Monday, 14 May 2012

A crafty week and stitchy goodies :)

Hi every one :) what a week this has been since I last squeaked to you .... in-between torrential  rain and glorious sunshine I have managed to get some crafting done with Kath and some stitching and all my goodies that I had sent out before, have safely arrived so I can show you them now whoop whoop :)
sooo grab your cuppa and your biccies and enjoy the ride ;)
I must say thank you for all your lovely comments .. they really do make this wee mouse happy that you like what I do with my stitching :) and cheers me up on my eeek days :)
soooo where to start .....
first of all I have won some Christmas DVD's from Edgar and am looking forward to re watching the grinch as love that film closely followed by White Christmas :) so I shall be stalking the postie any day now :)
On Thursday morning I sent out part three to the girls doing Dawn of Spring so I can show you that now as they have seen it :) Thursday afternoon I went to Kath's to have a crafty day and help her with some "finishing off" stuff and she made us a lovely meat and potato pie for tea followed by some  yummy buns that she had made :0) and the day carried on until the other girls came for the stitching night sooo a lovely day was had by all :)
can't remember what I did friday but on Saturday I returned to Kath's to do some more stuff and Michelle please don't faint but ...... I taught her how to use her tiny sewing machine and even took a photo to prove it !!!!! 
DH was away for the weekend soo I did a mini hermitting weekend in practise for this weeks hermit see Joyce's blog for details folks .. not that we need an excuse eh ????
Well today I packaged and sent off some sewing to Maureen  I finished off her solar system into a pillow slip for her DS ... hopefully she will get it tomorrow and also a wee welcome gift for pumpkins new baby :) which she didn't know about till now but hopefully it will arrive asap and then I can show you all that as well :)
sooo onto the goodies I can show you as Terri  received her RAK safely ... I stitched her the wee snowdrop freebie and finished it off into a wee pin cushion with a chiffon bow :)
Catherine also received her TUSAL goodies ... I designed her little cushion and I painted and decorated the box that I put it in too and send along with it some lace , threads and beaded trim and some bee charms and a sheep button ... I forgot to take a picture of the goodies  DOH !!!! 
I worked on my Ladybugs and bumble bees by LHN and also my March Cottage by CCN this weekend as well as doing the sewing for Maureen .... and I even managed to put my feet up and read a book from start to finish !!! a Monica Ferris one :)
I set off with good intentions to put my craft room back to some semblance of normality  heheheh and got waylaid by a tin of antique pine varnish, a sledge and some boxes  and some off white paint and a box ..... some of these will be given as prezzies so this is all I will show of them until done and sent
Bentley says thank you for all his comments and cuddles and scritches too .... 
well I'd better make you all another cuppa to go with the buns ..... while you have a nosy at the photos :)
Dawn of Spring parts 1-3 designed by Me :)

love the rain drop on this one 

white clematis come out now

for Catherine  designed by Me :)

For Terri 

before photo again

ladybugs and bumble bees by LHN 

buns made by Kath 

Framing done with Kath 

YUP Kath using sewing machine

how pretty are these now :)

Bentley says Thankyou :)

photo taken today :)

spot the peas coming up 

spot the potato's 

March ''s cottage by CCN

my crafty day today :)

Hopefully this week will be productive too especially with the hermitting *VBG
right I had better say good night and take care one and all and happy stitching to you all :) love mouse xxxxxxx


Myra said...

You have been busy! So sweet of you with the gifts,I am sure they were much appreciated. Bentley is so handsome!

Barbara said...

Gracious you have been one busy Mouse. Love your finishes and Bentley is such a dapper young man.

Laurie in Iowa said...

The gifts you made are lovely and I always enjoy seeing photos of your garden and sweet Bentley.

Margaret said...

Good heavens! So much to ogle and drool over! I like your design and all the stitchy goodness! Bentley is adorable as always -- that face!!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Your stitching is beautiful and Bentley is handsome, but my *favorite* picture this time is the Lily of the Valley. They are some of my favorite flowers and always make me think of my Mom. I have a little tiny patch of them, but Peter Rabbit and friends ate all but one stalk of them. Naughty bunnies!!!

Happy hermitting this weekend!


Julie M said...

Wow! You've been busy! Lovely stitching Mouse! Beautiful flowers and adorable pup!

Linda said...

You've been very busy Mouse. Everything looks great. I hope to get back to my stitching if my hands every decide to heal up.
Love the little gifties you made.


natalyK said...

Everything is lovely Mouse!! You have been one busy girl. Love the flower pics but Bentley has stolen my heart. What a cutie.

gracie said...

Busy mouse you have been.... love all the pictues.... Zoe sends sniffs to Bentley.

Deborah said...

Beautiful gifts! Bentley is looking quite dapper.

Beth said...

Lots going on - love the flower shots - isn't spring the best season of all?

EveningEmma said...

You are a busy bee!
Your gifts are lovely.

Michelle said...

Wow I did recognise Kath sitting behind the sewing machine. Well done Mouse for teaching her - there'll be no stopping her now - she needs a bigger one they are much easier to handle. Lovely photos Mouse thanks for sharing x

Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week. Gorgeous stitching progress and your flowers look beautiful.

Christine said...

You've been busy! The little snowdrop pillow is gorgeous.
I love your peony, I've never been able to persuade one to grow in my garden

♥ Nia said...

You always have so many pretty pictures to show us :D
I love to see your stitching but I also loooove your flowers photos!! beautiful, all! =)
Ohhh and Bentley, he's just the main star :D How cute are those little eyes!!! Melts my heart =)
Have a great week sweetie! Hugs&smiles :)

Thoeria said...

Oh what lovelies you've been making Ms Mouse! Kath's buns look delicious! Do you think you can come on over to my place and teach me to use my sewing machine too?

Chris said...

It looks like you and Kath had a fun productive day! All your finishes are lovely. I am sure that everyone will love the sweet gifts you sent off.
That peony is so lovely. I need on this color :)
Hugs to you and Bentley!

Shirlee said...

What an enormous amount of things you have accomplished! I feel like a slug! Perhaps I should write a book ... Missie Mousie & Shirlee Slug, kind of an ant & grasshopper story? Wonderful stuff all around Mouse! Loved all the photos!

DJ said...

Lovely stitching as always, can't wait to see what you'll cook up with those frames and boxes and whatnot. You amaze me with your creativity. Love the little heart you designed! Bentley is just too cute! Your garden is really blooming, just lovely! *Hugs*

Ziggyeor said...

Love the pics, great stitching. Still your craft room is not as bad as mine!
I'm playing spot the irises in my tubs out side. I think the veggies are coming up except some green bug ate our brussels sprouts.

BeckySC said...

So much to see dear mouse :) You have been a busy bee :) BEEufitul finishes :)

Vickie said...

My goodness you have been busy. And you read the whole book too! Hope this week is productive for you. Lovely garden photos. Hi Bentley! ♥

Julie said...

Lots of lovelies to see in this post, you've sent out beautiful gifts. The buns look real nice, I bet they didn't last long lol.
Your peony looks splendid, mine are still in tight bud, a good thing with today's deluge of rain and hail.
Happy stitching and crafting x

Kate said...

Mouse I'm exhausted just reading what you have been up to! Lots of lovely things going on with you.

butterfly said...

Hi Mouse, looks like you have been busy .
Love all your stitching and your lovely RAKs.
Your garden photos are beautiful and all your veg coming up , may come to dinner soon when I am passing by. ha. Have fun this week, hugs.

Rhona said...

Wow, what a busy bee you have been this week...where do you get all your energy?!! Craft rooms should be a bit disorganized...that's my motto and I'm sticking to it!

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely photos, as usual Mouse. And the flowers are gorgeous. I keep seeing people doing the monthly cottages, and I keep thinking how cute they are, and how much I like them. (CCN is NOT one of my fave designers, lol.) I may have to acquire those charts and do the cottages one day. Your DoS is coming right along. I love that color of fabby (and yes, I HAVE said that before, lol). I love the before and after pics of the flower, and I KNOW what kind of flower it is, I just can't dig it out of my brain, lol. I want to say Rhododendron, and I know that's not right, but it's in the way of the real name! Bently is darling, as always. Glad you got to share some of your expertise, and the RAKs you sent out sound lovely. I like the snowdrop piece you did too. You're just amazing, all the way around, lol. Great job!!

Stitching Noni said...

Oh my goodness me.... I am exhausted! Where do you get the energy to do all this stuff??

What pretty pictures you have! Love those flowers. Can't wait to see what you're doing with the sled!

Veronica said...

Dawn of Spring looks great. You really have a talent for designing :) I love your Ladybugs and Bumble Bees start. Very sweet!

I think Lily of the Valley are the cutest flowers ever.

Is that the sledge you mention in the middle of the picture? Trying to imagine what it's for.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great stitching, fine finishes, and lovely photos! You ARE a busy Mouse, aren't you? Look forward to hermitting, too!

Catherine said...

Wow, Mouse, you certainly do keep busy!!! It"s always so fun to see a post of your crafts, flowers and of course, Bentley! Thank you again for all of my wonderful goodies! I love them all and will cherish the box and cushion always.

Stitching Kath said...

ooh mouse you are soooo funy showing a photo of me using my little sewing machine, just glad you didnt tell then how scared i was of it lol
mouse also didnt tell you HOW MANY BUNS SHE ATE lol

Brigitte said...

You sent out some nice little goodies to your freinds and I bet they were thrilled.
That Dawn of Spring sampler looks gorgeous, particularly on that pretty blue fabric. And the two LHN pieces are fantastic. I love that frame.

Elaine said...

Wow Mouse you have been busy. Pretty flowers and Bentley as always is so cute!
Gorgeous stitching and so many beautiful RAKS.
Look forward to your next post. Hugs!

Denise SA said...

You have been really busy like all your finishes and starts.
Adore the flower pics. Hope you are feeling better

Carol said...

Your gifts for Terri and Catherine are darling, Mouse! You certainly are able to accomplish a lot in a week--do you ever sleep :)

Lovely spring flowers--don't you wish they could last forever!

Parsley said...

Dropping in to see your updates and to tell you I've opened my old blog. Parsley is back!

Valentina said...

You've been a very busy bee!

Anne said...

Ooooh that Bentley!! I could just kiss that sweet face!! HE's so polite holding up his paw!! Okay, onto your stitching. Wow! You've made some of the sweetest little pillows! I love the snowdrop pillows and the one you designed is ever so lovely :D Your band sampler is gorgeous too! Way to go!! Pretty LHN design too and oooh those "buns"! They are more like cupcakes!! That machine is too cute for words!!


Jenny said...

I am so impressed with your designing skills, Mouse! That little box is adorable - great job! Your sampler is also very, very pretty.

Love your puppy, soooo cute! All the garden pictures look great and your bumblebee/ladybug piece already looks yummiliscious!