Friday, 6 May 2011

ORTS and more :)

HI Every one :) hope you are all well in the blog land , no sniffles or hay fever ??? this is the worst time of year for me for that but fortunately the tablets are keeping the worst at bay :)

recipe inside 
all my goodies :)
well I have lots to tell :) I received my delicatessen exchange from Outi   the other day and have only just got round to posting about it ... sorry Outi ... I received some yummy  chocolate and a beautifully stitched little book with a house mouse recipe inside :) as well as a couple of charms and a chilli glass drop and a lovely knitted doily (which apparently is a dish cloth ) it is way to nice for that and shall be displayed :) and some red and black napkins just perfect for those summer barbecues :)
stitched cover on the book

Oooo train of thought has just gone of the track .....
orts and a bag :)
I have been following lots of blogs showing their Orts off  every month and as I couldn't fit any more into my little ort bag I thought I would show off mine heheheeh..... the last time I emptied this was for DJ's birthday in October when I stuffed her Humbug I made with them :) so with out further ado ta daaaaaa..... 

don't they look pretty :) mmmm think I have been doing a wee bit of stitching there hahhah ... my little bag sits on my light at the side of me so I can just pop them in there when done :)

I am just putting the finishing touches to a competition piece for the Midsummer Stitch and Show on my group Friendly Stitchers....  and then I shall pop it up hopefully by the end of the weekend :)

I went and got my hair done again by DD and now am sporting a shorter do , a lovely dark colour with a red undertone  and they straightened my hair  which is lovely but not what I am used too  
My mums sewing box and my treadle machine
After I went to do a bit of stash shopping and got some lovely wider ric rak to add to my growing collection :) sooo I can for see some more stitching coming on I have a few bits in mind to stitch soooo watch this space :)

while having one of those days where I had to get something down from the attic ... I sent DD 1 up there and between us I managed to get down what I remembered was up

 and as you can see from the photo which I think is above this waffle I brought down my mums sewing box complete with old bobbins and lots of stitching bits inside soooo I decided to stage a photo and put it on my treadle machine :) I remember the box was used everyday when my mum was alive and had her "salon " the  treadle machine we have had for oodles of years and my dad finally said I could have it a few years back so it has pride of place in my lounge :) while on the travels in the attic I found some of my mums old tool collection I think for rug making .. I didn't manage to get them down but shall do in the near future and let you have a peek :)
Right the kettle has been, on the brews have been made and passed round to Ally , Shelly and Nancy who have been keeping me company tonight on line :)
I  shall say toodles for now and will squeak to you all again very soon :)
take care one and all and happy stitching :)
love mouse xxxxx


Pete's Pixie said...

Oi there's some of my orts in there too! Quite a few as I remember rofl! Love the sewing box; my sewing box was a school prize to my gran's sister and was presented to her in 1907! and yes I still use it! Thanks for the brew - when you coming north? Hugs, Ally xx

Ruth said...

Lovely pressie to get and your orts are very colourful. The sewing box is just heavenly.

Teresa said...

What lovely stash your received. At Christmas someone gave me a knitted dish cloth and I was afraid to use it but did, it is great! Try it you just might love it.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Kate said...

Lovely gifts recieved. Love the sewing box - definately a treasure.
Great display of orts!
Didn't mean to ignore you on Yahoo chat the other day - didn't even know you could do that!!

Parsley said...

Fun gifties! Enjoyed seeing all the pics but one is missing....the one of your new hair style and color!! ;-)

Listochek said...

I got beautiful gifts:)The sewing box is so nice:)

mdgtjulie said...

Sounds lovely, Mouse. All of it, lol. Your ORTs are pretty. And so are your gifts. Grats on getting such lovely things. I'm glad you like your new hair (or maybe I should say your new look, lol). Keep up the good work cleaning out the attic. It's so fun to see what kinds of things are up there!!

Nancy in IL said...

What a lovely exchange you received! It's fun to see your surprises, and best of all, I loved seeing the old sewing box of your mother's, just in time for our Mother's Day! I love old treadle machines and wish I could have had my grandmother's but it sold in her auction. I really had no place to put it at that time anyway.

Loved your newsy post! And I may HAVE to send some of my stash your way one day. Heehehe! That's always an option!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a good way to use your ORTS! I might make a biscornu at the end of the year and stuff it with mine.
My sewing box was a Great Aunt's but I've forgotten which one (blush), I'll have to check with Mum again.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Your stitching is great. I love the sewing box and I learned to sew on a treadle machine. Great memories we all have.

Alisa said...

Wonderful exchange you received! I love your moms sewing box...what a nice heirloom to have! :)

Karen said...

Aw the box looks so sweet with the tredle machine! what a lovely way to show them off!
All those exchanges look even better on my dining room table dont ya think?? and the cushions really liked it there!! lol....I can try!!!!

Patches said...

lovely gifts!