Monday, 16 May 2011

Busy old week :)

Hi every one :) sorry to have been so quiet but I was trying to post what I have been up to when the world of blog land collapsed on Wednesday nooooooooo :(
so this post could be quite long winded ... with a few photo's and I suggest you get your cuppa now hahahahah 
The Sampler Girl chart 
ok where to start mmmmmmm .....Monday tea time as getting ready to go to Bakewell on Tuesday  I was reading a post and remembered that Denise one of the ladies I was meeting on Tuesday always wanted to have a cup of tea with Gillie and I ... I promptly went into my sewing room .. pulled a chart out, a few threads and frantically started stitching.... yes I was mad ... I finished the said item and 8.11 am the following morning just before I got ready to set off .... and here it is :) I did the Sampler Girls chart a little tea if you please and stitched the hearts in red ,white and blue to remind her of her trip to see us erm I mean of coming to England
So to Tuesday .. I set off in good time the weather was nice and the journey down to Bakewell was a little eventful as I came of a junction early due to problems of road works and had a slightly different route than what I had driven before ho hum all in the adventures of a stitching mouse .......
Bakewell, Derbyshire
Bakewell is a lovely town and has a beautiful river that has trout in it so here is a view that I took :)
We all met up at the Wye needlecraft shop at eleven and went for something to eat and drink before we went back to the shop to browse and add some things to our baskets .... I must admit we weren't overly impressed with the hand dyed threads as there were a lot of empty spaces .... but ho hum 
stash :)
I did manage to get some gingham linen for a chart that I won the other week from barbara :) when I find her blog link will let you know .... it is very late here and I want to get this done while I remember heheheh  soooo here is my stash haul :)
We had a wonderful day Denise , Gillie and I and we rounded off the day going into the Lavender Tea rooms at Bakewell .... this is well worth a visit if you go there 
inside the tea room 
tea for three
 We had the most wonderful afternoon tea with a lavender bun , a cream scone and a Fabulous cup of tea in proper china tea cups in the court yard and boy did it go down well ... I can't post photos of us as I didn't ask permission of the ladies DOH !!! but I can show you the cream tea ......The inside of the tea rooms were full of china , pictures and the toilet was well worth a visit just to see how it was decorated .. they really did have taste as there was a sampler on the wall too ..:)
We had a fabulous time and was sorry to have to say good bye at the end of the day but we needed to get back to our homes and yep I had a detour on the way back too !!!! road works 
lavender cream tea

Wednesday DH and I went to sunny Lincolnshire on a mission to pick up some Fire engine doors from DH 's friend as they were needed for the weekends 999 show at the Doncaster Air Museum ..... 

They live right near an RAF base and the Typhoon planes kept going over our heads ... I tried to capture these but I only got dots  I will try harder next time heheheh
Thursday was spent taking DD2 to the dr's as she had a very bad ear infection and had to have the ear packed with antibiotics as well as going on them too ... so that meant a bit of too-ing and fro-ing as she was staying with her other half.... so I was mum's taxi service again 
while I was there go myself booked in and sorted out .. why not hahahah 
Friday mmmmm can't remember friday 
Saturday ... DD1  dd's friend and I went to a Mind Body and Spirit show .. it was very disappointing as they had moved venues with out us knowing and also there wasn't any of the stalls that DD wanted :( and they didn't have a new body or mind for me either :( hhahahah 

PIF from Tricia
OOOO but when I got back home the post man had been and left me a lovely packet all the way from Tricia  which was my PIF from her .... she stitched me a really cute scissor fob and attached it to some really wee scissors and included a snowman chart as she didn't want me to be upset as she hadn't stitched me a snowman and she put in a teabag :)
OK so if you are still with me not long to go
stash from Tricia 
Sunday I went to Manchester to see Karen and drop off her un official birthday present which she loved and I spent a lovely day yackking and drinking tea and getting lots of cuddles of Freddie (Karen's new furbaby)..... I got home from there after driving through fog and rain about 8.30 pm shattered :(

SSSSSoooooo you can see why it was a  busy old week and hopefully it will quieten down this week as got lots of catching up to do stitching wise not to mention trying to tidy the sewing room up as have been having a sort out and re arrange and so far it looks like I just had a whirling dervish in there
so there you go folks ... well done on keeping up hehehehe 
so I shall leave you in peace and take care and happy stitching till next time :)
love mouse xxxxxx


Tricia said...

Wow! That was some week! I hope you get some rest and lots of tea and stitching time!!

Nancy said...

You did have quite a busy week! Glad you had some fun!

Parsley said...

I loved everything about this post!!! Oh how I wish I could have tea with you. That would be lovely.

And This Little Pig said...

Oh Mouse I am quite jealous, tea with Gillie and Denise. Love the gingham linen it is divine.
LiBBiE in Oz

Lesleyanne said...

You have had a very busy week. It was lovely to read about it. Lovely new stash and gifts received.

Jane said...

Lovely post, really enjoyable and I only got through 2 cups of coffee reading it LOL!
It's been a long time since I've visited The Peak District but remember how beautiful it is, I may need to get a return ticket and visit that sweet little tea room.
Sorry you didn't get to choose a new body & mind - hope you get to put your feet up this week and rest the ones you've got!

Carol said...

Oh, my you've had a very busy week! I sure wish I lived close to fellow stitchers--your tea with Gillie and Denise looks so lovely :)

Your little tea pillow and the bunny fob from Tricia are just darling--very nicely done!

Hope your coming week is equally enjoyable...

blueladie said...

ALWAYS, always, always love reading your blog. You are such a wonderful stitcher. Loved looking at your travel spots and absolutely drooled over your tea! :) Thanks for taking the time to share so many good things. :) Cathryn

Kate said...

It's been great reading your update on your busy week Mouse - lots of lovely happenings!

Lee said...

Lovely to read of your week.
Have I missed something, do you collect snowmen?

Mylene said...

A great post, Mouse. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time with Gillie and Denise.

Adorable Sampler Girl finished and such a cute PIF received as well as lovely goodies!!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, Mouse. Lots going on for you!! Sounds like a lot of fun at your get togethers. Manchester is a nice place. I flew in when I came across the pond. Only got to see it from the van windows though. And it was busy on the roadways!! I hope your dd is feeling better now!

Rita said...

What a busy week!

The little tea pillow you made is beautiful as is the little fob you received. Great stashing too.

The tea room looks lovely. DH visited a tea room in England when he was there on a work trip and suggested we go to one when we were on vacation in AZ last year. It was wonderful.

Sally said...

Wow what a fantastic week you had! I';d love to go to Bakewell. Maybe one day :)

Love the pillow you stitched. It's so sweet. Your PIF from Tricia is adorable!

Ellen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Your photos are so lovely!

TinaTx said...

You did have a busy week! Some nice stash you picked up!!!
Isn't it wonderful to get stuffs in the mail?
Hope you are having a wonderful (less busy!) week!

Quiet Quilter said...

Going hither and yon does take up time, but such a lovely time you had with friends!

Glenna said...

Cool week! The stitching is lovely and the tea looks wonderful. MMmmmm!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a busy week! I love the random fire engine doors. What man doesn't need a fire engine door!

Lynn B said...

What a nice week you have had! I love the Tea if you please finish, I too have made that and I just love it, in fact I think you have inspired me to make another!

Bakewell is on my list of places to visit, I will certainly check out the Lavender Tea Rooms when we go!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you sure have been busy and it sounds like you had a fantastic time! I've heard all about Bakewell and the fantastic tea shops and of course stash shopping.

What a nice little gift you whipped up!

Susan said...

That lavender cream tea looks yummy! I would love to make a trip to Bakewell during my next visit to the UK - it's been 5 years since I was in the UK, and I don't know when I will be back again.

Mary Joan said...

What a wonderful busy week you have had. Bakewell is just a bus ride from me and is a lovely place to visit.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Mouse, do you still have the Sampler Girl chart in the first photo? I'm on the hunt for this one. Hugs, Lisa.