Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lucky Friday :)

Hi Everyone :) hope you all have a good few days ... I know I have, especially Friday. On the LHN yahoo group we have been playing bingo were we had to choose 15 charts from a list of 35 and each day since the end of February we have been given two chart names :) well needless to say I WON !!!!!! whoop whoop ... and then there's some more heheheh

 I was reading my blogs and catching up with the blogging world of stitcher's and found I had won the pass it forward on Tricia's blog :) so she shall be stitching something for me within the next year ... she has threatened to stitch me a snow man coz I said my cherry tree had flowered hehehheh and it had honest:) will bob the picture up in a bit :)

So the rules of the pass it forward are...... that I now have to Offer the same service, a stitched piece sent to a winner within the next year and they have to do the same on their blog for some one else and so on  :)

 So if you would like something stitched and finished by me within the next year please put comment on this post only so I can find it and If you could also be a follower that would be even better :)

I will draw a winner out next Saturday the 19th of March 2011 

So there you have the lucky news :) ...... On the stitchy front I have finished another of the crazy challenges ..... Daisy lane by LHN tonight after tea :0
Daisy Lane LHN stitched by mouse
sorry about the bad picture but it was after tea when finished this so no natural day light to take the picture in ..... I have also done a wee bit more on my Celtic Autumn ... DD1 says I'm not stitching on it fast enough ..... 
Celtic Autumn Lavender and Lace
so now onto the spring pictures especially for Tricia :)
my front garden with daffodils taken Friday
my miniature cherry tree picture taken Friday
crocus and peony growing in the background
So there you have it ..... all my news for now from the mouse house .... so I shall leave you all for now till Monday night when I shall draw the names for my blog giveaway ...... (see earlier post for that one) 
happy stitching love mouse xxxxxx


Niina said...

Congrats for new finish, it looks really lovely!
And autums colours are just super!

Pete's Pixie said...

Lovely lovely lovely - I do so like this one!! Looking forward to seeing the cherry tree in all her splendour in a couple of weeks and hopefully some proper spring weather too instead of this blasted snow :( Hugs, Ally xxx

Karen said...

Kudos on all of your stitchy winnings! Congrats on another Challenge finish piece....very pretty!

Tricia said...

Oh!!! Daffidowndillies and crocuses!!! Sigh! What a lovely sight!!!! But I'm still thinking that you deserve a snowman.... {insert evil laugh here}!

Your Daisy Lane is so pretty! I just love LHN/CCN charts!

Renee said...

Your stitching is looking great!! Congrats on finishing Daisy Lane and your recents wins!

Rhona said...

Celtic Autumn is just wonderful, love everything about these designs.
Lucky you with the wins....maybe you should buy a lottery ticket!! lol

Jo said...

Celtic Autumn is looking fantastic. Congrats on all your wins. Could do with one of your home made bags ;-) (tongue in cheek here!)

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your wins and your gorgeous finish. Celtic Autumn is coming along lovely. Your garden pictures are great. I am still waiting for my daffodils to come out.

Kathy said...

Congratulations on your wonderful wins!! WOOO HOOOOO to you!

Love your Daisy Cottage finish. So pretty and perfect for this time of year. Celtic Autumn is looking great. It is such a pretty piece.

I am so jealous of your blooms. Still have weeks before I'll see mine. :(

Have a great Sunday.

lynda said...

I would love a chance at your PIF Mouse...congrats on the bingo win!

DJ said...

Oh, the Daisy Cottage is a thing of beauty, Miss Mouse!! You sure are the lucky one (and I think Stew would agree! Oh wait, do I have that backwards? :O) I would love to be entered in your would be fun to participate...that is if you don't think I'm being greedy, as I already have things stitched by your lovely paws! Your yard must be lovely with all the plants in bloom. Mine are peeking through the earth but no blossoms yet *sigh* Soon though...because spring is coming!!

TinaTx said...

What a pretty finish! I just love LHN pieces. My collection of charts is far larger than my collection of finished pieces!
Isn't it nice to see spring appearing? I love spring, unfortunately it doesn't last nearly long enough here and turns into summer quickly.

Kate said...

Very pretty finish with Daisy Cottage - love it. Congratulations on the stash wins too.

Babs in Alabama said...

wow! aren't you the lucky one, Mouse? Daisy cottage is a perfect spring piece and Celtic Autumn is looking good. She is my favorite of the four with those beautiful autumn colors. I've never done a PIF thing, but it does sound like fun.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I'd love to be included in the draw for the pass it forward. :)