Saturday, 9 April 2011

Its me again :)

HI Everyone :) isn't it hard to think of title for your blog post or is it just me ???
Today has dawned yet again sunny with a slight breeze perfect for the washing to blow on the line again :) and as I was in the house on my own I was able to get some exchanges finished and started and finished Unfortunately I cannot show you ,as my partners do look at my blog  sooooo I shall have to keep you in suspense for awhile :(

Yesterday I took a trip to the local garden centre for a browse round and to go to the patchwork shop there too ... I bought some goodies as you do but can't show you them either as some of them are for an exchange as well ....  soo not doing to well here are we heheheh 

Well I have got some bits to show you ...:) I have been working on my stitcher's book with the next part of Vals sal from the friendly stitchers  :)
My Stitchers book with Vals SAl 
It just fits on the first page PHEW   I can't make my mind up whether to put the stitches names on underneath or to write them down and pop in a pocket in it once done ????

I have been designing again and I am going to finish it off and stitch, then show you and if you wish a copy then just email me;) ..... I think you will like as it involves a cuppa heheheh ;) I have been talking to new friends and its amazing how much peeps like a cuppa or two :)

Hopefully tomorrow DH and I will be tidying up our small garden and fixing one or two bits on the summer house (very tiny only fits the guinea pig cages in if the weather holds that is ... we woke up today to the courting ducks on the garage at the bottom of our garden ... they have been a pair for about three years now and wander up and down our front gardens as well .. quite comical to watch really 
Mr & Mrs Duck :)
I was pegging out the washing this am when I was showered with white petals that looked like huge snow flakes coming down .. took me a while to realise it was my pear tree blossom .. well it was early and I hadn't had my cuppa .. well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it heheheheh ;0 soo I grabbed my camera and took a photo before all the blossom disappeared off the tree....
Pear Blossom (conference pears)
And so I shall leave you tonight with a picture that greets me at the moment every time I look out the kitchen window ... isn't it fabulous .. this is the best year for this and I am not entirely sure how you properly look after it either .. must have some green fingers too 
not too sure of the name of this
So this is all for now folks :) hope everyone has a lovely weekend of stitching etc .. will catch up with you all soon and hopefully have some more stitching piccies for you next time ... I shall make sure my needles work a little faster heheheh 
take care one and all 
love mouse xxxxxx


Karen said...

Your SAL piece is coming along nicely. Love your flowers.... guess I need to get busy in the yard too!

happy stitching...

Maggie said...

We really have been blessed with beautiful weather haven't we? And have you noticed that people are more frendly when the sun is shining, lol
I wish there was more colour in my garden, i love the orange flower.

Have Good week

Carin said...

That stitcher's book is looking already good ! Love the garden photo's.

Kate said...

Lovely update Mouse - look forward to seeing the exchange photographs once you are able to share them.
Love the orange flower but can't help with the name!

Lesleyanne said...

Your SAL piece is coming along lovely. Gorgeous flowers. Look forward to seeing your exchange pieces when they have been received.

Ruth said...

I can never think of titles for my post either...looking forward to seeing your exchange pieces and your goodies when your able to show them to us. Your SAL piece is looking wonderful I love the colours.
Whats not to like about tea with stitching or just tea in general, lol

Ranae said...

The stitchers book is looking so pretty.
I love going to the garden centre
Pretty flowers

DJ said...

Blog titles are a bit hard to come by sometimes! But as Peter (from Peter, Paul and Mary) used to say in one of his's not what's on the outside of the cookie that counts...LOL Hi there Miss Mouse! I can see why all manner of feathered friends and little "beasties" like to visit the Mouse house, you treat everyone like long lost relatives and with open arms give great hospitality. Hm...hope that made sense, there are still lots of drugs floating in my system...LOL Lovely stitching on your stitch book...I really need to start mine soon! Came to print out the next parts to the RS (not that I'll be working on it right away) and decided to stop by and take a peek at your blog...always entertaining. Back to bed for me! *Hugs*

TinaTx said...

Yep - sometimes I spend more time trying to figure out a title than actually typing the post! I also find myself repeating - oh well, maybe nobody notices! :)
Love the flower pics.
BTW - my grandmother made the bunny. It is actually a vacuum cover - they were really popular when the 'country' look was so in. (and by country I mean lots of cows, geese and bunnies, country blue and mauve - not at all the 'country' that is popular these days)