Monday, 29 December 2014

Not quite the last post of 2014

Hi every one :) hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of lovely goodies from Santa :) Master Bentley was really spoilt from Santa Paws .. and had a fabulous day .... I tried to take some photos but unfortunately they are all action shots ....he wouldn't keep still long enough ...
We had a wonderful day with 10 of us for dinner (+bump) and there was enough food cooked to feed an army ...and we are still munching our way through the goodies soooo please make a cuppa and help yourselves :)
I am feeling a wee bit better thanks ... cough still here, but not as often as it has been sooo hopefully it is on its way out, she says paws crossed ... the voice still sounds bad but hey, its  good job I wasn't needed to sing any carols this year ....
At the weekend DH and I took a quick road trip to Blackpool to see my Dad and we nearly didn't get there due to the snow fall on the previous night ..... the journey over normally takes us 2 hours ish well you could double it this time ... the views of the snowfall were fantastic but I didn't have my camera with me only my phone sooo please excuse the naffness of them
I even managed to go and shop in a closed sewing shop .... DH and I bobbed up to Marsh Mill to see if Grace and Favour was open ...and it wasn't but Caroline and her DH was in and they opened up just for little ole moi ... how cool was that I just had to buy a few things as you do, well I could't leave empty handed now could I heheheheh....
The journey home was a little quicker than the journey in so that was good ... its amazing how so little snow can cause so much disruption especially when the council are on the Christmas break and no gritter vans go out until a few days later *sigh .... the journey into work today was not too bad the -3 degrees on the dash board was a wee bit disconcerting ... but the views with the sun coming up were amazing ... such a pity I can't stop to take a photo
Stitching wise I have done a wee bit more on Frosty Flakes .... well done Jane ... and can show you the progress ....I will have to do a recap on New Years Eve once I have dug out my trusty note book with everything in it I have stitched for the year ...
I have received some lovely gifts and want to thank every one for their cards as well ... I am sorry that I haven't sent out as many as I normally do due to being ill for so long but hoping to make up for it in the new year with some little RAKs being sent out :)
well I had better go and bob the kettle on for one last brew before bed and I will sort the photos out for you to nosy at :)
OOOOOO Santapaws has been 

wagging that fast at his new moose toy

our Christmas cake yummmm

catching his new talking ball .... and boy is it noisy 

From my Secret Santa on Friendly stitchers

From Bev

From Chris and Wendy

from DD1

from DH and DD2

hand stitched by Chris

and again 

hand stitched by Jacquie

from June (sorry blurry)


spot who went out

from Grace and Favour Marsh Mill 

Frosty Flakes by LHN progress

view from car on way home

so there you have it for now folks .... I hope you have enjoyed bobbing in and I will do a wee recap of the year on New Years Eve ... well DH is working the graveyard shift as it used to be called so I shall have to do something to keep me awake to see the new year in  ... take care one and all and I shall squeak to you all again a couple of days :) love mouse xxxxx


Barb said...

So glad to hear you are a bit better. It looks like Santa was good to both you and Mr. Bentley! I did hear all about the big snow you had in the UK. Stay warm and safe and keep getting better and Happy New year to you.

Margaret said...

Hope that cough and all goes away finally and you are back to normal really soon. I love the pics of Bentley enjoying his new toys -- so cute! Lovely gifts from friends! It really is amazing how snow can mess things up. I'm glad you made it to and from safely. Happy New Year!

Rhona said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Even a small amount of snow an cause chaos - glad you made it to your Dad's safe and sound.
Love your new stash.
Happy New Year!

marly said...

Glad you are feeling better. Lovely gifts!

Linda said...

Lovely gifts Mouse. Glad your feeling better.


Ruth said...

Oh, it looks like you had a lovely Christmas... once you sorted The Great Drive. :) Congrats on feeling better just in time to celebrate.

Jackie said...

-3 degrees! Holy Moly!

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you and yours a happy and safe new year. We'll be spending a quiet evening at home with the pup. Just like we like it!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Oh lovely gifts! How fun the shop opened for you! Glad you are getting better!

Thoeria said...

A white Christmas!!! What fun! I feel like whatsisname....singing I'm dreaming of a white Christmas :D
Master Bently looks super excited...amazing isn't it that we still go ahead and get our kids the noisiest toy in the store even tho we know it'll drive us batty :D
Great great pressies received Ms Mouse ..... And how could you not get some bits (and some very lovely bits at that!)when they opened the store special for you!

Glad that you're feeling better :)

butterfly said...

Good to hear you are getting better ,we also have a bad chesty colds here but fighting on.
Oh sweet Bentley sure loves his toys .
You had some great gifts .
Happy New Year mouse hugs.

Jane said...

So pleased that nasty cough didn't spoil Christmas for you!
Lovely gifts from family and friends and I thinks that's so lovely the ladies opened up their shop for you to have your own private stash shop!
Haven't seen the white stuff down here in the South yet but would love to see Monty experience it.
Like Bentley he also did well from Santa and also like Bentley one toy was very noisy!!!
Happy New Year Mouse xxx

Julie said...

So good to read you are getting better, so many have been struck with these bad germs.
Bentley looks like he had a fun time!
Nice new goodies and how wonderful to have a shop opened especially just for you....

Chris said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Looks like Bentley had a wonderful Christmas! I love the stitched XMAS cards your received.
Gorgeous Snow!
Happy New Year!

gracie said...

Well aren't you special having a private shopping time! Sounds like you celebrated a wonderful Christmas. Hope you will feel better real soon.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Glad to read that your cough is alot better. You received some lovely gifts and cards for Christmas.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Lovely presents! So glad to hear you're doing better. Big hugs! :D

Vickie said...

I have a lingering cough as well. Such a bother. What wonderful gifts!

Kate said...

Glad to hear that you are starting to feel a bit better. Please remember to keep the snow down there! Master Bentley looks like one happy doggy.

Maureen said...

Good to know you are feeling a bit better now. Your Christmas cake looks yummy 😋..

Petites xxx et Cie said...

It's good to read you again.
Bentley was (and is) very lucky!
It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!
Take care Dear Mouse,

Andrea said...

Master Bentley is just so funny! I can imagine what fun you had on Christmas morning! :) Glad to read you are feeling better. Beautiful gifts and cards.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Mylene said...

Good to hear you are feeling better!
Such Lovely gifts and cards!

Stitching Noni said...

Good to hear that you are on the mend.... You had snow! Wow :)
Mr Bentley had a great Christmas I see.... Love all the gifts that you received - beautiful stitched cards :)
Happy New Year!
Hugs xx

Carol said...

Popping in to wish you a very Happy New Year, Mouse :) It looks like your 2014 ended on a lovely note with all of the wonderful Christmas gifts for you and Bentley :)

Hope that cough disappears soon--they're just so annoying! Wishing you every happiness in the coming year :)

Denise SA said...

Happy new year Mouse love your photos as usual

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous gifts here, I especially love Chris' card with the embroidered baubles.

And only Mouse could shop in a closed shop LOL

Bentley is so much like the Small Boy, we tend to take more video clips of him than still photos!

Maggee said...

Hoping that you are totally back to good health now that 2015 has started! You received some lovely gifties! Did you know the G&F linked to your blog from their FB page?? They really DO like you! Bentley also received some fun gifties... looks like he is really enjoying them! Happy 2015!

Sewta Kumari said...