Friday, 19 December 2014

Stitching goodies :) and other tales :)

Hi every one :) hope this finds you all well as can be expected and looking forward to the festive celebrations , if you celebrate them of course .... well at the mouse house its looking a lot like we don't so far we don't have the tree up ... the space is there and we have a few cards up and that's it ... and with less than a week to go we had better get a shufftee on ....
Life at the mouse house has been interesting to say the least .... I have been unwell since October with a cold and a cough that doesn't want to go away ... I have been to the Dr's the week before I went to Harrogate and got some antibiotics and that helped a bit but I am still not well now ....hence why things are not done this year so far .... I am going to try and get back in at the Dr's this morning and I will also have to cancel my acupuncture as I can't have that while like this WAHHHHHHHHH......
Work has been hectic too as we are having a lot of changes and work that should have been done before I moved to the new branch hasn't sooo at the moment I am continually playing catch up and my new manager is FAB and is making sure that what we need to do is getting done ... so there has been a few late nights not much longer that the normal finishing time, but it makes all the difference .....
Stitching wise wellllll I have been stitching like a good un and have now managed to finish three ornaments ... not made up or beads added but hey .... a big improvement to last post heheheheh I put the last stitches into All is Calm by Little House Needleworks Christmas ornament series from 2011 on Tuesday night while at stitching with Chris :) I have even managed to do a small bit on my crochet blanket ... no picture of this one as it is stuffed in my work bag for those moments when I can do a bit on it .....
I have to tell you about a wonderful postie day .... a couple of weeks back on a Thursday I think it was and I was having a bad feel sorry for myself day .... I came home to a wonderful surprise :) there was a brown envelope waiting for me from no other than Dixie Sampler who had stitched me a lovely halloweenie sampler and send me a gorgeous piece of her hand dyed fabric and some other gorgeous goodies ... I still have to open the sweets yet ... saving them till I am off and can savor them .... She truly made my day :)
I have been sent a few "Christmas " parcels that have been popped on the fire mantle until the big day .... I have been awfully good and not peeped ... and I can't wait to see what yummies I have got :)
The other Sunday both DD's and I went to Skipton to the annual Christmas Market .... and it was a wee bit of a wash out to be honest .. it piddled it down for the entire day and although there were some nice stalls most of them were tombola charity ones ... and there is only so many tickets you can buy ... there was some good entertainers that I felt sorry for performing in the rain .... we did have some laughs taking Selfies with our phones ...  I am trying to persuade them to let me bob one up but we were all glad to get on the coach home .... I did score in the charity shops though with some scissor frogs at decent prices ....and I managed to buy a new wee mouse from one of the Christmas stalls .... he is with the scissor frogs and Bentley photo bombing 
I managed to get back into the Dr's this morning and hmmmmm another set of antibiotics .... lots of bloods taken and I have to go for a chest xray and possibly lung function tests ... I said not to bother with them at the moment as I can't breathe hahahahah .... sooo I am poorly sick .com ....  
soooo DH has made you the cuppas and I will up load some photos for you to nosy at .....
Dixie's very own hand dyed fabric

how cute is this 

the rest of my scrummy yummies ... that wee necklace lights up squeee 

stitching finished

getting there with this one 

a wee bit further

German marshmellow thingies ...
 can't spell their names but they were very nice

score with the scissor frogs and photo bombing

is it time for Santa Paws yet  huh huh ???

and finished wooo hooo ....just need to add some bling :)

ok its time for me to take my last horse pill and off to the land of nod ... night night one and all and hope you all have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Didn't we have a lovely time at the Harrogate annual retreat :)

Yoooo Hooooo its me again .... yes another post soo soon I have just got back a few hours ago from the annual Knitting and Stitching show held at Harrogate (UK) and boy do I need some new feet, any hooo pull up a chair grab your brew ... there may be some cookies left in the tin ...and enjoy the post :)
Thursday dawned bright and early ... well more early than bright but hey at least it wasn't snowing ...I packed the mouse mobile and tootled off to go and pick up Roz and Chris my companions for the journey as they were just going for the day I said come with me and save yourselves from setting off earlier and two trains to get there ... well I had fun trying to find Roz as I am not sure if the sat nav had a sense of humor or that I put it in wrong ! but find her I did, after a wee phone call and directions I picked her up and we headed on our way to Chris's and then onto Harrogate via the fog on route .... we actually made good time and I dropped them off near to the venue before I tootled off to find our house for the next few days (mine , Ally's , Sandra's and Maureen). I managed to park outside the house doing a parallel park for the first time in years and it wasn't a bad attempt either heheheheh...
I popped my stuff in and then tootled down to meet Ally and pass her the keys so that she could get in and wait for Sandra before coming down to the show later the mean time I bobbed into the show and found Chris and Roz  and Kate and also Sally   and her DH ... Sally was truly impressed with the show and was as giddy as a kid in a sweet shop I arranged for her to come back to the house later on that night for a cuppa and a natter too so that she could show her goodies and I could do the same .....before we parted ways to carry on shopping ... then while I was talking to another Kate ....Kate  from Sparklies .... my phone rang and Gill was right behind me ... Gill is also Sally's friend and had spotted me and wanted to make sure it was me so we passed a pleasant few minutes chatting before we parted ways too and I made my way from Sparklies after buying a couple of pieces as you do to Jane Greenoff's stall to purchase my major thing on my list .... this piece which I will show you later in the photos was one I wanted last year but hummmed and ahhhh'd as it is rather on the expensive side but as I said to my friends I still want it after all this time ... I am going to get it ... and I did ... Bill kindly held onto it until the end of the night when it was time for me to go home :) I found a few other bits and my bag at the end of the night was a wee bit full heheheh .... 
We decided that we weren't cooking that night when we got back to our wee house and called for a Chinese which was rather scrummy and we had just finished when Sally and her DH called round for the cuppa ... sooo we had a lovely few hours chatting and sipping tea and drooling over purchases's we had made that day :)
Friday dawned rather wet but that didn't dampen our spirits and we  tootled back down to the show ....I ended up helping Trudy Ann one of the lovely exhibitors at the show as the day before she had had some stuff taken from her stall and it got rather busy with customers while I was browsing sooo I did my good deed for the week and served a few for her :) 
Friday tea time we had invited Sheila(one of friendly stitcher members who was there too ) as well as Kate from Sparklies to tea and we had a wonderful night .... we served Spaghetti bologna and Eton Mess our way .... when they had gone on their merry way back to their pads for the week we got out some stitching and stitched into the early hours of the morning ... in fact I finished a wee ornament ... yes you read that right I stitched and finished something heheheh .....I am surprised that we actually got any done as we were laughing all night and I can't remember what about 
Saturday was a bit of the show and a bit of the town ... we managed to visit Duton's for Buttons, Samuel Taylors and the Remnant House as well as take some photos of the lights decorating the trees around Harrogate .... and we even stitched Saturday night too ...I was on a roll .....
Today only Sandra and I went back into the show as Maureen had an early train to catch and Ally an early bus .... we tootled round the show and as it wasn't as packed managed to get to look at all the stalls as well as go down into the Hall's underneath and see the costumes on display .....soon it was time for us to part too and go on our merry ways ....and I can safely say that this year was pretty good and looking forward to next years now and I had better start saving my pennies up :)
I have taken piccies of my stash but I can't show you all of it as some of it is for prezzies for peeps ...but I hope you like what I can show you :) I am looking forward to using the charts/ fabric and trims and know what I am going to use them with etc etc etc etc .... 
ok the kettle has just boiled again sooo tea, coffee ???
International halls Harrogate

Eaton Mess our way

Maureen , Kate, Ally, Sandra and Sheila :)

stitchy progress

Walk down to the show 

love this :)

Maureen photo bombing 

Hall M of the show the only one I could get a photo in :)

view over looking Harrogate from the town centre

taking the lights 

bit of stash

and a bit more

and some more

my big purchase :) 

seee I did stitch :)

Kate from Sparklies stall :)

students work in Hall E

Jane Greenoff and Sue Hawkins having a rare five mins :)
Sew there you have it .... my adventures of Harrogate Stitching show again over for another year ... Master Bentley is bopping me to get him some more food ... he is rather pleased for me to be back ....
hoping to get more stitching done now my mojo has come back from its walk that I can show you progress photos next time :)
take care one and all and happy stitching :) till next time :) love mouse xxxxxx

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My MOJO went for a walk ......

Hi every one ... yes its me... that little mouse that has been silent for a wee while ....well pull up a chair and grab a brew and I shall tell you all about what has been going on around the mouse house ,...
When I squeaked to you all last I had done a wee gift for some one and not long after I went to a quilting class and gave the gift to Stuart Hillard who was over the moon with it ...I made him a special stitchers tray which I cross stitched too and made a wee scissor fob with his initials on sooo that he never lost his scissors :)
The quilt class was fab and I learnt loads of new tricks and Stuart was impressed with my perfect seams not sure if they all were as when I measured the finished square it was slightly off ... now that could be it wasn't pressed at that particular time .. still isn't as, as the title says my mojo went for a walk and has only just come back this last week ....
I have been popping into a few blogs and saying helloo here and there but other than that I have done nothing stitching wise .....other than a bit of back stitching and doing a bit more on my crochet blanket.... I have been soooo tired and came down with a chest infection and I ain't 100% even now .... ho hum ... but I have to be brave as on Thursday its the annual stitching retreat to Harrogate and I am meeting up with fellow stitchers as well as staying there till Sunday :) and I am not missing it for the world ......
Master Bentley celebrated his third birthday on Bonfire night and got lots of new toys and yummies too ... it has flown really fast since we brought him home .... We went to Kaboom at Castle Howard and had a fab time there and I managed to get some fab photos of the fireworks ( Master B didn't come with us btw .... )
The craft room is a little bit nearer to getting finished ... I am waiting now for our joiner to fit me in to finish the wall off where the water has been coming in and to sort out the Belfast sink as it still has the lead pipe to it ...and fix it onto the work top....then I can start to get the walls done and painted and rearrange the furniture and start to move in :) mind you I think I am going to have to get some peeps into help me do that bit too ... any helpers to help me with my stash ???
Work wise there has been lots and lots to do .... with me moving to to my new office and finding thinks haven't been done as they should have and to cap it all today I found out that some thieving barstools have broken into my nice office ... kicked the door in and trashed my room and took the petty cash tin !!!! luckily I had taken the banking home with me otherwise they would have got more :( .. they had also gone and took other stuff from the other offices in the building .... I hope that karma gets them and bites them in the rear !!!!
Any hooo onto nicer things ....and another brew ....
I received my exchange piece from Libbie and I love it :) sooo I can show you what she made me .... and see if you can spot me on there ....
I have been going through my stash as well to find my mojo but it wasn't there but I did have a wee think while doing sooo and  wondered if any one would be interested in charts that I have stitched ... all gently used and will I post anywhere,  all I would ask is to have the postage costs covered ... let me know what you think :)
well I had better go and search for the photos to show you ......oooo I forgot that I had actually put some stitches into the "Casting a Spell " by Blackbird Designs .... most likely be finished for next years Halloween now and I did this last week stitch on my RR piece with the Friendly Sitchers RR group is now on its merry way to the next person to stitch on it :)
Hellooo lovely to see you all here :)

Stuart with his gift

Me and Stuart with two of my squares for my quilt

close up of the gift

and the the other side of the fob ...did add some scissors  :)

From Libbie 

can you spot me 

here I am ....

the backing fabric :)

getting there ... will be done for next year:)

fireworks from Kaboom

cheeky chappies having a bath above my stitching room now :)

seee almost finish finished this :)

birthday boy and one of his new toys :)

my round robin piece which is now on its travels :)

Sooo there you have it ... hopefully by the time I get back from Harrogate I will be refreshed and fired up ready to stitch more and have lots of photos to show you of the show and hopefully some stitchy goodies ....and to be inspired :)
sooo until next time take care and happy stitching every one :) love mouse xxxxxx

Monday, 13 October 2014

Operation Craft Room and other tall stories

Hi every one :) please pull up your favourite comfy chair ... grab a brew and some cookies .... this could turn out to be a looonnngg post 
This past week I have escaped from work and had a week off ... the purpose was to start work on the new craft room and have some work done on the new mouse house too ... well things were going swimmingly until a drain stopped play ...
We have had a wonderful new garage put on the back of the house and outside of my room and in the garage is a drain .... well there has been some water leaking into the craft room and we thought it was because the pipes needed sorting out and the drain top re aligning ... alas it wasn't meant to be ... the real reason was the main drain pipe from next door had been broken once on their side and then the other on ours hence the wet floor in my room as the water has been seeping through the walls ... good job it is a Yorkshire stone floor and not carpet .... soooo we now have to wait to get it sorted before I can continue with the room ... luckily the furniture was out of the way ....
I have done some prepping work on the walls and scrapped away all of the loose paint on half of the room and that is as far as I have got as by then bending wasn't an option .. the reason for this was on Monday DD1 and I took a road trip in the mouse mobile to Harrogate as she wanted to go back to some shops and have another look round the park again .... the weather was glorious perfect for a pootle through the park and through the woods ( we had to cross a main road to continue) and finally arriving at the RHS Harlow Carr ... we kept on saying will just see what is around the next corner and as we weren't rushing and I was taking or rather trying to take photos of the sqwibbles it didn't seem that we had gone really too far ... that was until DD checked it up on the map ... we were lucky that the garden centre had a Betty's Tea Room and as we originally said we would go for something to nibble on in the one in the town, we decided as we were there we would try this one out ... all I can say is although a wee bit on the expensive side it was worth it as a special treat :) ...the cakes on display were fantastic .... unfortunately no photos of these were taken ...  but I did manage to get a picture of my cuppa with the silver tea pots .... hopefully will be able to get this one off my phone ... me and modern technology don't always get on hehehehh...
We popped into the garden centre shop next door and there was a balcony so I managed to get some pictures of the wonderful gardens which we said next time we would go for the day just there .... and then we had the long pootle back which seemed shorter 
The rest of the week seemed to pass in a blur of checking on the building work and bits and bobs but I did get to meet a friend I had not seen for ages on Friday and we went to Wentworth Garden Centre and it was a lovely day sooo that was good ....
Saturday was a really good day too as Ally and I tootled over to Holmfirth to see Frances and her house guest that had come over from America ... can you guess who it was ??....Well if I say britsh lady by the lake does that help .... it was our lovely Gillie ... she had come over with the WT to France then bobbed over our side of the channel to meet up with us and a few other peeps she knows .... Frances put on a wee spread for us all and boy was it delicious ... the cakes were very very scrummy ....and home made ... must remember to ask for the recipes .... we spent a very pleasant afternoon stitching and chatting and I did some crocheting :) before heading back home to reality .
Blimey a week has passed and I haven't finished the post .... I had a busy ole week at work went to a different branch to cover and loved the office ... I had a large window with a view ... trees ... there was a road too but a much better out look than a printer 
managed to get a present finished too ... more will be revealed next time as I can't show you yet in case the person it is for reads my blog before then
done some more on my TP but not taken a photo yet .... that will be remedied .... worked some more on my wee blanket ...
My exchange piece arrived safely to Libbie and she loves it PHEW sooo I can show you that now :)
coooo another few days have passed by and I have still got more to tell you ... I am now moving branches with work .... I will be going to my own office with a view of trees and a pub but its a view and it all beings on Monday next week ....  
I also managed to get the fabric for my quilt lesson with Stuart Hillard of the Great British Sewing Bee fame ... bless him he has to put up with me for a whole day
well I had better get the photos up otherwise this post will be delayed even more .... I will get round to visiting peeps this week now things have calmed down a bit and hopefully I will get some stitching done .... watch this space 
I shall bob the kettle on again and get some more cookies for you :)
more work on the TP

Loving how this is turning out 

wee giftie for Gillie 

and one for Frances 

Ally and Gillie don't ask me what they were laughing at ....

scrummy spread by Frances ....

squibble in France's view from her garden

the moon the other night

now you see it 

now you don't

poorly drain :(

see I did managed to get a bit done in there that week 

exchange piece for Libbie

Harrogate Park

finally at the garden centre refreshments ...

goodies from Betty's 
Soooo there you have it folks ... hope you have enjoyed your visit to the mouse house again :) take care one and all and happy stitching and I shall squeak to you all soon again mouse xxxxx