Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A lot to show and tell :)

Hi Every one :)
cooo I have a lot to show and tell and I've only been quiet for a few days hehehe:)
first of all I must tell of some give aways I want to win but *sigh must let other peeps know of them heheheh 
first up is  pam who is having a give away so bob over to see her and join her merry band :)
then there is Angela who is having a blogaversary give away and there is a few choices on there for you to win 

So that is that bit over and done but I am sure there was some one else mmmmmm will think on that as I write ):

lilly of the Valley 
we have had some more glorious weather here at the mouse house , washing has been out on the line again ... done a wee bit of pottering in the garden , discovered that my lily of the Valley had flowered this year oooooo:) had to take a picture of that .... so there you go ..lol the million bells on the fence has spread open and up into the conifer at the bottom of the garden ... will bob pic up at the end :)

I can know show you my exchanges as they have arrived with their new owners :)
front of fob

back of fob
a stitched cupcake and other goodies
I did a scissor fob exchange on Friendly stitchers and my partner was Sandra :) and here is what I stitched for her .. the pattern was from a cross stitcher magazine from a few years back that Ally and I found while hunting for another pattern as well ... sooooo glad I've got a lot of back issues its amazing what they will come in handy for heheheheh .
I did a delicacy exchange with Outi that was arranged by Niina  and here is what I sent :) I stitched a cup cake (no calories heheh) on hand dyed polstitches fabric that looked like marbled cake ,sprinkled with beads and finished of with some cute pins :) and it only took a couple of days to get to her as well .. super fast post for a change ..lol 

LLN to bee or not to bee
I've been stitching away on the next parts of the Romantique SAL parts 7 &8  and here is the progress so far .... I am having to do this in daylight hours as i'm finding it very difficult to see close up atm with my light ... think I may need to wear my glasses ..lol I have been stitching away on to bee or not too bee as well in between other bits and bobs so here is this so far as well :) 

parts 7 n 8

Coooo this is a really long post hope you are still with it ??? or have you gone to put the kettle on ..lol I've been making a few cards as seem to have had quite a few birthdays recently and looking at the calender I need to make some more quick ..lol
At DD 1 's work they are having an Easter Bonnet competition so DD and I have been very busy these last few days perfecting her bonnet that her team leader has to wear ... it has to go into work on Thursday so I shall post a photo on then as you never know some body may actually read my blog from there ..lol
Ok I've now got a cuppa my self ..lol ..... I started to stitch on the design I mentioned last post and I am not happy with any of what I chose and how the design looks on fabric sooo I shall have another play over the next few days and see if I can tweek it a bit more to how I want .. seeing as I designed and liked it in the first place isn't it funny once you stitch it , it doesn't work ???

well there isn't much else to say ... still can't remember that other give away either *sigh ... oh well may be next post ??
view from my seat on the decking

million bells 

million bells in the conifer

our neighbours bird house in the conifer tree surrounded by the million bells :)
I shall leave you for tonight with a few more pictures of my flowers in my garden and next doors too ..... happy stitching and take care one and all till next time love mouse xxxxxx


Pete's Pixie said...

Oooo and ooooo everything's coming up roses er million bells lol! Glad the cupcake went down well and I knew Sandra would love her scissor fob! Get yer glasses out - no use straining your eyesight just because its still daylight outside! See ya soon. Hugs, Ally xxx

Niina said...

Fantastic work mouse!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the purple sampler. I found some purple dye in a cupboard this week (as you do!) and wondered about dying some fabric with it. I think this might have convinced me to go for it!

Alisa said...

Lovely stitching! Exchanges are always so much fun!!!

Rhona said...

Fantastic stitching! Know what you mean about having to put the old glasses on...I can't see a darn stitch without them! And as for threading a needle - forget about it!!
Love the pictures of the flowers. We have just got tulips and dafodils popping up, no signs of flowers yet though!
Happy stitching!

Kate said...

Lovely exchange pieces & great garden shots. Your WIP's are coming along very nicely too.

Patty C. said...

Nice exchange photos & the garden is beautiful ;)

Parsley said...

I love everything but that project on purple is stunning!

Lesleyanne said...

All of your stitching is lovely. Great photos of your garden.

pam said...

The garden is lovely I have never seen the million bells. The exchanges were fun too. I hope Linda gets her fob today so I can post. I'm about to pop to do so.:)

"pappi puikoissa" said...

I want to thank you once more: the excange was really cute! Beautiful those other photos, too. Flowers of our garden haven't woken up yet...