Monday, 3 August 2015

Lion's and tigers and stitching oh my !!!

Hi Peeps :) pull up a chair , grab a brew and there could be some doughnuts as well as some cookies in the cupboard .. help yourselves ....
Well I can't believe how time has flown since I last blogged, I took another dashing trip over to Blackpool as my dad had a fall ... which we later found out was due to a seizure and a small bleed on  his brain .... we (Jennifer,uncle Jim and I  ) spent a long night in ER and beyond while they got my dad stable .... 
Dad was transferred to a ward  where he has remained until they can get him in some convalescence to build him back up and regain confidence in walking again.
Mid week Jennifer and I decided to go to the Zoo  for a few hours R&R in between   visiting time as it was such a gorgeous day and I took lots of photos for my dad as he loves the lions and tigers , we got to see the new additions of giraffes while we were there too , the Zoo has improved since I was a member of the Junior Zoo Club a few moons ago and it was lovely to stroll round and see all the animals .... I was sad to hear that all but one elephant was left but she is going to a retirement place and they are then setting up a breeding program for them....
I even managed to finish my ornament for Chris and my dad got to see it in all its stages from the start to the finish and he loved it ... luckily Chris does too ... I stitched her a LHN chart from one of the Cross stitch Christmas editions (2012) one I think and made it into a hanging biscornu with bling .... Chris stitched me "Merry" by Mill Hill designs and added two wee bells so it jingles when it moves in the breeze .... apparently there was a technical hiccup till she found the wee bells  so it was a good job we couldn't exchange until this weekend 
I have been asked a lot about my memory quilt soooo here are some details for those that would love to stitch me a square to go in it .....
Stitch a design of your choice for me, using DMC or washable threads or let me know if you haven't ....  no larger than 5x5 inches square on a piece of white ,off white evenweave / aida etc that is 7x7 inches square (this is to give me chance to make them all the same size when I make the quilt up ....
to send the finished stitched piece to me in time for  Harrogate (back end of November 2015) to the mouse house .... this will give me chance to choose some fabric from there for backing etc  and make it up in time for my 50th  birthday at the end of January (28th) 2016 .....or at least that is the plan ;)
If you don't know the new mouse house address please contact me back channel via my email (right side of the blog) or there are peeps like Sally, Butterfly , Jo and Jackie that do know it , if you want to ask them I am sure they won't mind if you want to do it as a surprise :)
Soooo there you go in a nutshell .... if you want to ask any more questions feel free .... 
On to the photos while I go and make another brew for every one ....
I used to go to school on a bus like this ....

mute swan


lioness had a new cub with her
but couldn't get a picture as it was hiding

snoozing in the sun

one of the new giraffes


wee baby seal 

red panda bear 

blue moon 01/08/2015

My LHN Biscornu for Chris 

my Christmas ornie in July from Chris 
Brews are made .....hoping to get some more stitching done this week and to look for my next RR piece ... have an idea what I want to do ... just need to find the pattern ,... its in one of those safe places 
I hope every one is well and stitching loads and I will get to bob in and see you all asap .... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxx

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bobbing here and there

Hi peeps :) well it has been a strange couple of weeks to say the least .... I went over to Blackpool to visit my dad (if you remember was in hospital) for the weekend and ended up staying the week put it in a nut shell he isn't very well and won't improve to be honest, they have asked permission to put DNR on his records  due to the complications that have arisen since he has gone in ... 
I took some stitching with me as usual and my dad helped me pick out the colours for an exchange piece I am doing and I have almost finished it and know how I am going to finish it off ... had a discussion with dad about that too ... he does like to be involved in my stitching :) 
The nurses were interested in what I was doing as they were closet stitchers and .....I also managed to teach some one how to start a granny blanket ... go me !!
One of the evenings after visiting, Jennifer and I went for a walk around Stanley Park and I got some wonderful shots including a cute shot of a squibble .....and the ducks and the swans
I even managed to get some photos of my dad wearing my sun shades looking like the blues brothers when we went down to the peace gardens which is wrongly named you know .... those pesky seagulls are anything but peaceful 
I have been coming home during the weeks and have been travelling back at the weekends to spend time with my dad ... after three weeks he is still in the hospital and since I started this post they have found another tumour in his bowels and we now await to see what they are going to do or not as the case may be ... this waiting game is pants !!!!
I would like to say thank you to every one who has sent their love and prayers and kind thoughts ... it means a lot to me and my dad ... I do tell him :) 
I have managed some stitching and sent of Gillies RR off to her which should be on route to her very soon via her sister ... and loved it ... Jardin Prive  and can't wait to see it finished and what she does with it ...could be waiting a while 
I have almost finished my exchange piece and should have it made up for next week so I can then show you once Christine has received it :) as well as getting there on the birth announcement after having a wee technical hiccup of leaving my thread at Christine's one stitching night and wondering where it was 
OOOO yes when I got back the first time there was some lovely goodies awaiting me from Jackie and Butterfly .. I had won on their giveaways  and it was a nice cheererupera to get them :)
bottoms up

waling into stanley park

with star filter on

and again in sepia

how cute is this squibbel

all together now awwwww


whoops just had to sneak this in 

and this .... carrot cake was yummmmmm

my dad in my glasses in the peace garden

the noisy critters in the peace garden .....

goodies from butterfly

goodies from Jackie :)

Gillies RR :)
 sooo there you have it .... sorry about the ice cream and cake ...I just had to take a photo while we were at Marsh Mill having some lunch before visiting on the Sunday ..... thought you might enjoy ;0)
ok I had better scoot off and make another brew before this mouses snooze time ....hopefully I will sleep better tonight ... take care one and all and I will do my best to stop by and say hello to you all .... happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxxx

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Pull up a chair its gonna be a long post

Hellooooo ... have you missed me ... I bet it has been awfully quiet ... grab a cuppa pull up a pew and don't forget your cookies ....
Well all I can say was my holiday was fabulous at the cottage in the middle of nowhere .... I got oodles stitched with three finishes to boot ... go me ... took mega loads of photos ...894 but I won't bore you with all of them hahahaha ... 
We arrived on the Monday night to rain and more rain the following day so I had chose my stitching spot and hermitted in the dining room over looking the hills .... 
Bentley loved running through the fields of buttercups and daisies and going for long walks down to the stepping stones and beyond .... we also took him to Fountains Abbey which I think he enjoyed ...but the best bit was being able to wander out into the garden any time he wanted and chase the pheasants that dared to go on his territory ... he never caught them thankfully ... not from want of trying !
When it got to Wednesday the weather picked up and was gorgeous ... we had fun in the pool (swam with whales no less heheheh) and went for some nice pootles and stitched .... 
We went self catering and DD2 and her other half made some wonderful puddings , waffles and sauces, toblerone and malteaster cheesecake as well as millionaires shortcake ...yummmmm
Thursday dawned beautiful and DD1 had never been to Fountains Abbey so DH and I along with Bentley went for the day .... the ruins never cease to amaze me ... and the gardens are fantastic not to mention the cheeky crows having afternoon tea while we were there ....
The only time we got phone signals was when we got near to civilization so I kept sending updates to FB of views and can you guess where I am ...
It was a great place to chill and unwind and relax and stitch, well the last bit was me only hehehehe.
The long week came to an end and I managed to finish Cottage gardens Samplings July , April cottage of the month (yes still working on these) and my section on Gillies RR (Jardin Privie ) and the following week managed to finish my RR Pumpkin Row and have thought how to finish ... please note ..thought heheheh
The following week passed in a blur of getting things done and nipping over to see my dad ... He was really pleased to see us and showed us his mask ... he put it on and I said smile ... although he was quite cheery I was concerned as to how much he seemed to be affected by it all .... he was exhausted from walking a few paces and had to stop ... he commented how annoyed he was with not being able to do what he used to do ...and that he had to be helped to walk ... I said as far as any one knows you are propping me up not the other way round ... that did make him giggle but today I found out that my dad is back in hospital he collapsed last night and they have discovered that he has  numerous clots on his lungs and one significant one ... ..I had planed to go over this Friday, so will still be going to see him and staying over for a few days and check he is behaving himself and doing as he is told ... he has to have blood thinning injections.... he isn't good with needles or at least he wasn't but I suppose he won't have much choice ...
any hoooooo 
on to something a wee bit nicer .......
Next January its my ...eeeeekkk 50th birthday and I was wondering if ...Peeps would like to stitch me a design no bigger than 5 inch by 5 inch with a 2 inch margin all round on white/off white evenweave (or aida if that is what you stitch on )  add your initials as well..   so that I could make it into a memory quilt from my stitching friends  to make my birthday extra special ....
What do you think ???
okkk I think  you will need a top up and there is some cider chilling in the fridge if you would like a cool drink .. do have pop as well but the cider is calling me photos are being added in a few moments :)
view from my stitching spot

stitching away merrily

on of Master Bentley's play friends

song thrush

rest of the complex

having so much fun in the buttercup fields

magical mystery gate

wee robin on my walk

peter rabbit

this pool is heated ... bliss

told ya there were whales

fountains abbey

having soooo much fun

magical gate in sepia

view from Anne Bolyne's seat

oooooooooooo how did I get here ...

naughty but verrryy scrummy

atmospheric shot 

spent ages listening to this wee chap

whoops did get some stash  ssshhhh

after the paddle

my creation 

Gillies RR

Cottage of the Month 

he is smiling under there

Guess what we won for DD2

Belated birthday present from Jackie 

purple poppy

my RR finished 

just love that mouse :)
I received a lovely wee ornament from Jackie while I was off from work .... a belated birthday present that she hadn't been able to post due to being a wee bit sick in hospital ....I have it hanging in my craft room by my shelves keeping an eye on the proceedings which haven't got as far as I would have liked with one thing and another .....
Well I think I had better finish this essay and go and get ready for work tomorrow ... I will hopefully get round to bobbing in to see you all asap but our main computer has crashed on us and don't want to work so having to use the lap top now so  time will be shared out on it ....
Squeak to you all soon and hope you have a wonderful stitchy week ... take care one and all :) love mouse xxxxxx