Monday, 14 March 2016

Gosh my 240th post... for want of a better title

Well helloooo peeps ... the kettle is on and I have cake ... and cookies and all sorts of nice goodies for you to nibble on as you pull up your chair ....
Time has a habit of moving swiftly on and not stopping for no mouse ....I can't believe that it is almost Spring ... today is simply gorgeous here at the mouse house and I wish I could go out for a long walk and enjoy it but unfortunately that is not possible atm .... last Wednesday my poor mouse mobile and I were involved in a "minor" bump at a roundabout on the way to work .... at first it seemed that there was only a wee bit of damage and I was shakey but ok ... till about a few hours later and the pain kicked in ... resulting in a trip to the Dr's to say that I have got whiplash and damage to my sciatica nerve down my right side following the incident and my little brum brum panels are moved down to the right away from the car !!!!!
So now I have to go to see an independent consultant and have physio etc etc etc ... the plus side is I have some time off to recover and hopefully get some stitching done in between the naps that my body seems to think I need
I have gone from having three speeds of moving ... stop , slow and getting there to two .. stop and even slower than before ... I can't even get around the house without my stick :( as the pain and my legs giving way are not good ... ho hum .... hopefully things will improve and I shall be back up and running again ( well a wee mouse can dream can't she )
but on the stitching front all is well thank goodness hehehehe ....
I have received word that my Stitchers Day exchange piece has arrived at Lynda's and I can now show you ... I am presuming that my other one to Judith has got there seeing as its nearer but not heard anything from her at all ... so I will show it to you as I don't think she reads my blog ....and mine from Melissa has arrived and it is gorgeous a wee tin to hold a tiny pair of scissors and needles ... very useful when going to Chris's for our stitching nights ... won't lose them then
I have also been working on my 2013 RR and can almost see the end of the tunnel as well as on Gillies RR ......
Our local craft shop is closing down as the owners are retiring sooo I have been helping her out with buying some bits and bobs insert here (material, threads and ribbons ) and shan't need to buy any more for a long time ... well with a good percentage off it would have been rude not too hahahah and I did have to fight to get some of it as Roz and Chris got there before me ..and nearly bought it all before I got there ...they complement my new purchases that I have got  ( see photos below
My youngest DD has finally got the doors open to her Dessert Parlour and is now busy building up her cliental .. I got took there on Saturday and just had to sample a banoffee waffle ... and it was delicious .... my diet went out the window that morning heheheh ... (btw lost 1 stone 8.5 lbs and counting )
Lainey sent me two gorgeous squares for my quilt which I will be starting soon she says paws crossed ... she stitched me Bentley , which apparently gave her nightmares getting him right ... and my birth month flower a carnation ..
I have to get all the squares together and do a fabric toss  so see what will work with them all :)  I do have an idea how I would like it to look sooo watch this space ....
okkk I had better get some photos uploaded for you .... another brew on the way .....
my banoffee waffle yummmm

the fountains in the town square

looking gorgeous as ever :)

From Melissa :)

a wee bit of stash enhancement ....

my 2016 RR back ready to finish off :)

Whoops and these too

my 2013 RR getting there ...

just had to show you this one :)

think this is a goldfinch .. it had a lovely song anyways :)

from Lainey

Harebell in my front garden ... spring is on its way :)

mothers day gift from my DD's

soap in a music box and wee mouse ornament from DJ

this plays music when you open the drawer
and the needle and treadle bit move too :) from Chris and Wendy

finished this on what would have been my dad's birthday

for Judith

Stitchers day exchange piece for Lynda :)

look you can see my rug (can't atm

Soooo there you go ... lots of yummy eye candy for you ... and now I had better go and get those cuppa's for you ...wishing you all a wonderful stitchy week , take care one and all and I will be bobbing round to see you all soon :) love mouse xxxxxxx


Karen said...

The waffle dish has what on it? It looks so good! Ice cream and syrup or caramel? Yum. I love your harebell, beautiful as is your puppy!

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

loved the photo show. lots of nice gifts hugs

Julie said...

Gentle (feel better soon hug) i hope your pain soon subsides and you are able to move about easier.
Lots of lovely stitches in the piccies. Love Bentley with his toy, that's an adorable pic....that boy certainly has camera appeal.

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Hope you recover quickly. Bentley is adorable! Lovely gifts!!

Solstitches said...

Goodness where do I start LOL. There are so many pictures I've forgotten what I was going to say about the first one by the time I get to the end.
Waffle! oH yes, that looks yummy.
Great stitching on two RR'S. Gorgeous gifts both given and received.
My favourite picture is that lovely stitching bag - love it!
Margaret x
ps feel better soon

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I was rather distracted by the banoffee waffle too! It looks delicious but I don't suppose it would travel well!

The gifts and exchanges are all so lovely. It's always nice to hold another stitcher's work in your hands, it makes you feel so much closer to them.

Vickie said...

Oh Michelle, I am sorry to read of your nerve pain. I have nerve pain, and well, it stinks! Bentley is precious. So is the stitched version of him. What patterns are being used for the 2016 RR? It is so fantastic.

Jacquie Morris said...

Oooh yes I love popping in on you for a cup of tea and biscuit or cake! Oh no!! Do you have gluten free!? Of course you do as you cater for everyone!
Oh no... Sorry you had a bump in your car, I hope you feel better soon. Yes relax, rest and stitch! Great plan!! Lots of lovely stitching and pretty bag :)
Awe, Bentley looks adorable, he always does in his photos!
Big smiles :)

CalamityJr said...

Oh dear, Ms.Mouse! So sorry about your accident. Please listen to your medical people and don't overdo. Love all your photos; glad you have enough to keep you busy while you're not moving well. Give Sir Bentley a scratch behind his ears for me!

Stitching Noni said...

Oh aah.... the banoffe waffle looks so scrummy - hope there is some left for me? :o)
So sorry to hear about your bump... I do hope that you get better real soon - of course stitching and cups of tea are the perfect cure for all ailments!! :o) poor brum brum... hope brum will be ok!
I love all your gifts and exchange pics... but the best one is Bentley with his duck! Just love him!
Take care and get better soon!
Hugs xx

Annette-California said...

Oh that Banoffe waffle looks toooooo good! So sorry about your bump!
Sending you well wishes and DO allow the time for you to heal.
Beautiful gifts exchanged and love the Bently square !!!
Very lovely post. And oooooh those new charts are soo pretty!
Take care love Annette

Sweet Sue said...

oh mouse.... wishing you peace, rest and healing in the coming days. xo

butterfly said...

Poor mouse , hope you feel better soon .
I know how your feeling I fell off my garden wall this week .
Lovely stitching hugs .

TinaTx said...

My diet goes out the window when I get around waffles! Some nice stitching stuffs you have there. Sorry to hear about your little bump. Hope you feel better soon.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh my goodness, that waffle looks delicious! Lovely stitching progress. Enjoy your new goodies! :D

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling a little bit better by now. Lovely stitching and finishing going on. That waffle looks so yummy!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What great pics of food (yummmmm, waffles), stitching and gifted goodness. So sorry you're hurting. That king of pain makes it hard to do anything. I hope you feel better soon!

Maggee said...

I am sorry that you were hurt in an accident. You take it nice and slow, and recovery will come! It seems you have been given a gift of time to stitch with the recovery... nice! And you have been busy! Working away on the RR's will get them done! You received some really pretty gifts, plus stash enhancement... good times! Love the two pictures of Bentley... he is a cutie! Soft Hugs!

Sarah Lindfield said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, ohhhhhhh those waffles, wonderful stitching both given and received. Bentley is just adorable, so handsome. Lovely gifts and photos thanks for sharing xxxx

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, I do hope you are feeling better! Sounds like it was a nasty bump indeed in the car! :( Take it easy and enjoy some stitching time while you recover. Good luck to your DD in her new shop. The waffle looks delish! Love the pics of Bentley -- he's such a sweetie! And all the stitchy pics -- beautiful!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear of your pain Michelle - take care of you - lovely photos x

Weronika said...

Hope you are feeling better now. This is such a nice post. So many wonderful things.

Sally said...

Oooh lots and lots of lovely stitching going on! I am guessing by now that you are well on the mend. I do hope so anyway.

Master Bentley is looking rather cute as usual!

Kaisievic said...

Lots of lovely stitching and stash, my dear but I am so sorry to hear about your car accident. I hope that you are well on the road to recovery by now. Thinking of you and sending healing prayers your way. BTW, I have that musical sewing machine ornament, too. I bought it at the market outside the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei! xoxox