and is stitching a massive 60 RAKs to send out to peeps soooo I thought that I would send one to her so that she got one back :) I loved the pattern that much I have started to stitch it for myself now too .... I put in the first stitches the other night ..... (no photo yet)
Well it has started to rain here but is still warm .... and the light is just starting to fade gradually ... so I think its time I made you all a cuppa and raid the cupboards for some goodies for you all ... hang on ........
Ok hope you have all got your brews ... now where was I ... oh yes cookies are on the table help yourselves 
Even though I have been feeling rather ughhh I have been going out for short walks to get some fresh air and some sunshine and took my camera with me too ....and happend to tootle up the canal towards the swans as I wanted to see how they were getting on and if any eggs had hatched .... and was lucky enough to capture the swan turning the egg(s) in the next ... sorry the picture is a wee bit blurry but didn't have time really to focus properly as it happened rather quickly .... I think you can just make out that there are two possibly three eggs in the nest :) sooo hoping that they hatch soon and I can get a photo of the wee ones .... and on the same trip I got a photo of the water turtle too .... along with a bull finch or two a coal tit  and a partrige in a pear treeee hahahahh ... well not the last bit .. toooo early for that hahahahah
one of my lovely neighbours works for the RSPB and has a wonderful garden dedicated to our feathered friends , and I managed to snap a blue tit , one of our robins and another bull finch and I think the female bull finches too ... really must learn more ....
Stitching wise I have picked up my RR from 2013 and going to try and get that finished too ... and a few others while I am at it ... I recieved two more squares for my quilt too from Gille and Frances and I am hoping to get working on it more when I am off ....
I think that is all for now folks ..... so I shall get the photos ready for you ... any one else want another brew ???
oooo yes while I remember that wee blue bird is a nuthatch .. thanks to Beth and Jo for letting me know ....
Bentley resting after another ball throwing session

Mr Blackbird

Phil the pheasant

Female Bullfinch I think

Gorgeous male Bullfinch ...

getting out of the rain
Love this wee bird :)

Full Moon

singing in the rain .....

I think a Coaltit

Water turtle

Another Bullfinch

Mr Swan

looking down the canal

wonder what he had for breakfast

I think there are at least three eggs in there

peek a boo

sunning himself

Melicent Turner finished 20/05/2016

Mrs Pheasant

Peeking Ducks

shot at sunset

closer to the moon

from Frances :)

From Gillie :)

Well I hope I haven't bored you toooo much with all the photos ... not sorry one bit Master Bentley is snoozing atm looking ever sooo cute on his bed ....and i is almost time for The Great British Sewing Bee .. BBC2 9.00pm ... guess where I am heading in a few moments
I wish you all a wonderful stitchy week and I shall be bobbing in to see you all before I go on my jolly hols....I will take some photos for you heheheh .... take care now one and all and squeak to you all soon :) love mouse xxxxxx


Cricket-bug Corner said...

I love the bird pictures - that new camera is great!!

DJ said...

My what lovely pictures you take!! I would love to go on a walk with you, you see the most amazing wildlife!! Congratulations on your finish, it's beautiful!! Why wouldn't your amazing creation be here 100 years from now, it will be a cherished family heirloom!! Your quilt is going to be quite lovely with all the wonderful blocks you have received. Feel better soon!! Thank you for the refreshing cuppa and cookies, you are a wonderful hostess.

Meari said...

Nice bird photos. Congrats on your finish. Have a great holiday.

gracie said...

Wonderful pictures my friend

Diana said...

Beautiful sunset picture!

marly said...

Love the bird snaps. Melicent Turner has always been on my to-do list, nice to see yours. Hope you feel better.

Beth said...

Hope you are feeling better - spring time is no time to feel ill especially as you have a holiday planned. Michelle, I've so enjoyed your photos - the Bullfinch is such a handsome bird - and oh, the swan, so regal. I envy you your pheasant - they are very rare here now, when I was a child they were quite common.

Brigitte said...

Melicent Turner turned out great, such a lovely sampler.
I love your bird pictures (and the other pictures, too, lol).

butterfly said...

Lots and lots of lovely photos , love the bird ones and the moon ones .
And sweet Bentley .
Great stitching hugs.

Julie said...

Fabulous selection of birdlife close to you, so many lovely feathered friends. Fancy seeing a turtle, I've never seen one I the wild - lucky you.
Fabulous stitching finish, well done.

Kellyanne Merry said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and congrats on your finish xx

KimM said...

I love reading your posts....and your pictures are simply fabulous. Thank you - again - for the surprise gift. I love it - it hangs on my curio door in my office, so I see it every day.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on Melicent, lovely colours.
The wildlife photos are great, that's a very plump pheasant!
Nice to see more quilt blocks coming in too.

Vickie said...

You have taken another batch of fabulous photos!

Rhona said...

What gorgeous bird pictures! Hope you're well and truly on the mend. Enjoy your holiday :)

Maggee said...

I am still reading up on that camera (in my spare time!!), but you are definitely getting some great shots with it! Your sampler looks great... look forward to seeing if you frame it from a frame in your stash! I like the Coaltit the best, because it is black and white, and reminds me that I still haven't seen a Black and White Warbler yet! I'm trying! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Crazee4books said...

Hello Mouse My Dear!

Love your bird pictures. I have a friend who's an avid birder and lives in the
country north east of here two hours from here and her home appears to be on some
sort of major highway for migrating birds. She's always taking amazing shots
of every kind of bird you can imagine at her feeders and posting them on
Facebook for us to see. Wish we had such diversity here too but we're
townies so don't get quite the bird numbers. I'd be jealous of her but she also
had a bear wander through her yard a few weeks ago and that I can happily
live without. But I digress ....

Your Melicent Turner turned out beautifully and is all the more charming for
having your own little "personalizing" touches added to her. She'll look lovely
framed and hanging in your home somewhere I'm sure.

The two squares from Frances and Gillie are so pretty too. Love the colour
choices that Frances used on hers. The card is interesting too.

Sorry to hear that you've been unwell Mouse. Hope that you'll be right back
to normal soon ... certainly before you go off on holiday.

We have had a gorgeous long weekend here ... Queen Victoria's birthday
don't you know ... and it keeps getting warmer and warmer. Which is
nice because on May 15th it snowed!!! Ugh. But we're over that now.
On to summer!!!

Thanks for the tea and cookies and chat. Always a joy to spend time
with you Mouse!


Solstitches said...

What beautiful wildlife pictures. You are a natural with your camera.
Your stitchy finish is gorgeous.
Hope you are feeling better.

Carol said...

Wow! Your photos are great!! What kind of camera do you use, Michelle? I really love the pheasant with his brilliant red face!

Congratulations on the beautiful finish--hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead :)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful pictures! Congrats on the finish, your stitching is lovely :D

Thoeria said...

Such fantastic pics Ms Mouse!
Melicent is lovely....congrats on the finish :)