Sunday, 6 April 2014

Normal is just a setting on the washing machine !!!

HI Peeps :) the kettle has just boiled and a fresh brew in the pot ... if you rummage around you may even find a dunker or two ....
Well this last week or two has been rather different to say the least ....  I came back from my travels as you know when on the Tuesday I had pain in my left side that sort of got steadily worse .... well me being me thought it will go away ... unfortunately it didn't so this last Tuesday I managed to get an appointment with the Dr for the afternoon ... sooo me being me sat and enjoyed the sunshine that we had and had an impromptu stitching day and managed to get the Travelling Pattern that we are doing over on the Friendly Stitchers finished  and on its merry way to the next person :) and that was even with a couple of mouse naps 
sooo the Dr's outcome after he had prodded and poked and peeled me off the ceiling ....  I seem to have another Kidney stone (Walter is the one I have had for years which hasn't moved )and this new one ... think I am going to call it Rolling !!! heheheheh ....   My very nice Dr gave me some pills and I am now right as rain .... ok ok not quite there yet but .....
I have also been been busy with the needle most nights for an hour or two stitching  on La D Da's a bushel and a peck and I am really enjoying working on it now even after I have made a wee boo boo .... and you will need magnifiers to spot it .... mind you it would help if I had taken the latest photo in focus ...hahahah ... It was taken just before I came on here to waffle to you all ... I will take another properly ... and also I have done some more on my Rosie by LHN as well .... 
oooooooo I almost forgot a couple of things ... one it was Mothers Day here across the pond in the UK last Sunday and I got some beautiful flowers and some sweetie shop sweets and a lovely necklace and an IOU on a lantern I have seen ....  not allowed to get that until we have the new mouse house which paws crossed is going through ok :)
The other is  The Primative Hare  is having a wee competition ... I really shouldn't be telling you this though as I would love to win it heheheh , she has designed a perfect chart for all us stitchers and we can stitch it and make it up how we want and the winner will be chosen .. sooo I just had to buy the chart and I have worked out how I am going to finish it off and now all I need to do is get it started ..... watch this space 
The days are rolling by soooo fast I can't keep up with them and I feel like I am on the Magic Faraway Tree with all the different lands up at the top ... mind you I would love to be able to slide down the slide they have in the tree 
DD1 and I saw the most fabulous rendition of this book in a painting and would love to be able to splash out on it but at £895.00 its just a wee bit out of our pocket money range see the link above to see her work ...
Ok doke I had better go and pop the kettle on again while I pop some photos up ... I managed to get some gorgeous shots of Master Bentley on Tuesday in the sunshine .... 
Mothers Day goodies 

my gorgeous flowers 

this is the proper colour for the fabbie 

January's Country Cottage Sampling finished :)

the sun is out and the sky is blue 

watching for the postie :)

the flowers a week later :)

craptastic photo but you get the idea 

thank goodness the skirt is almost done

gerbera close up

carnation close up
Soooo there you have it folks another week in the life of the stitching mouse  I hope every one has had a wonderful stitchy week too ... I have managed to pop in and see a few of you and hopefully will be able to grab a cuppa from the rest soon ... .. take care one and all :) love mouse xxxx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Hermitting Traveller :)

Hi every one :) hope this finds you all as well as can be expected .... the kettle has just boiled and my brew is at the side of me to revive me after my weekend of hermitting and travelling .... to be fair the travelling wasn't tooo far just over 40 mins to the wonderful Holmfirth famous for the program " The last of the Summer wine "  the journey was a slightly different route that I was used to as I went there after I had been somewhere else that morning ...  oooo sorry just realised... what does every one else want to drink ???
ok are you all sitting comfortably as I forgot to mention this will be a long one and there also will be just one or two photos heheheh
right back to the tale .... I arrived at Frances's early doors and was greeted at the door by Ally  who had come down from North of the border a few days before .... I took in my luggage ... two machines and two bags of stitching goodies for the weekend ... and my over night bag ... I was as usual travelling light ;) I had just got it all in and found my camera in time as we saw we had some lovely visitors to the land at the back of the garden ... a young deer and a doe came out and pootled around the land before disappearing after about 15 mins and one or two photos later ....  Frances came back in time to see them and then  we all  settled down in the conservatory for a restorative cuppa and lots of catch up chatting and watched the weather go from glorious sunshine to hailstone all in one afternoon ... that sort of scuppered the plans for a walk round the village  that day at any rate .... sooo we sat and watched the birds arriving in the garden to have some food at the feeders ... we managed to see two different robins , coal tits , blue tits , golden finches , long tail tits , black birds , song thrush and a Jay as well not to mention hearing the pheasant up in the land .... it was lovely to watch them all and I did manage to get quite a few decent shots of the birds .... (took 330 photos over the weekend whoops )
As it was hermitting we did decide we ought to do some stitching so I taught France's how to make a stitchers tray for herself as she wanted and extra big on to sit on her couch at the side of her with her goodies ... I brought her a wee needle minder with Lady birds on it as I knew she would love it :) 
Over on the Friendly Stitchers  we are doing a Travelling Pattern and I got my chart and I had also brought with me the January one  so I could get it started while I was there .... think I made good progress on it :) we are doing the Country Cottage Samplings Months of the Year ....  We have bought all the patterns and there are twelve of us doing it so far .... I picked out my charts from stash with them mmmm that looks near enough and nice on my fabric ... I have chosen 28 count Jobelan Bone to stitch them on individually so that eventually I can make it into a quilt :) well that is the plan at any rate hehhehe
So while Frances was making her stitchers tray Ally was busy stitching on Gillies  RR and she finished her bit while I was there too ... very impressed I was ... and talking of RR's mine came back home to me ... whooo hooo ... its LittleHouse Neighbourhood  by LHN and I love it .... I charted everyone's initials onto the chart so that I could remember always who had stitched which bit ... all I need to do now is the border and the wee verse at the bottom and finish off my section soooo it will be done in about another 6 months ahhahahah ...
Moving swiftly on on Sunday Ally and I did the wee tour around Holmfirth and I took lots more photos and managed to get some fab shots of the first Mandarin Duck I have seen  in real life :) we went down to the river and got mobbed by the "normal " ducks thinking we had some goodies for them ....  next time I promise ....
The time flew by so fast that before I knew it I was on my way back to the mouse house in the mouse mobile  and normality, I had a fabulous time and can't wait to go back .... once France's has recovered from having the both of us hehehehe...
I must show you the wee giftie from Anne she made me a wonderful mug cosy and sent me some Russian Earl Gray Tea  ... yummmm  .... talking of which I will pop the kettle on again for you all .....
I had to giggle the other day I scampered into town and went into the shop where I got the Fab wallpaper from for my bedroom and its ok I can still get some more for the new house .... we wanted to move into the new one  few years ago but missed out on it as they took it off the market before we could sell the one we are in now ... but this time we are in a better position and can get it and get this one ready  to pop up for sale  as soon as we can .... the new one looks smaller on the outside but is actually bigger (over four floors) and will be better for us in the long run :) once I know we are nearer to it being totally ours I will get some photos for you too peep at :)
Talking of photos I had better go and sort out the good ones for you to peep at ...
spring flowers 

my Cherry tree blossoming

La d Da progress

My wee giftie from Anne

more deer

female blackbird

My RR home :)

Long tailed tit
Blue tit

Robin 1

wee sparrow
now where is that seed 

France's Stitcher's tray 

Holmfirth's stream

Robin 2
Cherry blossom in the park
Nora Batty's house

Gray wag tail

Any idea what he is ???

they were running towards us 

Manderin duck
Rosey Progress

Travelling Pattern Progress
  Well I made the photos smaller and tried to rearrange them so they didn't take up as much room and ermmm failed
Okay doke I had better leave you and go and make some snap for my dinner tomorrow and get some much needed snoozes before work tomorrow .... hope every one has a wonderful stitchy week and I shall bob in when I can to see you all ... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The times they are a changing ....

Hi folks :) hope every one is as well as can be expected in the stitchy world  and hands up all who are singing the title 
well come gather round and pull up a pew and grab your cuppa , a coffee or a brew ... along with a cookie to nibble on too .... 
Sooo if you can cast your minds back to the last post we were going to have the window fitted in out bedroom well it has finally been done ... redecorated and a brand new carpet in there , on the stairs and also some vinyl in the bathroom  sooo my wee pad is looking a lot posher not to mention a lot lighter as we have got rid of lots of clutter ... the bedroom still has to be finished off ... I can't find a pink  ornament to go on my window bottom eeeekkkkk .... 
Well on top of that news we are now also in the process of buying an new mouse house .... essentially  down grading but its like the tardis ... small on the outside and bigger on the inside  and my craft room will be a lot bigger and hopefully once sorted lighter too ... I can't wait ... I will update you as soon as I can ... heheheh 
Ok I suppose I ought to waffle about stitching The competition run by Gaynor of StitcherAnon fame kept me on tender hooks all week and ..... my rendition came second WHOOP ... Christina came first ... not sure of her blog or if she has one as there was no link to her name she may of come through FaceBook .... soo in coming second I get to choose five charts from Gaynor designs .... I now just have to decide which ones I want on my final list ... oooo the decisions  
On the stitching front I do have a finish ... on Sunday I managed to finish Miss Peepers by LHN ... stitched on some Sparklies fabric slightly rosey I think with the recommended threads and I think it has turned out rather cute :) not sure on how I am going to finish it sooooo .... 
I have decided that I am going to carry a wee chart and stuff to stitch it with in my handbag as I seem to have got more stitching done that way just recently than in my stitching chair at home as DD's business has been going very well and DH and I and a few other of the crew are still working hard for her ... (we did go to see the consultant and she has Scoliosis  of the spine , she also has to go for an MRI scan to check for damage to the lower vertebrae too and to confirm the Sherman's again too ) so it is all fun here at the mouse house
I also have managed to get a wee bit done on the "bushel and a peck " by La D Da sooo all is not lost
The weather here has decided to be kind to us and given us a few warm days and boy has spring exploded ... the daffodils have opened and are nodding gracefully in the breeze and the crocus are opening really wide to sun bathe before closing up at bed time ... and my cherry blossom tree has sprung into flower almost over night ....  and the worst thing ... is seeing folks in shorts eeekkkk can see the birds starting to make their nests and chirping away merrily to each other from veryyyy early on ....  and I managed to hang some washing out to dry on the line *VBG 
soooo what else have I done hmmmm thinking .... we went out last week to celebrate my friend Wendy's birthday ... and had a lovely time ...and not next weekend but the weekend after which also happens to be hermitting  whoop ... Ally is coming down from her pad to stay with Frances and I am going too sooooo its shall be lots of tea drinking , laughing and I hope a wee bit of stitching thrown in for good measure too
well I think I have waffled enough for tonight ... I shall go and pop the kettle on again for seconds while I sort out the photos for you :)
new bedroom wallpaper and carpet 

dancing daffodils

spring flowers appearing 

gorgeous butterfly that appeared on Sunday 

dancing in the sunshine

soaking up the rays

gorgeous colours of the crocus

La D Da bushel and a peck progress 

Miss Peepers by LHN finished 09/03/2014

the moon at tea time on Sunday with the sun shining on it 

cherry tree flowering
My rendition that came second :)
So there you have it folks the news from the mouse house this week .... all being well I shall sneak over to see you all soon so I shall wish you all a wonderful stitchy week ... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxxx