Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another beautiful day at the mouse house :)

Hi everyone :) I am not bragging honest but we have had another beautiful day here at the mouse house .... I've had all the windows opened and the washing on the line again (nothing beats line fresh eh ??)  the birds have been tweeting away and the pigeons have been cooing to each other on the summer house (not that grand really
I have been really good today and tackled the leaning tower of ironing , luckily for me there wasn't much to iron,  just sort PHEW !!! I even put mine away :0 soo as a reward I settled down to do some stitching on a few bits n bobs .....

up to yesterday 23rd march 
I finished the thread length on the Home of a needleworker so I have actually done a bit more than on the photo .... of the border on the top .... I had far too much fabric for this one so I wanted to get to the top so I could take of the excess and over lock the edges on both pieces and do another few bits of fabric while I was at it , so that was another good job done :0

As you know Teejay came over to the mouse house for the afternoon and we had a lovely time .... well I can now show you the pincushions :)
Teejays to me :)

Mine to Teejay :)

I spent a few minutes in the garden watching the bees buzz round and a lovely butterfly fluttered by me at the pond ... it was a sure sign that spring is here yipppeee (watch it rain tomorrow ... the collared Doves have been cooing at each other and have been watching me everywhere I went in my very small garden  trying to take some decent photos of my flowers to show you all :)
drunk gnomes root beer ???

miniature cherry blossom

these appeared in my pot !

they have flowered all through winter 

my small front area 
How is it I can get them to line up on the bit I'm writing on then they don't on the blog *sigh ... oh well  you win some you lose some

So finally onto the rest of today's stitching I worked a bit more on the Romatique sal .... I was thinking earlier ...dangerous I know ;)  but wouldn't it be lovely when doing a piece like this, that has a lot of repeats, if you could have a copy and paste on your needle !!!  or an undo button for when you misread the chart  
getting there :)

Garden pleasures LHN 

Then I worked on the Garden Pleasures By LHN . It seemed rather apt today as I was in the garden enjoying the flowers and the animals etc  and I have been talking on my groups about doing gardens up etc these last few days and what plants we have in etc ....
I have got all stuff in that is low maintenance and that comes every year .. nearly at any rate as although I love to garden ... gardening doesn't love me and I have got raised beds, as you know bending isn't always an option hehehe .

Ok it has got to that time of night when the kettle goes on ... so far I've got 2 coffee's and about four teas ... any advance ???? still got those low calorie cyber chocolate biscuits if you fancy a dunk ;)
squeak to you all later and happy stitching till next time :)
love mouse xxxx


Pete's Pixie said...

Oooh just hold onto that lovely weather till I get there will you? Pansies are looking lovely petal - oh and the stitching too lol! Hope you and Teejay left some tea for me!!! Hugs, Ally xxx

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your stitching. I agree with you there is nothing that beats linen on the washing line. Your picture of your garden is gorgeous.

Nancy in IL said...

My goodness, Mouse! You really get a lot of stitching done! Even with your gardening you're getting a lot of stitching in. I love the flower pictures too. The purple and yellow pansy-like flowers look like some I had called "Johnny Jump-Ups." Beautiful! I love looking at your blog!

Astrid's dragon said...

How do you manage it, gardening AND stitching?! Everything looks lovely, you've got the touch. ; )

Deborah said...

I am so jealous of your wonderful weather! Flowers coming up and laundry on the lone, I can't wait. Your stitching is lovely.

Tricia said...

Oh, those flowers!!!!!! The stitching is wonderful, too, and the flowers just settle it. I think I'm hopping on a plane and coming for a visit. :-) Well, at least I *wish* that was what I was doing! :-)

Val said...

Well done opn the stitching Mouse and lovely pictures - been warm and sunny here too for a few days ....
I can't manage to put pictures into blogs either - they never end up where I want them !
Wish I was coming to the meet up :(

Meari said...

Pretty flowers. I agree... love line-dried laundry, esp sheets. :) The little pincushions are adorable. Nice work on your WIPs.

To get your photos to line up better, you need to put in som extra line space (returns) in the HTML tab.

Carol said...

Oh, look at those glorious spring flowers--I'm so jealous. We are still having snow/tornadoes/rain and sleet--ugh!

Your pincushions are darling--such pretty colors :)

Kate said...

Gorgeous pincushions. I'm with you on the line dried laundry - nothing smells so good!
Lovely WIP progress.

Anonymous said...

You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Kell at Diary of a Domestic Goddess. See here for details:

Lynn B said...

Lovely works in progress and finishes.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my LHN progress, you are welcome to visit, do you like salmon and cucumber sandwiches?

Kind regards

Lynn B

Rhona said...

Ooo, I love the smell of the washing when it's been dried outside! Your stitching looks great - can you tell me your secret for getting sooooo much done and gardening too! You are a busy little mouse!

TinaTx said...

You are getting a lot done! Everything looks great.
We have had some nice weather here but as usual we will jump from springish 60-70 temps to upper 80 temps in the span of just a few days. All we can do is enjoy it while it lasts!