Monday, 7 June 2010

The adventures of mousemouse and jo'ey

Well it all started  on a wet Sunday morning with the eldest dd  wanting to go out  as she was bored and didn't want to stay cooped up in the mouse house and her guinea pigs needed some more hay.
So off we tootled in the car to a local garden centre where we duly went round and looked at the pets for her to turn round n say mmmmmm i think this is expensive for a small bag of hay can we go to Wentworth please ????? she smiled sweetly and said I'll buy you lunch :) 
Well that slightly swayed it for me 
So off we tootled back in the car to the garden centre and got wet and dried and wet again as we walked round the centre to the pet shop ..... jo'ey saw a white chicken eeekkkkkk she wanted it for her white pet collection !!!!! 
Luckily for me DH was at work and she couldn't ask him PHEW !!!!!
We decided to have a walk around the walled garden there and we fought over the camera unfortunately she won :(
she was like David Bailey snapping away merrily at all and sundry  including a few shots that took themselves heheheh ;) 
we had a lovely pootle round and the sun even came out again but I was in dire need of a rest and a reviving cuppa !!! so we went into the cafe which is a huge conservatory and would make a fabulous stitching place I had a lovely cup of tea and a huge cream scone and boy did I need the energy it gave me for the next stage of the tale
The Walk !!!!! can't do scary music but i think you get the picture hehehe
Jo'ey had always wanted to walk down the tree lined path towards the local church so feeling lulled into a false sense of security  and full of cream scone I opened my small mouth and said "go on then why not !!!!"
well here is a picture of the view ! can you spot the church ????????? and this was from part way down too.
I must admit it took me quite a while to get down to the bottom of that path :(
The church was lovely to look at and there is some ruins just the other side of it and the Jo'ey says "ooo i know where we are if we go down here we get back onto the main street of the village " mmmmmm so I duly followed and sure enough we were at the other end of the village and the car was parked over the other side and we had to get back to it .........
well back we did get to the car about an hour and a half later my body was a wee bit hurty !!!!!! 
Needless to say dear daughter made me lots of cups of tea that night and looked after me !!!! 

On a good note tho I have an updated picture of CA after my first week of stitching her . I've now got "the castle" on my frame just in case I get the urge to do a bit on it .
so on that cheery note I shall say toodle pip and squeak to you all later :)

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